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Men’s Rights Redditor: When the feminist utopia comes, male feminists “will possibly [be] used for breeding and then fed to sharks.”

At least let me be eaten by oe of these.
At least let me be eaten by one of these.

Today I learned something from the Men’s Rights subreddit that’s, honestly, a little disturbing. In a topic with the title David Futrelle seriously needs help, I found the following exchange:

EvilPundit 7 points 2 days ago* (10|3)  Like Hugo Schwyzer, Futrelle is exploiting his position as the feminists' "trusty". He's a man who can be counted on to dish up dirt against other men, so he gets quoted by feminist media, invited to parties with the right people, and so on.  He probably thinks they're his friends, but wait until he steps just one millimetre out of line ...      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]Alisdair_ 0 points 2 days ago (8|8)  I think it foreshadows what will happen if feminists get their way with the human race. When feminist utopia comes and men are living in slums outside of the city walls the men who just pillage and slaughter other men will be lauded and taken in to be treated very warmly, possibly used for breeding and then fed to sharks. Some even outright say these things, but you see most of their actions foreshadow the same kinds of wishes.

Ulp! I just signed up for the parties and the breeding. I didn’t know about the sharks.

Elsewhere in the thread, Alisdair writes of me:

I get the feeling that this is just one of those guys, frequently held in high esteem with the feminists, who basically want every man out there cuckolded. With the alpha cock and all of that.

He’s pretty much nailed it. Here’s my to-do list for today.

  1. Write blog post
  2. Candy Crush (9 hours)
  3. Play fetch with cats (4 hours)
  4. Clean litter box
  5. Get every man cuckolded (with the alpha cock)
  6. Go to grocery store

One down, five to go!