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Baby denial is not just a baby river in Egypt

Screw you lady, no babies for you!

Hey, fellas! Do you hate feminists but also hate doing things? Our good friend over at the Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology blog has an idea for you: strike at the heart of the feminazi matriarchy by “denying marriage and denying children to women.” This, PMAFT (for short) argues, will effectively transfer “the costs of misandry … back on to women.” And all you have to do is: nothing!

Apparently, feminist ladies have an insatiable need to marry and make babies with men who hate them. All you need to do to thwart this evil plan is to not have sex with them. But wait a minute, you say, don’t ladies make the babies themselves, in their bellies? Well, yes they do. But unfortunately for them they also need a little something from you as well. No, not  your money – that comes later. You know that white stuff that comes out of your penis when you masturbate? Ladies actually need that in order to make babies. And you control the supply! Cut them off! Embargo that shit.

Also, if you ever find yourself in a chapel with one of these ladies, and some religious looking dude starts asking you all sorts of questions, do not – I repeat, do not – answer any of them with the phrase “I do.” That’s how they get you.

The great thing about denying ladies your babies is that it also helps you to strike back at your parents – by denying them grandchildren! Ha HA! As PMAFT helpfully explains:

Our parents’ generation had one foot in the old system and one foot in the feminist system.  This meant that many of them have completely avoided the consequences of supporting feminism.  I see this with my own parents who don’t particularly think of themselves as “feminists” but have effectively supported feminism all the same.  They have experienced absolutely no consequences from their support of feminism.  This goes for both my mom and my dad.  …

Most of our parents want grandchildren so denying them grandchildren really forces the cost of misandry back on to them.  This is particularly effective when done by only children or by men who have only brothers.  Even for men who have sisters, this can still be effective if it prevents the “family name” from being passed on.

In your face! No babies for you!

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@CassandraSays: I was also thinking “prolapse” and wondered: “What kind of sick, sick pervert would ever find that sexy?” Then again, when so-called poets talk about sex in such violent terms, describing genitals as weapons (meaning that the act itself is one of painful, violent subjugation), anything is possible. And besides, Ancient China is also the place where bound feet — those repeatedly broken, deformed, rotting stumps — were considered sexy, so…

It’s interesting to note how many people in this thread use Social Darwinist rhetorics (“they shouldn’t breed anyway”) like the American right. Maybe you spend should some time and think about it and if you are sure about your convictions.

Then I think, on this one you have to fight a war on two fronts: Once against those MGTOWers to show they are just a tiny minority and their strikes aren’t important anyway and secondly against all the ever growing voices of (young) women complaining about men that reached already mainstream media like for example in the infamous WSJ article “Where Have The Good Men Gone?”.

Also, if the best example of your viewpoint that you can find is about a thousand years old, you may want to consider joining the modern world.

Honestly, if I had to choose between staying at home, popping a load of laundry into the washing machine, cooking lunch while watching TV, and playing with the kids, versus getting up every morning to brave the weather and traffic to go to work, I know which one I’d pick.

You know, the people who says this sort of thing are, without exception, the ones who have never actually done what they say they are so willing to do. I, for one, have been a stay-at-home dad. It was nice being with my son, but the isolation drove me buggy. Oddly enough, I also found myself starting to resent my wife, who got to go out and do an actual job and talk to real, live adults. I was something of a relief when I started to increase my hours at work again.

Most women who are stay-at-home mothers, in my experience, don’t have a problem with the work so much as the isolation and the lack of appreciation. The problem with the work isn’t that it’s demanding physically so much as mind-numbingly boring and unappreciated.

In Ancient China the penis was seen as spear and the woman’s vagina and clitoris as her shield and short sword. A good lover has the woman to drop their shield, I think that says a lot!

They also bound women’s feet, so I would take what they have to say about women, and ram it back up your ass, where it belongs.

Also, protip:
Penis Envy not only doesn’t mean what you think it means, but was part of a discredited and idiotic system for human interaction.

For fuck’s sake. What is up with the “men’s work” vs. “woman’s work” pissing contest? I work full-time in a technical field, and spend a good chunk of the week in traffic. I also do household chores. They BOTH suck. But I guess everything a woman does = sitting on your ass all day and watching soaps.

I would also venture to add that with the economy being what it is, most other women are like me and work in addition to taking on household duties. But I’ve never climbed a telephone pole in a thunderstorm, so I guess I contribute exactly shit to society.

No, that is feminist BS. Penis envy means that you refuse to accept that your clitoros is tiny penis, and you are angry because your penis is so obviously tiny and inferior to that of man.

My “clitoros” works just great, so I can’t say I ever sat around wishing for a dick.

I feel like I’ve heard a lot more jealousy of men for things like being multi-orgasmic, or being able to bear children, than I have from women for, I dunno, whatever it is we’re supposed to want to have penises for – the only jealousy of the penis I’ve heard from women is because of the automatic social status. YMMV

Captain Bathrobe,

Just out of curiosity, while you were a stay-at-home dad, did you ever express a need to “get away from the kid(s) for a while” or express your relief when you began to increase your hours at work? And, if so, did you ever feel the need to immediately apologize for feeling that way? Throughout my lifetime, I have had several friends and/or coworkers (speaking solely of females at this point) who, when they expressed their need to “get away from the kid(s) for a while” or their relief at returning to the workplace, would almost immediately apologize for feeling that way, and be certain to follow it up with, “Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kid(s), it’s just…”

My roommate does laundry nearly every day (which is one reason I had to start charging him rent to pay the enormous electric bill.)

He carefully sorts through the clothing-whites in one pile, certain types of cloth in several piles, whatever it is he uses on stains rubbed or steamed or whatever it is he does to the cloth, then he does several loads of the whites, the different cloths and he also sometimes hand washes stuff (I think he has silk so that is why he does that.) THEN he folds, puts on hangers, and/or irons stuff then puts on hangers and/or folds.

It takes longer then just a few minutes. If you are someone who wears nearly 100% tee shirts and shorts/jeans, I think you can get away with just tossing in and forgetting. But if you are someone who wants to get somewhere in the world, like he does, you take care of your clothing. And you buy quality stuff that requires extra effort.

I pay someone to do my laundry and while she does not take that much time (most of the stuff I get that I wear for work is dry clean only which is another pain in the ass to deal with) like he does, she still has to take a few hours. It also helps that I have almost zero white clothes to be washed.

Also, did anyone else notice that MGTOW Man’s wife cheated on him, she did not fail to do her share of the housework/income earning and that is why they divorced? Why do I also think that she was the one to initiate the divorce after he found out about the affair?

Most women who are stay-at-home mothers, in my experience, don’t have a problem with the work so much as the isolation and the lack of appreciation.

Exactly. Thank you, Captain Bathrobe, for explaining that so well. I think one of the hardest parts of staying at home with my children is the reaction I get from other adults. People assume that since I’m “just a mom” that I am uneducated, lazy, etc. The people that praise me for my life are usually conservative fundamentalists that think I am a hero for staying at home like a good little wife. I’d rather be criticized than get that kind of praise.

Anyway, staying at home with the kids is like any other job except you don’t get paid. There are good days, when you can spend a lot of time in the backyard and everything seems to go your way. Then there are bad days when the kids keep fighting about a toy, and then one throws up in the backseat of the car on your way to a relative’s wedding. I don’t think anyone who says that it is easy to be at home with the kids would trade places with a parent in that situation. They also have never been through the nightmare that is potty training.

But I’ve never climbed a telephone pole in a thunderstorm, so I guess I contribute exactly shit to society.

I haven’t either. Honestly, that sounds like a good way to win a Darwin award. What would be the point of fixing power poles anyway, until the storm is over? If the storm is very bad then the power poles are going to be thrown a mile away or at least knocked down. It took several weeks for the electric company’s workers to restore power to the parts of Joplin still habitable after the tornado. None of them worked during the storm, because it was way too dangerous.

Confidential to Jurgen Fleiss/Rita Renzulli/Santo Christoforo MD/Robin Gold, Ph.D.: If you’re going to show up here accusing me of using sockpuppets, you should probably not do that using one of your three sockpuppet accounts. Or you should at least do it from another IP address.


You know, the people who says this sort of thing are, without exception, the ones who have never actually done what they say they are so willing to do.

Bingo. Oh, and the excuses….of COURSE I’d just love to be an at-home dad but there are no women anywhere who would do such a thing, but really, if I could I would totally do it in a minute, you bet!

I got to make a choice between being at home vs. going to work every day, and I picked going to work every day.

And now I’m put on moderation – which I would be totally fine with, it’s just is very difficult to understand in the context that people like VoIP can propagate their hateful accusations here unhindered.

Futrelle, do you have a problem with the things I say here? (Also, do you find it insulting when I call you by your last name? It’s to distinguish you from DKM, but the important part is what you prefer to be called.)

“I never said that all women are anything. This argument along with several others are not accurate presentations of what I have said.”

The exact words that came from your keybord were: “Women don’t want to contribute. Everything is one way” Not “some women,” not “the women I know.” Just “women.” Which, in the absence of any indication to the contrary would apply to all women. Fail. Complete fail.

“Yes, there is a lot of truth to this. I have seen men arrested based on the most ridiculous BS. A few words from a woman will often result in a man being arrested. Of course, if a woman decides to change men, the man is virtually automatically in a situation of having to pay or else go to jail (child support). Yes, women under present law can arbitrarily do a whole lot of damage to a man often based on a few words or a unilateral “fickle” decision. ”

And again, the man did nothing to warrant anything? He was just a perfect little angel, who climbed those poles in the middle of an F5 tornado to bring home a few dimes to his shrew of a wife? If you have a child with a woman, regardless of the current status of your relationship, you are responsible for financially supporting that child. If you’re unwilling to take on this responsibility, there are myriad birth control methods available to you. You can use condoms, you can have a vasectomy, you can keep it in your pants. Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to have unprotected sex.

“I think you are wrong. The numbers I have seen show a huge drop in marriages and legitimate child births. I think most men still have been married once but increasingly men are refusing to go back for round two. More and more will refuse even round one. Of course, stating my opinions here does not mean I am “under pussy control.”

“I think” does not constitute a fact, no matter how big your penis is. The decline in marriage rates can and has been explained by several factors, including cohabitation, decline in church attendance and greater opportunities abroad. MGTOW’s were not mentioned in any article I read. As you’re unable to answer how many MGTOW there actually are, there’s no way to know whether the movement is having even a minimal impact.

“That is so stupid it does not deserve a response. What the heck makes you think I cannot do laundry or that I haven’t? You don’t hear men making arguments so stupid. ”

You’re the one whining about the fact that women refuse to cook, clean and do your laundery, so apparently you find it somehow distasteful. After hearing how easy it is, I’m even more curious as to why this chore requires a woman to do it for you.

“Let’s see, the reason you don’t want to do laundry is because “you can’t.” That makes no sense at all. For your information, I have done laundry for many years and most of the time I don’t even notice it. It takes a few moments here and there and it is done. It is an entirely easy task requiring almost no time or energy. The only time I even notice the task is when the machine doesn’t work so I have to fix it or replace it. By the way, I don’t use a dryer. I hang stuff on a line outside. It is still easy and unobtrusive. It is break actually from other more demanding tasks. If I have been outside fixing fences or loading a bull into a trailer, I take a break by doing some laundry. It is very, very easy as a task.”

So, even now you’re saying that it’s an easy task, yet you complain that a woman won’t do it for you. Wiping your ass is also an easy task and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an MGTOW complaining that his woman won’t do it for him as well. Really, it’s not easy. It’s tedious. It’s a pain in the ass. It’s also sissy girl work and manly men shouldn’t have to do it. Which is why you think that having a penis somehow entitles you to a laundry maid.

“You’re wrong. Every one of these arguments has been made here. You hate women, you have a small penis (or functional equivalent), you can’t get a woman, you have nothing to add to a relationship, you can’t do laundry, etc.

You are very predictable, and of course you are smart enough to know that “you” refers to the feminists here on this board. ”

No, I’m not wrong, because I know better than anyone what’s going on inside my head. To tell me that I’m wrong about my own private thoughts is lulllerific and then some. I’ve never said that you hate women, that you have a small penis, or that you have nothing to add to a relationship. I did ask why you’re seemingly unable to do your own laundry, after stating that it’s so easy to do and bitching that a woman won’t do it for you, but that hardly implies that you’re physically incapable of doing it. In fact, it implies the exact opposite.

If I were predictable, I’d have trotted out something like this already. Again, you’re wrong.

“That is just wrong. They say the divorce rate is 50% sometimes I see for some localities 60%. I think the rate is actually higher. I know few people in their 40s or higher who have not been divorced at least once. The fact is the man woman relationship thing is not working. Further, those who remain married particularly the men often seem tortured. ”

Once again, you’re holding up your own opinions and stating them as fact. 50% of marriages DO work, to that’s 50% of the population right there who were able to find what they’re looking for. 64% of second marriages stand the test of time. So, there’s a great many people who are living in marital bliss. That also doesn’t account for those who are cohabitating long term, with no intentions of marriage. Most people in this world can make their relationship work. Once again, you’re wrong. Also, most, if not all MGTOW seem tortured. This is probably why they show up here and shit on the carpet.

“I agree with you on this one. The VAWA law is an atrocity particularly that provision. The law gives women rewards for destroying men and that is a particularly good example. I think men who think bringing foreign women into this country is a pancea are wrong.”

Are you aware that men use VAWA laws to fuck over their law abiding wives for a visa. I’ve known more than a few women who’s foreign born husbands cried abuse and got their visa through VAWA laws. More than a few. But, be that as it may, I guess your claims that foreign women are safer is… wrong.

“Nobody said all women are like that. No, I wasn’t talking about my ex wife. She actually did contribute until she had her affair. I am talking about what I read on boards like this and what I hear women saying in all sorts of venues.”

See first point in this post, re your lack of modifiers.


I felt bad about going back to work full-time because I didn’t want to leave my boys in daycare all day, but I never felt any external pressure about it–quite the contrary. My wife actually stopped telling her (female) co-workers that I was staying home with the baby because of the awkward silence that would ensue when she did. Instead, she would tell them he was being left with “someone,” which was apparently more acceptable. Patriarchal attitudes die hard.

Wow, they sure do! Thanks for responding to my Qs, as I’ve long assumed that people are a lot more understanding when a man needs to “get away from the kids for a while” than when a woman feels the same way.

CB: So strange that people would be okay with her leaving her baby with some random person, but not with her husband. With any luck, though, you’re doing your part to pave the way for future generations of stay-at-home dads.

Not “some women,” not “the women I know.” Just “women.”

This old chesnut is straight out of The Art of Deception. That is, because in English the ‘all’ is implied, you don’t actually come out and say it, because you want deniability. For example, do not say “All women don’t want to contribute”. Instead say “Women don’t want to contribute”, which means the exact same thing. The difference is that with the latter, you can indignantly insist that your opponent is putting words on your mouth, as it was obvious to any fool that you meant “some”.

I’m actually mildly surprised that DKM was bright enough to try that one.

@ Mythago: In all fairness, it was MGTOW Man who pulled it, but the trolls tend to be almost indistinguishable around here. And, yes, it is rather disingenuous, which is why I feel the need to call that out. Besides, if you substituted “men” for “women,” it’s be the mother of all NAMALT’s. Not all men are like that! You’re a bunch of man hating bitches! Baw, Baw Baw!!!!

Poke a feminist and you get a “nice guy” rant. The keyword just sets you off, you don’t even care about context or the rest of the message.

So, Hen… When did you say you were coming to visit Seattle?

Alright, back to the program. Tonight on the show: The Manboobz gang responds to someone’s unsupported and counter-factual points with nothing but snark, sarcasm and insults and is shocked, _SHOCKED and APPALLED_ when he starts to answer in kind fails to back up his declarations with actual studies or citations.


I’ve been the stay at home partner. Let’s just say that the various levels of reaction were… interesting.

I’ve also been an au pair that was more interesting.

Almost everyone thought it was all skittles and beer, for both of those.

Almost everyone was wrong.


CB: So strange that people would be okay with her leaving her baby with some random person, but not with her husband. With any luck, though, you’re doing your part to pave the way for future generations of stay-at-home dads.

I’m just doing my part to breed an army of brainwashed, feminist, kid-zombies! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously, though, I think that a man being the primary caretaker for a baby–a baby, for God’s sake!–is outside the realm of most people’s experience. I think more traditional types don’t know whether to be afraid for the baby, for my wife, or for me in this situation. Unsurprisingly, the more feminist a person was, the less likely they were to have a problem with it. Funny that.


Yeah, people who haven’t been full-time caregivers for children really don’t know fuck-all about what it involves. Anyone who says “how hard can it be?” just reveals that they have no clue, and thus should just STFU.

Let’s just say that the various levels of reaction were… interesting.

Mr. Mythago tended to run into two pretty standard reactions: men being nervous and acting like he was the overachiever kid who made the rest of the class look bad, and women who treated him as if was the World’s Greatest Dad for, you know, actually like caring for his own offspring. He is the kind of guy who tends to be oblivious to women hitting on him and even *he* was a little creeped out by some of the reactions he was getting.

Most women who are stay-at-home mothers, in my experience, don’t have a problem with the work so much as the isolation and the lack of appreciation. The problem with the work isn’t that it’s demanding physically so much as mind-numbingly boring and unappreciated.

That’s different and you might have a point there. I didn’t consider the isolation/lack of stimulation aspect.

(Wow, an honest answer which actually addressed the issue that didn’t consist of sarcasm and name-calling! I’d… almost forgotten those existed!)

mythago: He is the kind of guy who tends to be oblivious to women hitting on him and even *he* was a little creeped out by some of the reactions he was getting.

Yeah… I never understood that. My “little” sister, (who has three kids now) was born when I was 17. I got the most pitying looks from people who thought she was mine. When I was an au pair I got all sorts of low-grade interest. When I was taking care of a girlfriends kid… whoah! The number of people who hit on me… I didn’t get it at all.

Oddly, when I was most recently babysitting I didn’t get much of that. I got some of the, “here let me help you,” if Duncan was being fussy, but not much flirtation. They did think he was mine, unless I said something. At which point I was sort of odd. Being an interested father was one thing, being a paid caretaker was something else.

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