aliens alpha males bad boys chad thundercock creepy hamstering incel mansplaining men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny

Are incels the new alphas? Incels think women lurk on their forums “because we give them the hate” they know they deserve

Protip: This is not the look of a woman who is secretly in love with you

By David Futrelle

I know I write a lot about incels on this blog. It’s not just because they’re such hateful and self-destructive shits; it’s also because they’re so perversely fascinating.

aliens flat earth gravity is a lie least convincing video poll

Dubious Alien or Third Rock Gravity Fraud? Pick the least convincing YouTube video!

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

This is a bit off-topic, but I’m thinking this blog could use more off-topic stuff these days.

Here are two (short) videos I rounded up from YouTube. I want you to tell me which is the least convincing.

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