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Women don’t have the “patients” for engineering

It takes MEN to build a bridge


So the fellows over at MGTOWforums were pondering just why it is that there are so few women engineers. There were a number of theories advanced  to explain this gender imbalance  –  women are “crap at math,”  “their  [sic] just too stupid,”“you can’t build a bridge with ‘feelings.’” (Snap!)

But it was shade47 who offered the most convincing theory. It all has to do with incentives:

Im an engineer myself and in my opinion women could be good engineers if they wanted to be but its a hard sell since they can make money by lieing on their backs and shitting out bastards. …

i dont think women above a five in looks would have the patients [sic] to deal with the hardship of actually studying when she knows that shell end up getting knocked up or married and stop working in approximately 5 years after graduation.

Ladies, focus on your womb turds and leave engineering to the geniuses who don’t know the difference between “patience” and “patients.”

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10 years ago


“Personally, if I were going in for a job interview, and my prospective employer made it clear that he thought qualified women in my field were rare and that women are just naturally better suited to working as secretaries, I would run for the hills.”

Sure, but why would I make “clear” that I think women are more suited to be SECRETARIES?

LOL that would make me a jackass. Im saying this kind of stuff here because theres a debate going and I want to share my views and get what other people think and perceives about this issue.

My partner in the company is a woman (ex girlfriend) and she´s very competent.

10 years ago

Just figured out the header.

Women don’t have the [i]patents[/i] for engineering.

But hey, we can do something about that!

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