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Lesbianism by numbers, courtesy of the Men’s Rights subreddit. Plus kitties.

They're probably feminists too.

The smirky MRA douchebag thingsarebad didn’t win a lot of friends when he used to comment here. Ironically, it seems that he’s not doing that much better over on Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit, where his comments tend to garner about as many downvotes as upvotes. Yes, it is possible to be too much of a douche for even the highly douche-tolerant Men’s Rights subreddit.

Anyway, all that is a sort of rambling prelude to my main point here, which is: thingsarebad has figured out that whole “lesbian” thing, and wants to share his results with the world. Also, feminism. His science is tight.

Confused a bit by that explanation? Would you like a much, much longer explanation, replete with fake statistics he’s “mentated” out of his ass? Well, prepare yourself a stiff drink and take a look at this megacomment of his from earlier in that same thread.

We’ll just wait here while you digest all that.

Done? Share your thoughts below, or check out the ShitRedditSays discussion of it all.

Or just watch this video of a rather portly cat climbing into a vase.

Hey, I promised a kitty video to someone in the comments here a couple of days ago. I may be a little slow sometimes, but I am a man of my word.

While I’m at it, here’s a bonus vid of a kitty and a Kleenex box.


362 replies on “Lesbianism by numbers, courtesy of the Men’s Rights subreddit. Plus kitties.”

Of course, owning a cat at all pretty much makes your life into the myth of Sisyphus, but with cats.

* – Is now picturing the boulder collecting clumpy cat litter… *

Not saying the fashion industry isn’t problematic, but if you take the fashion industry as what All Straight Men Want Ever, you’d conclude that all men have a great desire to fuck Andrej Pejic, and as pretty as he is I’m pretty sure a lot of straight men would have problems with the “has penis, identifies as male” thing.

“Look, I know that when a lot of people think “fashion industry”, they think Victoria’s Secret models and bitchy body-shaming.”

Actually no. Lingerie models are heavier and curvier than most runway fashion models.

Well, the Victoria’s Secret Angels aren’t what I’d call heavy, and all of them do runway modeling as well. They’re all big-name supermodels, and are extremely slender. Although you’re right, lingerie and swimsuit models as a general rule do tend to be curvier than runway models. That would all just seem to further prove my point that there’s no universal standard of beauty even within fashion, wouldn’t it?

By heavier and curvier do you mean they have breast implants? Because other than that I really don’t see much difference.

Well, some MRA dude above was saying the “billion dollar fashion industry” is the “universal standard of beauty”. I’ve seen it discussed on several MRA blogs that they think runway models look like unattractive skinny teenage boys because the fashion industry is run by effeminate gay men who want the models to look like their type. Therefore, according to his own cult, fashion models are NOT considered the standard of beauty.

Uh, okay. But lingerie models are? I’m still not getting it. Anyway, look at this, I found your guy and also the other guy! And a third guy!

Thanks for that Snowy. The nerdy guy looks better the longer his hair gets. The other guy – just looks good period. I’ll take ’em both. I always liked white and dark chocolate in the same candy bar 😉

The Manosphere says the lingerie models are hot and curvy, not emaciated and boney like runway models are. But when someone says “fashion industry” runway models come to mind first, not lingerie models.

No, they are heavier than runway models. Not heavy, but heavi-er than runway models. Many runway models do look emaciated. Lingerie models don’t.

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