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Man Boobz Summer Video Fest 3: Sell your car

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends  will end later this week. The Man Boobz Summer Video Fest continues with “SELL YOUR CAR OR ELSE!” Apparently this is how women are.

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Amused, don’t forget:

5. A culture that has been encouraging a doctrine of faux-populist anti-intellectualism ever since that egg-head Jimmy Carter told us we needed to get off foreign oil and the country voted overwhelmingly for a divorced, Hollywood actor who made them “feel good.”*

*Yes, I know that’s really reductive

@ Kirby

I first came across the term Gish Gallop a year ago, looked it up online, nodded my head in approval, and forgot it within a week. When Ami made her Gish Gallop card, I had to look it up again, and it was only when I saw the Rational Wiki page you linked to that I remembered having seen it before.

What a drag it is getting old.


“Yohami contends the video is funny because if it’s funny, that means the behaviour shown is real.”

Duh. Wouldnt that make every comedy show real as well? I dont “want” the video to be funny and Im not an MRA. My points are well stated, if you think anything at all about what I AM saying, address what Im saying, not your projections / imagination.

And Im not MRA.

“MRA arguments are a trip down the rabbit hole. Cause and effect never correlate, because they only want to make one point : “Women are bad.” If women are bad, they don’t have to take responsibility for anything themselves.”

I think they just want someone to blame for their disgrace, but, they werent doing anything for themselves before joining the MRA gang, and now that they are there, all they do is complain. Most of the people I have talked to in these blogs have victim mentality.

“Let’s do more mocking. Please.”

Ah. Now thats clever.

Awesome awesome awesome xD

I did NOT know that comm existed! xD Am I there? xD I know a lot of ppl seem to HATE me xD

If I’m not there, can you quote me and put me there? 😀

I mean there’s alrdy several forums and posts out there about how much ppl can’t stand how I write, or hate me… and there’s a vegetarian site that hates me xD

I’m VILE and HATEFUL tho… so I must qualify 😀

There’s whole comment threads of my comments here to post xD I’m sure NWO can find you some 😀

Srsly tho… my goal is now to get in there >:3 (if I’m not in there alrdy, I haven’t read thru the whole thing xD )

I wonder if it’ll actually quote whole things I say cuz they’re misandrist enuf or he’ll need to take little sentences out of context xD I’ve alrdy proven in a past post that I can do that to myself and take sarcastic things Ive said out of context to make myself the biggest man-hater evar XD now I’m curious which way he’ll go 😀

and most of the posts are either from ManBoobz, or from MRA sites.

It seems factfinder has an obsession. He can’t stay away from us.

But with all the hate he says there is, it’s only one a month he manages to find the energy to write about.

He did get one comment, someone said his post was BS… he used a local custom and said, [Citation needed], right down to the brackets.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

No Ami: He is… though it’s not very good photography. I get a passing reference.

His idea of evil, nasty, hateful quotations is a bit odd though.

“Men’s Rights Activists. They like to complain that men are unprivileged using examples that are actually instances of misogyny coming back around to bite men in the ass.”

So… After a flurry of activity he’s sort of fallen off. But perhaps the recent comments here will inspire him to more action, and a truly amazing list of manufactured, and fractured quotations can be created.

If we’re lucky we can be on the lists of bad quotations from feminists for decades to come,

Ami: maybe not rape jokes? Plz?

Bee, spooky, isn’t it. Australian culture has less emphasis on buying/selling; and more on conforming to gender roles. e.g.”Women give sex for love and men give love for sex”. “During an Australian barbeque, the men will cook the meat outside, the women will gather around the kitchen table.” “Women talk about feelings, men talk about football.”
I have to confess: the first ( and so far only) time I ever took up the barbeque tongs, I felt a deep sense of transgression. And I’ve been a noisy feminist since forever.

Kirbywarp, I want you to know I read every word of your post twice. Solidarity, and all. You are the awesome. I mean, teh awesome. (Cool. I am not.)

I note with amusement that immediately after I complained about MRAs can’t tell the difference between things that are caused by feminism, and things that are caused by anti-feminism, NOWslave posted his list (I can’t believe I didn’t notice he didn’t mention Title X and VAWA. They’re his favourites!) of which seven of the nine are feminist goals. Which we hope one day will be achieved. (Only MRAs believe that feminism causes things feminism hasn’t achieved yet. It’s a special talent they have. Awesome, when you are looking for things to mock.)

My deepest apologies for calling Yohami an MRA. When he said,”The video depicts female manipulation properly”, and a bunch of other stuff that suggested he has a poor opinion of Women as a Whole Group, I jumped to the rash conclusion he was a paid up member of the MRA club. Clearly, the club he belongs to is “Misogynists who show up at the same time as MRAs.” I can understand why he is stung by the suggestion he displays the same ignorance and inability to argue coherently as MRAs. It’s a bitter pill. I can only say in my defence that I never read anything by commenters I believe are MRAs in any detail, because they are much funnier when you don’t listen to them carefully, and hence missed the subtle hints that Yohami prefers to hate women quietly on his own, rather than proclaim himself a member of the movement and look really stupid in public.

I’m baffled as to why Factfinder (just his name is hilarious!) thinks I will be deeply concerned/upset/what? about his re-posting of my post to whatever that site is. Any clues, anyone?

I’m baffled as to why Factfinder (just his name is hilarious!) thinks I will be deeply concerned/upset/what? about his re-posting of my post to whatever that site is. Any clues, anyone?

Because then you’ll become an object of ridicule among his vast global audience.

Fear the site!

If the goal is to show how awful feminists are, there should be at least one or two quotes that actually show something beyond “some women somewhere once said a bad thing about a guy.”

I want to start a campaign “GET AMI INTO FACTFINDER’S BLOG 2011!!!” xD

I think we’re supposed to feel humiliated or upset for being “outted” or something xD and then we’ll shut up and be intimidated xD

Also Ellish, we dun actually make “rape jokes”, we make jokes about the absurdity of the rape prevention tips list :3 (and the situations they fear xD )

I want to start a campaign “GET AMI INTO FACTFINDER’S BLOG 2011!!!” xD

It does seem unfair, given the prominent role you play here, and especially on the forum.

Do you think an appeal to fairness would sway FactFinder?

Ami just needs to make an irrational tirade. S’easy. Point out one of the logic failures MRAs make, and Flufffinder will be thanking her in no time. (Thanks for explaining about the jokes, Ami. I was puzzled.)

I was going to go through NOWslave’s list and deconstruct what he really means: but maybe you should give it a go instead, Ami. You too could become an object of ridicule among his vast global audience. Whoo!

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