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Take a trip down memory lane with Kevin Logan’s video takedown of Paul Elam

The nightmare world of Mr. Elam

Remember Paul Elam, the would-be Men’s Rights king whose assholish personality and obvious hatred of women (and, to be honest, most men) helped to derail the very movement he was trying to lead, ensuring that its time in the media spotlight would be a brief one?

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Friday Video Fun Times Half-Hour: Watch this re-enactment of The Sarkeesian Effect

A scene from Kevin Logan's remake of The Sarkeesian Effect
A scene from Kevin Logan’s remake of The Sarkeesian Effect

A week or so ago, YouTuber Kevin Logan, known for some pretty hilarious takedowns of some of the manosphere’s, er, leading lights, put up the first installment of what was intended to be a 2 1/2 hour long “review” of Jordan Owen’s The Sarkeesian Effect that consisted basically of him making snotty remarks as he watched the terrible, terrible film.

Owen sent a DMCA takedown notice, claiming (and I suppose he was right) that Logan’s video showed a lot more of his movie than “fair use” would allow. Like pretty much the entire first 25 minutes of it. So it was removed from YouTube.

Logan has returned with a couple of new videos that solve that whole “fair use” problem in a novel way.

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