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Baby denial is not just a baby river in Egypt

Screw you lady, no babies for you!

Hey, fellas! Do you hate feminists but also hate doing things? Our good friend over at the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog has an idea for you: strike at the heart of the feminazi matriarchy by “denying marriage and denying children to women.” This, PMAFT (for short) argues, will effectively transfer “the costs of misandry … back on to women.” And all you have to do is: nothing!

Apparently, feminist ladies have an insatiable need to marry and make babies with men who hate them. All you need to do to thwart this evil plan is to not have sex with them. But wait a minute, you say, don’t ladies make the babies themselves, in their bellies? Well, yes they do. But unfortunately for them they also need a little something from you as well. No, not  your money – that comes later. You know that white stuff that comes out of your penis when you masturbate? Ladies actually need that in order to make babies. And you control the supply! Cut them off! Embargo that shit.

Also, if you ever find yourself in a chapel with one of these ladies, and some religious looking dude starts asking you all sorts of questions, do not – I repeat, do not – answer any of them with the phrase “I do.” That’s how they get you.

The great thing about denying ladies your babies is that it also helps you to strike back at your parents – by denying them grandchildren! Ha HA! As PMAFT helpfully explains:

Our parents’ generation had one foot in the old system and one foot in the feminist system.  This meant that many of them have completely avoided the consequences of supporting feminism.  I see this with my own parents who don’t particularly think of themselves as “feminists” but have effectively supported feminism all the same.  They have experienced absolutely no consequences from their support of feminism.  This goes for both my mom and my dad.  …

Most of our parents want grandchildren so denying them grandchildren really forces the cost of misandry back on to them.  This is particularly effective when done by only children or by men who have only brothers.  Even for men who have sisters, this can still be effective if it prevents the “family name” from being passed on.

In your face! No babies for you!

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Captain Bathrobe
Captain Bathrobe
10 years ago


CB: So strange that people would be okay with her leaving her baby with some random person, but not with her husband. With any luck, though, you’re doing your part to pave the way for future generations of stay-at-home dads.

I’m just doing my part to breed an army of brainwashed, feminist, kid-zombies! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously, though, I think that a man being the primary caretaker for a baby–a baby, for God’s sake!–is outside the realm of most people’s experience. I think more traditional types don’t know whether to be afraid for the baby, for my wife, or for me in this situation. Unsurprisingly, the more feminist a person was, the less likely they were to have a problem with it. Funny that.


Yeah, people who haven’t been full-time caregivers for children really don’t know fuck-all about what it involves. Anyone who says “how hard can it be?” just reveals that they have no clue, and thus should just STFU.

10 years ago

Let’s just say that the various levels of reaction were… interesting.

Mr. Mythago tended to run into two pretty standard reactions: men being nervous and acting like he was the overachiever kid who made the rest of the class look bad, and women who treated him as if was the World’s Greatest Dad for, you know, actually like caring for his own offspring. He is the kind of guy who tends to be oblivious to women hitting on him and even *he* was a little creeped out by some of the reactions he was getting.

10 years ago

Most women who are stay-at-home mothers, in my experience, don’t have a problem with the work so much as the isolation and the lack of appreciation. The problem with the work isn’t that it’s demanding physically so much as mind-numbingly boring and unappreciated.

That’s different and you might have a point there. I didn’t consider the isolation/lack of stimulation aspect.

(Wow, an honest answer which actually addressed the issue that didn’t consist of sarcasm and name-calling! I’d… almost forgotten those existed!)

10 years ago

mythago: He is the kind of guy who tends to be oblivious to women hitting on him and even *he* was a little creeped out by some of the reactions he was getting.

Yeah… I never understood that. My “little” sister, (who has three kids now) was born when I was 17. I got the most pitying looks from people who thought she was mine. When I was an au pair I got all sorts of low-grade interest. When I was taking care of a girlfriends kid… whoah! The number of people who hit on me… I didn’t get it at all.

Oddly, when I was most recently babysitting I didn’t get much of that. I got some of the, “here let me help you,” if Duncan was being fussy, but not much flirtation. They did think he was mine, unless I said something. At which point I was sort of odd. Being an interested father was one thing, being a paid caretaker was something else.

10 years ago

Man, I never got hit on as a stay-at-home dad. Maybe the wedding ring scared them off…

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