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The Top 3 Reasons the All-Female Ghostbusters Will Suck, According to Some Dudes Who Hate Women

Yes, there's already a meme.
Yes, there’s already a meme.

Have you heard? The upcoming Ghostbusters reboot will feature women in the lead roles. Men who hate women seem to be taking the news hard.

And nowhere do they seem to be taking it harder than on MGTOW HQ, a forum devoted to men who are “Going Their Own Way” from women by talking about how much they suck online all day every day.

The assembled MGTOWers have not only determined that the movie will suck but have also figured out why.

So here are the Top 3 Reasons the New All-Female Ghostbusters Will Suck According to a Bunch of Guys Who Hate Women:

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Women Laughing Alone At Tom Martin (and his video project about “gold-digging women”)

Gold digger, 1933 model
Gold digger, 1933 model

This won’t be news to a lot of you — I’m a little late getting to it — but our old pal Tom Martin, the repulsive British MRA celebrity, is actually going ahead with the somewhat baffling video “women and comedy” project he was babbling about in the comments here many months ago, when he was still allowed to comment here. Well, “actually going ahead with it” this August if he can get anyone else to agree to work for him for free minimum wage.

The documentary project is called “Laughing with Women” and, Martin explains, it will “investigat[e] if gold-digging impairs women’s joke-making ability, and if, when women reject gold-digging in all its forms, they can become instantly funnier.”

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