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Man Boobz Summer Video Fest 4: Evil Women and Jeff Lynne’s Hair

And we return to the Man Boobz Summer Video Fest. Tonight, something a little different: this classic track from the Electric Light Orchestra. If the Men’s Rights movement were more like this, I would sign up at once. Even aside from the incredibly catchiness of his songs, Jeff Lynne’s hair alone is far more compelling than any MRA I’ve ever run across.

Of course, Lynne also wrote total mangina pussy-begging songs like this:

But the hair – the hair was still MAGNIFICENT!

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I also feel little or no guilt about my love of ELO. Or my love of The Move, the band with Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood that sort of turned into ELO. Or of Lynne’s earlier band The Idle Race. Or Wood’s later band Wizzard.

Also, here is a more visually interesting version of Evil Woman. The music is out of sync, though.

I’m happy to find other ELO listeners, abashed or not.

That last vid is a revelation – I never knew Jeff Lynne had eyes!

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