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Merry War on Christmas, Sisters-in-arms!

Females hate Santa

“Feminists Take Up Arms in War on Christmas.” That’s the headline over on The Spearhead, where W.F. Price tries to spread some good old-fashioned anti-feminist cheer with a post dredging up the old Fox News crapola about a “War on Christmas,” with feminists in the role of villain this time.

His proof of this feminist perfidy? This video on the “Top 5 Creepy and Sexist Christmas Songs.” In it, Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency takes a critical look at some Christmastime “classics,” including the really quite odious “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” which depicts a man pressuring a woman into staying with him for the night, aggressively shutting down every one of her many objections. The message? Fifty nos and one yes means a yes. It might as well have been written by Reddit’s date-rapey “seduction” experts.

Naturally, the Spearhead regulars offer deeply insightful critiques of all of her main points. DT wades in with a witticism worthy of Wilde:

The reason she hates “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is because no man would ever even dream of trying to stay at her house.

Baby, it’s cold inside, and you’re stuck there alone.

Boxer offers a somewhat broader critique:

Feminists are so far out these days that they resemble bag ladies rather than genuine social critics. Their endless shit opinions take on a comic quality.

Life is wonderful, and life is extra nice without a cunt woman whining in one’s general vicinity. Happy snatch-free holidays, brothers! 🙂

Further proof.

The ever-so-slightly-addled Geography Bee Finalist himself sets forth a theory to explain why feminists might be critical of traditional holidays:

If feminists hate men, and since no holiday comes to mind that can be extricated completely from men, as even the turkey baster needs semen (and men probably invented the centrifuge that sorts X sperm cells and Y sperm cells) so the dyke couple can conceive a kid out of wedlock but in principle cannot celebrate Mother’s Day as fetuses need semen to exist, but Jehovah’s Witnesses expect the FATHER to almost always be the head of the Jehovah’s Witness nuclear family, I wonder what the feminist is left to do.

Oh, that’s right. She is left to not celebrate a single holiday of any religion or country, nor be a Jehovah’s Witness if she wants to have any principle left when it comes to holidays, but then again “feminist principle” is another oxymoron.

Well, all that probably seemed to make more sense echoing inside his empty skull than it does actually written down.

All Keyster’s comment needs is an instant rimshot or two:

You’d think they’d be pleased that a third of the planet celebrates a holiday about a virgin who was able to conceive…without a man!

Or do they believe God raped her?

Eric preaches to the choir:

Feminism envisions either a world without men; or at least one where men are kept in a state of subservient subhumanism. Christmas has to go, along with all other religious holidays and traditional religions. All traditional religions and their associated holidays stress the importance of monogamous marriage and family; and feminists exalt feminine independence, abortion, and misandry.

But it’s Andybob who wins the thread with this unique close reading of the video:

Notice that she says, “downright creepy” at exactly the same moment that an image of a pair of jingle balls appears threateningly above her head. It this a feminist’s sledge-hammer subtle attempt to subliminally associate testicles with creepiness? Lesbians never stop trying to recruit.  

Andy, I’m sure that you, in your own small way, have helped to make this ongoing lesbian recruitment drive a little bit more successful.


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Don’t go joining the Witnesses just yet, feminazis. I’m in Japan right now and let me tell you, it is more than possible to extract the religious baggage from a holiday and still go bananas over celebrating it. Jesus is barely a blip on the cultural radar here, but Christmas is everywhere.

It’s Christmas-prom, though, a time for young people to eat buckets of KFC with their sweeties and then have sex (a winning combination, I’m sure). Everyone else decorates to within an inch of their lives, pre-orders a Christmas cake ($35+ for a 6-inch layer cake) and (if they have a service job) be forced by their employers to listen to different versions of the same three Christmas songs over and over and over again (This year various re-makes of Wham’s ‘This Christmas’ are popular). Yesterday I was in a coffee shop long enough to hear that their Christmas mix CD included the Sesame Street theme song.

Funnily enough I have to interview a Japanese artist tomorrow, and he’s working. He’ll be working on Xmas day, too. I’m all…damn, dude, you really need to take a vacation.

But yeah, I’m all for Christmas as the holiday that celebrates food, family, and presents, with no religious baggage at all.

Christmas is on Sunday here, so maybe he just likes to work 🙂 Friday was a day off for the Emperor’s birthday, and of course New Year’s is there real holiday for the season. I haven’t decided if I’m going to a temple, which would be a very traditional thing to do, or going to Shibuya, which is kinda Times-Squarey in that it is a large space filled with giant television screens where events happen. I am told that in previous years crowds of people gathered for New Year’s then five minutes to midnight the cops shut everything off and started chasing people away. I don’t know if that happens every year or if my friends were just unlucky, but I’d kind of like to see that.

I’d vote against Shibuya just because it will be cold, and I’ve done the big crowd for NYE thing and it’s never as much fun as you think it will be, it mostly involved standing around being cold while drunk people scream in your ear. But if you really like crowds, maybe? If it was me I’d be trying to find a bar that’s at a high elevation near Shibuya to watch things from.

GASP! a feminist baking?! who’d of thought? then again they were gingerbread men, does that make me a misandrist?

@Quackers; I don’t know…you’re not planning to…ah…eat them or anything, are you?

On second thought, they’d probably like that, so you’re home free. Sorry; the pun was there. I had to take the opportunity.

@KristenMH; Thanks! Glad you liked Rudy/Miss Piggy duet.

@Magpie; while you’re waiting for Dr. Who (or Santa…or both) you can always watch SFX’s “Happy Holidays!” video, starring lots of folks from “Dr. Who”, “True Blood”, “Buffy” and more. Give yourself a point for every scifi/fantasy player you recognize; if you get five points, take a drink of the holiday beverage of your choice. If you can still drink, that is.

Personally, I thought it was hilarious. But as you can see from my posts, I have a rather warped sense of humor.

Hah, that whole “Immaculate conception” is really just the result of a mere mistranslation and was continued because it made Christian theology more appealling to pagans, who were already accustomed to stories of fallen-and-risen-savior demi-gods. But personally, I don’t believe it, as being Joseph’s adopted son only would not make truly of “the royal line of the house of David”. I believe (assuming the theology is true) is that Jesus Christ was actually a divine soul incarnated in a wholly-human body, like Rand Al’Thor in the Wheel of Time fantasy series or a human soul which evolved to divinity ala Buddha, which would fit the criteria of being both “wholly human and wholly divine” as the Catholic Church teaches, because otherwise, he would be only a half-human and half-divine demi-god hybrid.

Or if you prefer to be more real-world scientific, Jesus must have really actually been female, as the only virgin births in the animal kingdom occur with female mothers giving birth to daughters who are clones of themselves. (They even made a gonzo Korean manwa featuring this concept –, which fits with the belief of certain sects that God is actually female…

I watched the video on the spearhead for the full eight minutes. I guess i have time pre-christmas eve, I also have time on Christmas morning before 1 central pm if we could do a rotation for slavely?

I’m going to prolong a post one more time. My family is mixed jewish,agnostic,united.

My memories of my great aunt asking if we had at least some nigger babies at christmas time are a little freaky. Taken in context though my parents were not ones to put out candies, and in the 1960’s licorice was made to look like black children. I was a 70’s kid and yes there was licorice candies shaped like black children. I liked red licorice but I’m basically a capitalist.

There is no way I’d see the people who were that naive as being bad. Honestly the same parents gave to sesame street in droves.

So I’d have to say the feminist video on the spearhead today seemed really silly to me. Different times and different ideas, you don’t have to compare them to today.

Except for “Baby it’s cold outside”. that is a song that does prolong dape rape. Though I do have to say one of my best friends is in her 80’s and her age saying no times kind of was in her opinion what a nice girl should do so maybe it should be in context?

My last comment is in moderation. I used the N word to describe my aunts candy which was called as late as the late1970’s early 80’s.
So sometimes yes PCism can go to far. Again I’m part Jewish, United, Agnostic, Socialist and myself Capitalist.

Reading the comments at the Spearhead…in addition to assuming Anita Sarkeesian is a lonely, sex-deprived lesbian spinster (her partner John McIntosh at Rebellious Pixels is an awesome blogger, too) they are now considering–as a way of depriving the term “feminist” of its rhetorical force–of replacing it with what they take to be the older equivalent term: “bluestocking.” Apparently they don’t realize the term originated as a reference to a particular man. A man who a lot of the women we now call “bluestockings” respected, admired and, gasp!, liked hanging out with. History: 1; Spearhead: 0.
Oh, Manboobz got an equally accurate mention, too.
Merry Christmas, y’all!
From a proud bluestocking

Yikes…*Jonathan* McIntosh. And the first bluestocking was Benjamin Stillingfleet. Obviously neglecting these names was part of a misandrist conspiracy to ensure the erasure of men’s contribution to world culture.

Zhinxy, I was going to say “Mormons are weird,” then I remembered my own Catholicism and thought I’d shut up about it. But Mormons in the 11th century! I wonder how they’d get along with the Albigensians. There is an amazing alternate history novel in there somewhere, I think.

Why would we war against yet one more opportunity to make men buy us bon bons?

Seriously though, this atheist feminist woman loves her some Christmas. I’ve spent the last couple of days hanging out with my family and my sweetheart. We’ve listened to some Christmas music, decorated my aunt’s tree, and done a lot of baking for the big Christmas celebration that is tonight. I’ve got a little knot of excitement in my stomach, just like I used to get as a little girl.

I mean, um, grr

who were already accustomed to stories of fallen-and-risen-savior demi-gods. B

…Actualy, that pagans were accustomed to stories of fallen and risen saviours is more an idea of later critics of christianity. I mean, not that there aren’t similiar stories, but the Jesus was Just like Mithra/Baldur/Etc stuff is mostly an artifact of Victortian skepticism and occultism.

oldfeminist – Possibly. Old traditions place her at everything from 14 to approaching old age and never married. Will we ever know? TIME. MACHINE. FUNDS. SEND. THEM. TO . ME. Imean. No. We’ll never know.

Mithraic scholars tend to find it particularly annoying, because their subject becomes all about “see, see, look how the xtians ripped this off!” and pretty much all the cool things they have to say about a really interesting religion are ignored in favor of some victorians with a bone to pick! :p

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