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MRAs pretend to care about workplace deaths. They’re silent on Sen. hopeful Don Blankenship, responsible for the deaths of 29 miners

Don Blankenship: Coal miner killer

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By David Futrelle

Anyone who has ever tried to discuss almost anything with a Men’s Rights Activist knows how much they pretend to care about those killed in workplace accidents — more than 90% of whom are men.

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Men are oppressed by earning more than women, ingenious Men’s Rights Redditor insists

She looks thrilled

By David Futrelle

Men’s Rights Activists generally respond to discussions of the wage gap between men and women by snidely dismissing it as a long-disproven myth. (It’s very definitely not.)

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A Man Going His Own Way offers a plan for gender equality. It involves killing hundreds of thousands of women

A woman at work. But shouldn't she be DEAD?
A woman at work. But shouldn’t she be DEAD?

This blog gets a lot of drive-by commenters, usually hostile, who drop one comment and then vanish, never to return. A lot of these comments are insults and one-liners, but a good number of these one-shot numbers, apparently seeking to maximize the impact of their one bit of input on this blog, deposit mini-manifestos setting forth their grand visions of what Men’s Rights stands for, why feminism is evil, or whatever it is that has them most riled up that day.

The most recent of these manifesto-droppers was a self-described Man Going His Own Way called Disgruntled, who set forth at some length his own rather punitive version of gender equality. It’s a rather revealing document, so I thought I would share it with you all.

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