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Zinc-obsessed MGTOW thinks it would be “hilarious” if the coronavirus killed off “Soy Boys,” vegans and the elderly

Soy Latte: Drink of death?

By David Futrelle

One of Reddit’s Men Going Their Own Way, a gentleman known as Donald-Hump-Jr, has convinced himself that zinc is the magical coronavirus cure-all, and that everyone who doesn’t have enough of the magical mineral in their system will likely die from the virus.

This last bit, evidently, makes Mr. Hump happy.

If Coronavirus is really hurting those with Zinc deficiency (old people, high carb diets, Soy Boys, possibly vegan), wouldn’t it be hilarious if all those who eat red meat (high levels of Zinc absorption/retention) remained at the end?

I am no expert at this, but would it be a great male reset if all this virus was due to poor eating habits that created a generation of pussified men?

Yes, what better punishment for eating a lot of vegetables than horrific death?

Setting aside Mr.. Hump’s inhumanity for a moment, his zinc fetish isn’t borne out by the scientific evidence. It’s true that one of the results of zinc deficiency is a weakened immune system, which could leave those without enough zinc especially susceptible to pneumonia. But zinc deficiency is relatively rare in the developed world — in which Mr. Hump presumably lives — and can be remedied with supplements and relatively small changes in diet. If zinc deficiency does indeed make getting the coronavirus a bigger risk, the people it’s going to hurt aren’t western “soy boys” but poor people in the developing world, where zinc deficiency is much more common.

Also, “soy boys” aren’t really a thing; memes aside, there really isn’t a subculture of “pussified men” whose pussification is due to the excessive intake of soy. Meanwhile, vegans, who do run the risk of zinc deficiency, don’t need to start eating red meat; they can instead add things like sprouts, baked beans and wholegrain bread to their diet, if they don’t eat them already. (Soybeans are actually high in zinc; it just doesn’t absorb well.)

And if Mr. Hump really thinks that high doses of zinc are some sort of coronavirus cure — as he seems to suggest — he should think again. While zinc can help to shorten the length of a cold, it doesn’t help with flu, and too much zinc can cause an assortment of health problems and potential drug interactions.

So, no, there won’t be a “great male reset,” and drinking a soy latte won’t mark you for death.

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2 years ago

Because we all know that for a thing to be highly valued, it must also be scarce, and we all benefit when we think things we need (or deserve) are scarce.

Such leftist. So empathy.

Yutolia the Laissez-Fairy Pronoun Boner
Yutolia the Laissez-Fairy Pronoun Boner
2 years ago

Thank you all for your kind words! I tried to come back yesterday and reply but my brain couldn’t get organized enough to do it. But I really appreciate it and your posts all helped.

Chris O
Chris O
2 years ago

@Bojo: My DNA tests just came back and it turns out I’m 100 percent sick of self-righteous knuckleheads like you.

@Yutolia: Hugs.

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