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Conservatives fret after the US birth rate plummets; anti-natalists are thrilled, for all the wrong reasons

Not how any of this works

Back when the pandemic started, there were those who thought that it would lead to a new baby boom as the tedium of lockdowns would send couples to the bedroom to do one of the few remaining entertaining things you can do without a mask on.

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Zinc-obsessed MGTOW thinks it would be “hilarious” if the coronavirus killed off “Soy Boys,” vegans and the elderly

Soy Latte: Drink of death?

By David Futrelle

One of Reddit’s Men Going Their Own Way, a gentleman known as Donald-Hump-Jr, has convinced himself that zinc is the magical coronavirus cure-all, and that everyone who doesn’t have enough of the magical mineral in their system will likely die from the virus.

empathy deficit entitled babies eugenics men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misanthropy reddit

MGTOW: Coronavirus will be a huge boon to young people as the old and the “most burdensome” die off

Some MGTOWs see old people as little more than piles of money that should be theirs

By David Futrelle

I‘ve documented, over the years, just how much the so-called Men Going Their Own Way hate women. But it’s worth noting that they also sort of hate everyone else as well, at times sounding as misanthropic and self-obsessed as the worst of the incels. Add the coronavirus to the mix and you end up with something really ugly.

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