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Kitty needs help! (For real.)

This is Foxie. She belongs to Noah Brand from No Seriously What About Teh Menz. Here’s the situation:

She’s got a loud purr, an extremely pettable coat, and a case of what the vet describes as “very treatable” cancer. Without treatment, the tumor in her sinus cavity will continue to slowly grow until it kills her. With treatment, she’s got plenty of life left in her.

Noah needs money to pay for the surgery. Go here for more details, and a link to a page where you can make donations.

EDITED TO ADD: Money raised! Foxie will get treatment!

20 replies on “Kitty needs help! (For real.)”

She’s adorable. How much money would we need to raise? I’m sure we could do it with a bit of signal-boosting.

Poor kitty! 🙁

If I weren’t both unemployed and about to enter the part of starting university that mostly involves hemorrhaging money and going to barbecues, I’d help.

I’m sure there’s a “Menz alwayz endz up payin’ for pussy” joke in here somewhere, but WordPress ate my log in screen so the joke is lost in the interwebz.

Donated! It’s not much, but I’m a broke college student, too. I hope Noah can get his kitty that surgery.

Small donation (wish I could do more), and forwarded to all of my animal-loving friends. I’m a sucker for a sweet ginger/white cat.

Donated, however little. One of my kitties died last Thanksgiving break when I visited home, so as a college student as well, figured I’d have to give something.

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