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Feminist koalas, and other grave injustices faced by men

MRAs: Just like Martin Luther King. Wait, not Martin Luther King. I'm thinking of someone else entirely. I'm not sure why I said Martin Luther King. I mean, that's ridiculous.

I’ve been following the Men’s Rights Movement for some time, and I’ve never been quite sure exactly what the major injustices faced by men are. I haven’t really noticed much to speak of in my own life, but evidently there are some and they are really, really bad.

Luckily, in recent days A Voice for Men has begun to clarify the issue for me. For example, AVfM Radio’s new theme song points out two of the worst injustices of all:

  1. Men having to hold doors open for ladies.
  2. Ladies wanting to marry us.

But these are not the only important men’s issues out there. In a recent post titled “A hard rains gonna fall: how hard is up to you” (clearly a reference to the famous song by Carly Simon), AVfM head dude Paul Elam spells out the most important issues of all in a set of bullet points. To save the beleaguered men of the world some important man-time I will summarize them for you here. Bullet-time!

  • Thomas Ball’s suicide isn’t mentioned on Wikipedia because feminism.
  • The Obama administration urged colleges to use the same standard of proof used in most non-criminal cases in their non-criminal disciplinary proceedings dealing with rape cases. Because feminism.
  • Australia. Something about Australia. Ok, here’s the deal: Australia is very, very far away from me, like literally on the other side of the planet, and my eyes sometimes glaze over when reading about it. I’m sure whatever Elam is mad about is really bad. It might involve Koalas. Feminist Koalas. But that’s just speculation on my part.
  • In India, where women are routinely harassed in public and groped on train cars, there are a tiny number of women-only train cars set up to cut down on the groping.
  • In Sweden, a small group of feminists did a theatrical production based on/dealing with the writings of Valarie Solanas. It was performed in some schools.
  • “Men constitute the lion’s share of combat deaths[11], workplace deaths[12], suicide deaths[13], and are afflicted with almost every known human malady and disease more frequently and more severely than women.” Obviously, the feminists are to blame, for their staunch opposition to women serving in the armed forces, and for their secret program of giving men girl germs.
  • There are agencies dealing with women’s health issues. Clearly, men need to have just as many of their own agencies to deal with such male health issues as not being pregnant.

I hope my summary of these issues has been fair. As Elam has pointed out on a number of occasions, I am fat, so really nothing I do or say has any value. Plus, of course, I am a mangina. Just, you know, FYI.

In any case, these injustices have Elam plenty mad:

I am truly curious as to what festering, morally atrophied deviation of humanity could look at anything approaching this level of discrimination and suffering without becoming angry.

So mad that his metaphors all get up in each other’s business:

Whether it becomes a wave of social change, or a violent tempest of indignation and fury, the pendulum will continue to swing.

So there you have it. Naturally, Elam’s readers are grateful for his efforts to bring justice to the world by yelling about it online and trying to get people really, really mad at certain specific ladies without explicitly advocating violence against them. That’s pretty much how Martin Luther King did it, only with fewer references to “bitches” and “cunts” and not so many threaty remarks.

As Alfred E puts it:

Well said Mr Elam. May the harpies finally get a clue about their complete lack of compassion for men and boys all the while living in a gold box carted around by the prince.

Justice and compassion for all, except you harpies in your gold boxes! And also the rest of the bitches, cunts and manginas.

NOTE: That bit about Carly Simon above was a joke. Obviously the song in question was written by The Bangles.

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10 years ago

Admittedly I’m new to this “debate”; however, as a woman all I see is a minority of men causing a majority of violent crimes. Evolution, clearly, has a role to play, but we are supposed to be a civilized society. So how is it that hanging out with new friends at a conference I discover that of us four girls, three of us have been raped. Violence of men against women is an epidemic that no one is talking about. Oh yeah, none of us ever bothered reporting it; not surprising based on the 3% rate of conviction. I do not hate men, as my fiancée will attest; societal attitudes to patriarchy are what is stuffed.

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