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MRAs respond to campus rape policy reversal with tepid applause, jokes about Betsy DeVos’ vagina

MRAs: Bored now

By David Futrelle

I have to say,  I expected a bit more from our nation’s Men’s Rights Activists. Yesterday, arkoudaphobic education secretary Betsy DeVos handed MRAs a huge gift, announcing that she would be putting an end to Obama-era policies on campus rape that MRAs and conservatives have been pitching fits about for the past six years.

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Check out my The Cut piece on Betsy DeVos and her terrible campus rape announcement

Betsy DeVos: An education crisis all by herself

By David Futrelle

Sorry I was out of commission yesterday! This is part of the reason why: my latest piece on The Cut about education secretary Betsy DeVos’s new campus rape policy, which turns out to be not really much of a policy at all.

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MRAs met with Education secretary Betsy DeVos, because this is the world we live in

Betsy DeVos: Have you ever REALLY looked at your hands?

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By David Futrelle

UPDATE: DeVos met with MRAs Thursday; here’s what she told reporters afterwards.

The Trump administration has given a lot of fringe political weirdos a certain not-quite-legitimacy. We’ve seen “alt-lite” conspiracy slinger and bobblehead salesman Mike Cernovich given White House press credentials; meanwhile, Twitterbanned right-wing pseudo-journalist Chuck Johnson seems to have become entangled in one of the developing Trump/Russia collusion scandals, working at the behest of a longtime Republican donor (now deceased) who was apparently willing to drop big bucks to help Trump by somehow uncovering Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

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