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Women shouldn’t be allowed to see or speak, explains dude who’s posted 587 times on

Helen Keller wants wants nothing to do with your incel ass

They have such … interesting discussions over on the forums. And by “interesting” I mean “stomach-churningly horrendous.”

Take, for example, this recent post from a prolific contributor to called Kuriboh, who has some novel ideas about the Woman Question.

“Why do women pretend that they are humans ?!” he began.

It is really sick when you see women talking about human values. Imagine a woman shaming you giving you a lesson about respect, acceptance, consideration, appreciation, openness, affection, empathy and love towards other human beings! Imagine a woman talking about God !!

If you believe in God, why do you reject and humiliate men ? … why don’t you give just a small amount of love and affection to desperate men? wouldn’t that save them from suicide or going ER and give them positive energy to benefit the society and build civilization ? … t how can a man live normal when all what he gets is rejection and humiliation ?

A more relevant question: why would any woman want to have anything to do with a man who sees woman like that?

They brutally reject you, call you creep, stalker, ugly, loser, desperate etc they humiliate you and treat you like trash then go to teach others about human values! women are just hypocrite double standard whores!

Kuriboh then gets to the heart of his thesis:

Women are not humans because they don’t care about the human race.Men are the only humans.

This is just horrendous. Do go on.

Men invented values and ethics and everything that gives meaning to the human race.

They probably hunted a few mammoths along the way, too, amirite?

Men sacrifice themselves in wars for peace and justice. They die in the honor of their nations while women betray their nations throwing themselves on the winners.

Yeah, that’s not actually how it works.

Men invented science and religion to save the human race.
If men were selfish, they wouldn’t invent medicine and build hospitals to cure sick and help disabled humans. No man would waste his life learning and working to save other human lives.

Never mind that most of the staff in these hospitals are women.

Oh, but he’s got an rebuttal for that.

If men were selfish, they wouldn’t invent religion and build churches for social cooperation, charity for the poor and hope for desperate humans. … You may tell me there are nurses in hospitals and women in the church, these are like domesticated animals.

They were humanized. Men taught them and used them like a donkey or a dog used in a farm.

I’ll say it again, what!?

Women didn’t invent anything useful for the human race.
Because they are not humans.

Yeah, it’s not so much that women didn’t invent because they aren’t human. It’s that they were undereducated, trapped doing work around the home, and, well, when they did come up with cool stuff men often just stole their inventions and discoveries and claimed all the credit for themselves.

They are disgusting dirty primitive selfish sub human creatures.

We shouldn’t trait them like humans.

A week and a half later, Kuriboh returned with another post setting out some of the implications of that last bit.

“Women shouldn’t have the ability to see and talk!” he declared.

Women only speak shit with their mouth, they call you ugly, creep, desperate, hopeless etc and use it to brutally reject you. [M]en … invented languages to communicate with each other, men … invented music, women didn’t invent anything useful with their dirty mouths.

I’m pretty sure there aren’t many inventors who do much of their work with their mouths.

Women only judge your looks with their eyes, they are shallow superficial creatures who can’t use their eyes to look at deep things.

And by “deep things” he apparently means “my penis.”

If women didn’t have the ability of vision and speech, all men would be able to get laid because they women couldn’t detect lookist standards of men.

Even by incel standards this is perverse.

Nature did a big mistake by giving these abilities to women.

Women would be just objects to fuck and machines to produce children so they only need the senses of touching and tasting to suck your dick!

So strange that this guy can’t get a date.

Doctors in future should turn all newborn females to dumb and blind whores!

Problem solved.

Faith in humanity, waning.

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Acid Kritana
5 months ago


My point was that I can be glad about you defending me for once on something. I do NOT believe that you’re suddenly gonna agree with me on everything, but I am glad you defended me. Even though I generally do not care if someone calls me a man or woman (those who do call me a woman, I do not try to feed, I ignore them, and they go away), it made me happy to be defended on this for the second time (the other time was the first time I posted on the Men’s Rights subreddit and everyone else commenting defended me against Playing Poodles and one dude even tried to get him banned for being so hateful towards me).

Do I want you to hate me?


Honestly? I’d rather your neutrality – the recognition that I don’t want to be your friend but also do not wish you harm.

I never thought that you wished me harm…

Also my point for the hate thing is that I can be happy about something and not assume something else. Don’t take down said happiness when I am so. I’m depressed all the time. It doesn’t help.

I sometimes veer into giving advice because I want you (like I want most people) to find a way to live that is good for you and those you impact…

…But I veer into harshness because I don’t want to build my emotional investment in you getting there.

Um, ok, I feel kind of attacked for some reason, but I mostly don’t care. I barely have an emotional investment in my self, so I don’t really care if anyone else develops one in me.

@ Elaine The Witch

It’s really never worth being nice to an incel if you have a vagina. Their just gonna start wishing rape and death upon you.

They’ve always been nice to me when I’m nice to them, and they know I’m a trans dude. (But I have only met some, anyway, so others may not be.) I dunno, it may possibly be associated with the fact that I’m also an MRA and someone who feels a lot of empathy for them. Could be. I dunno. But then again some incels like to attack MRAs. Just like some MGTOW. And some PUAs, including Roosh V. And some red-pillers. And others in the Manosphere…point is, a chunk of them hate us for wanting to make society better, instead of going away from it. They think we’re fighting a lost cause. That we’re essentially trying to fix a car while it’s slipping off a cliff.

@Elaine The Witch

I haven’t been well since y’all have been asking. Had bronchitis that turned into Pneumonia. Been trying not to die. People in my family have been dying.

That’s very sad. I hope you get better. Please don’t die.

Been depressed about the miscarriages. Been thinking about giving up getting pregnant.

That’s really sad. I have the opposite problem, that I may have accidentally gotten pregnant as a teen. And that the guy dipped on me, and I don’t know why. (At least I have my friend Mason and my gay MRA friend in the UK.) I really hope that it gets better, and that you can get pregnant. If you can’t, I hope you get a great kid still. Even if I may not agree with you on certain things, I think you’d still be a great parent.

I’m just not okay. The man lying next to me asleep right now has been the only thing keeping me going. I’m just very numb. and I don’t want to let go of the numbness because I know the second, I do, it’s just gonna be pain.

I’m glad someone’s helping you. It does sound like you’re in a very painful position right now, and I hope it gets better for you. I don’t believe, but if you want, I’ll pray for you, I guess, if it helps you. (But only if you want.) I sincerely hope that you live, and that you have a great kid.

Our priest told me, God never sends us more of a storm then what we can weather. and that I have all the tools I need to get through it as long as let those tool in and use them. I don’t know how to do that right now. I can’t even dance. Can’t even walk to the bathroom without getting winded. I’m just miserable right now. But when he looks at me with all the love in his eyes. I know I can keep going another day for him. If I didn’t have this man that loved me so much, this world probably would have killed me a long time ago.

Keep living. That man next to you is the reason to.

So don’t nobody worried about me checking out on y’all. If God or the Devil want me dead, their gonna have to kill me themselves. I’ve survived way too much to off myself.

Well, you better live longer. I don’t agree with you on certain things, but I don’t want you to die. So please – don’t die.

5 months ago

Hey bro. I am here to report an error. Maybe the blog you are using is not working properly, I crafted some comments but they do not appear here. It’s strange bro, it’s almost as if my comments were never approved. I am sure you are too honest to do that, so I assume that the blog has some errors.

Cheers bro.

5 months ago


You can feel attacked if you want. It was more a reflection on my own limitations – I don’t really like the part of myself that is capable of reflexive jerkishness, but I recognize it serves a function.

Back on topic:

You seem to think we need to (asa society) push the toxic bits of incel culture (what I would argue is most of it) under a rock in order to preserve the shallows and then mount rescue parties to pull people out of their despair.

I’m in camp “deplatform and dump out the worst crab buckets regularly, and make sure people know the crab buckets are crab buckets”. Again, radicalization is so much faster than a deradicalization or deconstruction.

If we can discourage a kid from entering the crab bucket in the first place, we save them decades of work later. Assuming they ever realize they can and need to escape the crab bucket that we’re refusing to label as a crab bucket.

And going “No the crab buckets aren’t crab buckets! That’s just where you can bond with people who have the same struggles” does them (the people, not the buckets) an immense disservice.

5 months ago


Didn’t want this to get buried on the previous page… but I’m sorry you are unwell and immensely grateful that you have your spouse there to support you.

Glad you’re fighting, and we’re here for you.

Moon Custafer
Moon Custafer
5 months ago

@Contrapangloss, @Elaine:


Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
5 months ago


I’m hoping to be physically better by March at least. The marine that was my husband’s best man is getting married to my cousin. They met at our wedding funny enough. We got a whole trip planned to Oregon. Including our favorite thing to do. Camping.

I just wanted to give a update since I’m probably going to keep staying away from this page while I’m vulnerable. We all know how incels and mras can make people want to kill themselves when their vulnerable. Don’t really need to be reading about the little death worshiping slim.

As low as I’ve been feeling, lots of good things happened to. Military housing loan went through and we got our first house. My husband made me the planter box and I’ve started the garden I’ve always wanted. I finished my degree even despite of covid. My husband getting his welding certificate. Lots of good things.

5 months ago


But, the chances of leading a stranger on the internet out of incel, or any other hate movement is just about nil. So yeah, not going to be nice them. Nor am I going to entertain defenses of them.

I agree, which is why my ex-therapist said that I was hurting people by “not being compassionate” and “didn’t that make me a bad Quaker?”

Because apparently when people were tearing refugee children out of their parents’ arms and caging them in concentration camps, in calling those people evil I was the one not being compassionate.

5 months ago


Oof, sympathies on that. Capitalist shill therapists are the worst, and are sadly common, I’ve had a number of experiences with them myself.

5 months ago


Hope you start healing in earnest soon. FWIW you might want to talk to your doc about long COVID, or like… post COVID complications. I remember you getting COVID a while back (before vaccines were available I think?), and long COVID is pretty common even in young/healthy people.

And mood re defying God/the Devil/what have you. Best of luck, and take care.

5 months ago

@Elaine I’m so sorry you’re ill, I hope you’re better soon – but I’m really glad to see those wonderful bits of good news you just told us about! Congrats on completing your degree and I hope you are loving being in your new home even in spite of illness. With any luck you’ll be able to enjoy it even more soon, when you’re feeling better ??????

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
5 months ago


I didn’t have covid, but my husband did. I just have poor immune system problems. I get sick easily


Thank you. I appreciate that. And I do love our new little home. I have the claw foot tub I’ve always dreamed about. It’s been used a lot since I’ve been sick. We’re surrounded by boxes right now.

I’m in better spirits today then I was last night.

My husband and I decided to stop trying to have a baby because it’s putting far to much stress on me and him. He told me the sweetest thing, which was if we never have a child, that’s okay because he already has everything he needs. Maybe one day we will adopt or something. There are some pros about this choice. I don’t have to do the damage to my body, don’t have to go off my medications, don’t have to give up being hot or exercising. I’m feeling a bit more hopeful today.

Alan Robertshaw
5 months ago

@ Elaine

So sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I wish you a speedy recovery. And that’s great news about the house. I hope you’re both very happy in your new home!

comment image

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
5 months ago


Aww Alan, that the cutest little goth get well gif I’ve ever seen. I love it

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
5 months ago

@Elaine: Glad to hear some things are going well for you. Congrats on the house — if you weren’t tired before, that’ll do it, I know!

This is definitely NOT the time for you to go through all the stress and stuff trying to have a baby. Particularly after what your husband said (d’awww).

Somehow I think you’ll be just fine spending the rest of your life being hot and banging a hunky, thoughtful Marine. Give him a big hug from me and a fist bump of solidarity from my husband.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
5 months ago

@GSS ex-noob

Yeah, the good news I suppose is that we don’t need to be trying to have a baby for me to really enjoy having sex with him lol. plus I get to keep drinking margaritas

2 months ago

This is some next level -living in my mom‘s basement-getting called up for dinner wearing dirty boxers-filthy hair-no job-jerking off to anime-drinking Mountain Dew-Dorito stained keyboard- nonsense!

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