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>Disorganized atheistic rectal sodomizing feminists of the world unite!


More from The Ghost Nation, a sort of MGTOW-ish site that hates MGTOW. And “rectal sodomites” and, well, a long list of others.

When novelist-turned-film-critic James Agee saw Bill and Coo, a feature-length 1948 film starring nothing but trained birds, he described it as “by conservative estimate, the God-damndest thing ever seen.” I believe that title may now belong to The Ghost Nation. Here’s a useful list from the site detailing The Personality Traits of Feminists:

If you are a feminist, you do not sincerely believe in God, you endorse Zionism, rectal sodomites, violence, police brutality, are two-faced, a liar, treacherous, a prospective adulterer, swear a lot, disorganized, vulgar, angry, a hacker and cybercriminal, untrustworthy, unfair, unjust, you share private information, are a misandrist, you commit blackmail and extortion, you are unpatriotic, you do not support the Constitution, are not humble, you hate straight whitey, have an erratic temperament, raise your voice to get a point across, are a sexual deviant, sadistic, violent, manipulative, fake friendships, enthusiastically associate with criminals, Zionists, sociopaths and psychopaths, cheat, are worthless and nonconstructive, are anti-heterosexual, heterophobic, atheist, agnostic, engage in gang-stalking, promote ugliness and scatology, do not respect other’s privacy, and do not believe that all rectal sodomites are homosexuals.

Hmm. I’ll just go through the list item by item: Yes, not exactly, yes, depends, no, no, no, no, no, yes, yes, yes, sometimes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, erratic or … erotic?, sometimes, yes, maybe a little, sometimes, not really, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes, no, ugliness not really but scatology sometimes, no, yes.

I hope I didn’t leave out any answers and inadvertently make myself out to be a blackmailing gang-stalking adulterous cybercriminal rather than a humble disorganized agnostic who is friendly towards rectal sodomites and, really, sodomites generally. 

So how many of the personality traits apply to you, dear readers?

Oh, and by the way, if you didn’t believe me about Bill and Coo, here is a clip of this exceedingly WTF film masterpiece:

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25 replies on “>Disorganized atheistic rectal sodomizing feminists of the world unite!”

>Yes on: not believing on God, a liar (I improve stories!), a prospective adulterer (theoretically polyamorous), swear a lot (fuck is my favorite fucking word), disorganized, vulgar, you are unpatriotic (Anglophile much), are not humble, have an erratic temperament, raise your voice to get a point across, are a sexual deviant, sadistic (only consensually!), atheist, promote scatology (not sure what it is but if these guys are against it I'm provisionally for it), and do not believe that all rectal sodomites are homosexuals (tons of straight boys like the buttsex).No on: endorsing Zionism (I don't get foreign policy), rectal sodomite (not for lack of trying), violence, police brutality, two-faced, treacherous, angry, a hacker and cybercriminal (I don't have the SATs), untrustworthy, unfair, unjust, you share private information, are a misandrist, you commit blackmail and extortion, you do not support the Constitution, you hate straight whitey, violent, manipulative (I don't have the social skills, fake friendships, enthusiastically associate with criminals, Zionists, sociopaths and psychopaths, cheat, are worthless and nonconstructive, are anti-heterosexual, heterophobic, agnostic, engage in gang-stalking, promote ugliness (I follow Wilde's philosophy on the matter), do not respect other’s privacy.

>I do not believe in God, sincerely or otherwise. I'm for sodomy of all kinds. I swear and I'm disorganized. I'm unpatriotic and I raise my voice to get a point across. I'm an atheist but not an agnostic. I do not believe that rectal sodomites are all homosexuals (seriously what's up with this one?)This guy has me pegged.

>If you are a feminist (yes)you do not sincerely believe in God (I don't, but also don't bother with labeling either) a prospective adulterer (I guess that was when my married friend kept trying to have sex with me–made me a prospective adulterer without me even doing anything!)angry (no more angry than the average male) a hacker (does knowing my brother's email pw count?)you are unpatriotic (I don't believe in forced nationalism, if that's what you mean) and do not believe that all rectal sodomites are homosexuals (Okay, this one is true. You aren't gay just because a penis went into your butt.)Hmm … yeah … not much on that whole screed really applied to me. I must be a bad feminist.

>I believe in God, but not sincerely, I endorse not only rectal sodomites but consensual sex is every form, including forms that I can't imagine. I'm also a prospective adulterer of the polyamorous variety, and am often disorganized. I'm notoriously not angry but also not humble. I swear an appropriate amount, but never, ever raise my voice. It's not that I hate straight whitey, I just have a strong preference for the curley-coated whitey. I have never seen the value in patriotism but think that the Constitution is the bee's knees.

>Hmmm….It's complicated, to an extent, sure, no, no, no, do white lies count, no, no, hell yeah, yeah, yes, at some things, I could only wish I was that good with computers, no, no, no, usually not, no, no, no, no, sometimes, no, I'm actually pretty laid back, no, define deviant, no, no, no, no, only potheads, didn't we already cover this, not by choice, no, no, no, no, it's complicated, it's complicated, only inasmuch as the courts have recently ruled RPGs promote gang behavior, no, no, and I suppose it's quite possible to enjoy anal sex without being gay.

>I am too lazy to go through the list one by one like the rest of you more patient folk.But what is wrong with being sexually deviant? Also, I only hang out with criminals because of my job and I only do it enthusiastically because I love my job.

>yes to: not sincerely believing in god, rectal sodomites, swear a lot, vulgar, angry, unpatriotic, raise my voice to get a point across (I grew up in a very large very loud family where throwing food at the family table was expected during an argument, deal with it), associate with criminals, agnostic, promote ugliness, and to the rectal sodomites as homosexuals (lolwut?) maybe to the violence depending on the situationand no to everything else.

>Ah. Per Wikipedia:Sodomy (pronounced /ˈsɒdəmi/) is a term used in the law to describe the act of "unnatural"[1] sex, which depending on jurisdiction can consist of oral sex, anal sex, or any non-genital to genital congress, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or with human or animal.[2]Notice he only condemns the rectal sodomites. Presumably, those sodomites who are into sex with animals are A-OK.

>Captain Bathrobe said… Is there some other kind of sodomite that I'm not aware of?Oh You had to ask didn't you. Actually technically theres lots especially if you happen to be a fundamentalist of some sort. Following the reformation when the Catholic church was desperately trying to claw back interpretations as everyone now had access to the bibles, sodomy was simply having sex for any reason apart from strictly to procreate. You couldn't enjoy it even with your wife and it was missionary position only, Some people were executed for sodomy with their own spouses and no anal sex was involved. Technically you could also be done for adultary at the same time for having lustful thoughts about your own spouse. Sex was for procreation only. While thats mainly gone (and many of those done for sodomy in the inquisitions were actually priests), some fundamental aspects of religions still have different sodomy definitions today.Thats the short answer, if you are actually interested in the subject I could point you to some research material but would have to have alook as has been a while since I was fossiking in that part of history :)Hope that helps!

>"you do not sincerely believe in God" True. "you endorse Zionism" Not true, and zionists tend towards very religious. "rectal sodomites" Well, on occasion. "violence" Not really. I used to be a pacifist. "police brutality" Not at all. "are two-faced" No. "a liar" Not usually, no. "treacherous" No. "a prospective adulterer" No, actually, as I have no intetion of every marrying. "swear a lot" Yes. "disorganized" somewhat. "vulgar" In what sense? Oh, whatever, I probably fucking am. "angry" Sometimes, but not in general. "a hacker and cybercriminal" Hah. I wish. I don't even know how to blockquote or italicize in comments. "untrustworthy" No. "unfair" No. "unjust" No. "you share private information" Wtf does this even mean?"are a misandrist" no."you commit blackmail and extortion" No. "you are unpatriotic" Okay, this one is true. "you do not support the Constitution" Which country's? My own? I like some of it and dislike some of it. "are not humble" I am the best at being humble ;)"you hate straight whitey" Not more than I hate everyone else. Though, it is worth noting that queer seperatist almost never use the term 'straight'. "have an erratic temperament" Somewhat."raise your voice to get a point across" Rarely. "are a sexual deviant" Sure. "sadistic" Only in the consenting sexual deviant sense. I am also masochistic."violent" You said this one already."manipulative" Nope. "fake friendships" No."enthusiastically associate with criminals" Er, what sort of criminals?"Zionists" Repeat yourself much?"sociopaths and psychopaths" These are mutually exclusive and I am neither."cheat" At what?"are worthless and nonconstructive" Now that's just namecalling."are anti-heterosexual, heterophobic" No. Though I am anti-heteronormativity."atheist" yes. "agnostic" In general, no."engage in gang-stalking" No. "promote ugliness" What? "and scatology," Not my thing, but what consenting people do with each other is none of my concern."do not respect other’s privacy" No."and do not believe that all rectal sodomites are homosexuals." True. Some of us are bisexual 😉 Also, plenty of heteros do it in the ass.

>"you do not sincerely believe in God"Ok, I'm going against the grain here. I do sincerely believe in God. I highly suspect, though, that the God he believes in and the God I believe in are radically different. I'm sure his God tells him that women should be treated like shit, given the "sincerely" in there. Because, dontchaknow, liberal Christianity is the wrong Christianity – Glen Beck sez so!I am also highly organized, polite, and couldn't hack my way out of a paper bag, let alone someone else's computer. I also support the Constitution, going so far as to carry a pocket version in case I get in any debates. As for the sex…well, why the hell should I care what people do in their spare time, even sodomy? I don't hate straight whitey, I just wish sometimes they weren't so…"white", if you know what I mean.I guess I'm not a feminist then.

>@DarkSideCat:Out of curiosity, what does anti-heteronormativity mean? I know what 'heteronormative' means, but why is it necessarily bad? I ask because, as a cis straight girl, I'm about as heteronormative as it gets (a few private kinks aside). I definitely call myself an ally for the LGBTQ, and I know why the *assumption* of heteronormativity is bad. But heteronormativity itself is bad?

>Lady V, heteronormativity doesn't mean "totally heterosexual and normal." It means the assumption that everyone is heterosexual and cis gendered.

>@ Sandy:Okay! Thanks! I thought it meant just the state of being hetero + cis, I didn't know the assumption that everyone is/should be het & cis was built into the definition of the word. I suppose that rather makes me anti-heteronormativity too. :: cue "The More You Know" music ::

>"What happens if you aim for the rectum but it ends up somewhere else?"Damn near killed him!Also, if I ever become a pool shark, I'm taking the name "Straight Whitey".

>Okay, let's see what I've got going for me:Check — you do not sincerely believe in GodCheck — rectal sodomitesCheck (just kidding, I'm lying!) — a liarCheck (when it's slippery) — treacherousI already am — a prospective adultererOh hells yes — swear a lotYes…balls — vulgarSure, I have my moments — angryI'm not that good — a hacker and cybercriminalMeh to Canada! — you are unpatrioticBut I am awesome — are not humbleI date a lot of those, they can be nice — you hate straight whiteySURE — raise your voice to get a point acrossYes please — are a sexual deviantIf my partner likes that — sadisticBut not repetitive — violentI have great manual dexterity — manipulativeTechnically — enthusiastically associate with criminalsYep, yep — atheist, agnosticI'm not a lesbian — and do not believe that all rectal sodomites are homosexuals.

>Um…I'm a Christian feminist who VERY MUCH believes in Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God…so, thus ever to stereotypes.;)But can someone tell me what the difference is between a rectal sodomite and OTHER kinds of sodomites???Are there non-rectal sodomites??:P IF SO, what on earth do they do?? Ear canals??:PI think in the case of Ghost Nation, Wikipedia should clearly enlarge their entry on sodomy so as to include those otiology sodomites who have the GHOST NATION SEAL OF APPROVAL by replacing Q-tips.:P

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