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Creepy Reddit Comment of the Day: Flower Girl Edition

Here you go. And it’s not even from r/mensrights! It’s from the pics subreddit. Reddit is creepy all over.

Once again, props to ShitRedditSays for pointing me to this one.

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Ah, ambiguity. I meant being accused by circle of friends of sneakily feeding up one’s dieting partner.

Jesus, before someone has a heart attack or something, I was trolling. I knew that would elicit a huge reaction. I don’t condone that kind of stuff.

Meh, I was actually more amused than anything else, in a sad sort of way. I mean you’re what, early 20s? It’s like a kitten puffing itself up, trying to be fierce. “Look at me! I’m a stone-cold manipulative bastard!”

Eurosabra, I’m dating a fat guy and no one accuses me of secretly feeding him. (Or if they did they’d definitely be joking.) Either you’re making this up or you need different friends.

Seconded, Nullpointer. It’s never happened to me either. Also, sneaking food to someone who is dieting is not feederism. That’s not ambiguous, just wrong.

DKM….. I think you’re in the wrong thread.

He needs to recalibrate his time machine so it lands him in his preferred century rather than just dumping him into the wrong thread.

David K. –

Even though it is the wrong thread, I’d like to let you know what the proper terms are for female soldiers, sailors, and marines.

A female soldier is known as a soldier.

A female sailor is known as a sailor.

A female marine is known as a marine.

I know these terms are new and different but, please try to have some respect by using them as they should be used.


Oh man. I have been in the relationship described in the OP, where my boyfriend claimed to love me, but wanted me to lose weight. I have also dated gentlemen who were GOOFY enthusiastic to have sex with my fat self. Guess which kind of relationship I will NEVER HAVE AGAIN?

Gentlemen, we ladies can tell when you are creepy and assholish. And we will not date you. Note: fat ladies are a subset of ladies, and just as likely to be intolerant of hateful bullshit directed at them.


So partially caring about looks is okay, as long as you also appreciate the person’s other qualities?

IME, it’s more that caring about looks is fine as long as you don’t get entitled about it. And as long as you recognize that if your dealbreakers — aesthetic or otherwise — limit the dating possibilities available to you, that doesn’t reflect badly on the potential objects of your affection.


Newsflash: fat people are ugly.

Well … yeah. Everyone’s ugly. I’m ugly. Your mother is ugly. There’s no one on earth who would not fall squarely into someone’s definition of “ugly.” There are people who really think Maggie Gyllenhaal is hideous, and don’t just say she is to mislead people about the stringency of their standards.

I suppose I could have said “everyone’s attractive” but either way.

(Also, “fat people are ugly” != “being fat makes a person ugly”)


Eurosabra, I’m dating a fat guy and no one accuses me of secretly feeding him. (Or if they did they’d definitely be joking.) Either you’re making this up or you need different friends.

Since it’s Eurosabra, I’m actually going to go with the second.

Do not ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER date someone on the idea that you’ll change them. It’s disrespectful to their personal autonomy: if someone wants to be overweight (or would prefer to be skinny but doesn’t want to devote the time and effort to losing weight which is, yes, much more than just eating healthily and exercising), it’s their business, not yours. Also, it won’t work, because human beings are usually stubborn creatures and will continue acting the same way regardless of what you do. Alsoalso, now you are in a relationship with someone you don’t want to date.

Before you date someone, ask yourself: “will I be happy for (whatever expected length of relationship) with a person exactly like this?” If the answer is no, DON’T DATE THEM.

Also, good grid, the world is full of people. Given a choice between “person who I have to change to get them to be my ideal partner” and “person who already is my ideal partner”, why wouldn’t anyone pick the latter?

I like “she-marines”. It sounds like something out of a Robert E. Howard story, or maybe something the Nazgul would snarl right before the she-marines unload an RPG into their undead asses.

Hengist: So as long as we have that settled, is it wrong to gently push someone into improving in the looks department so that side of their attractiveness is also brought up to match the rest?

It’s been covered by others, but yes. It’s not treating them as people, but as things. People are not means to an end, they are an end in their own right. If you can’t deal with that, then you aren’t really a moral person. Children can be tolerated in this, because it takes time to become an entire person, with a truly functioning morality.

But adults, they need to let people be themselves.

lexiedi: A small correction. Marine is always capitalised, for members of the US Marine Corps.

A female member of the Airforce (enlisted) is known as an airman.

Just as a side note: The redditor that posted this is also frequents the /jailbait subreddit (seen from his past comments). Creepy indeed.

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