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When you argue with Men’s Rights Activists, you need to remember that 98.6% of what they say is utter bullshit

Why are irritated cats so much more adorable than irritated Men’s Rights Activists?

Someone needs a nap. Specifically, this dude I found in the Men’s Rights subreddit yelling about everything and nothing at all.

“A lot of modern american women are trash,” he begins, unpromisingly.

Its just true. Misogyny? For the love of God, men had their jobs shipped overseas, are dying by the tens of thousands to drugs and suicide, don’t even bother going to college anymore, and are retreating to their rooms for video games.

Oh no, the evil ladies are making him play video games!

But the courts still favor the mothers, still treat women like helpless victims in almost all circumstances, still give women lighter sentences, etc.

Fuck, believe ALL women is the mantra you dipshit. What do you think the reality of that is???? Is it to help women who have been abused? No, its to provide a lane for graft and social gain for all women making some bullshit charge.

You really think women are getting rich by suing men for “some bullshit charge?” Name one.

Also, “believe women” was the mantra, not “believe all women.”

Men in America, especially White and Black legacy americans,

“Legacy Americans?”

… are being used up like Neo in the Matrix before he is unplugged, and we worry about misogyny LOL.

Dude, you’re not Neo.

I have never hit a woman in my life, Im a Buddhist!

Well that was an abrupt transition, huh? You’ve got to be the angriest Buddhist I’ve ever come across.

They are ripping us to shreds, while they pit us against each other.

Most managers are women, most college grads are women, 91 percent of advanced computer science degrees go to foreigners, most doctors are foreigners, most pharmacists, THEY DONT WANT YOU JUST LAY DOWN.

Ok dude, let’s fire up the old Google and see what happens to these unsourced claims of yours.

Most managers are men. 67.3%, to be more precise.

Roughly 72 percent, not 91 percent, of those getting advanced degrees in computing are foreign-born, and the number is falling.

Most college grads are women, this is true, but the reasons for this are a lot more complicated than “misandry.” According to Pew research,

Roughly a third (34%) of men without a bachelor’s degree say a major reason they didn’t complete college is that they just didn’t want to. Only one-in-four women say the same. Non-college-educated men are also more likely than their female counterparts to say a major reason they don’t have a four-year degree is that they didn’t need more education for the job or career they wanted (26% of men say this vs. 20% of women).

So men don’t go to college as much as women because … they don’t like it and they don’t need to. Much male oppression. Wow.

What else have you got? Oh yeah, doctors and pharmacists. While immigrants are overrepresented in medicine, only 28 percent of doctors and 20 percent of pharmacists (not “most”) are immigrants.

The entire american workforce is hyper misandrist, they fire you for anything, they cant even make a comic book movie or traditionally male tv show that doesnt specifically cater to women, its fucking insane.

Wait, how did we get from a “hyper misandrist’ workforce (whatever that means) to complaining about the existence of women characters in comic book movies?

If you are a conservative male you are excluded from the entire entertainment industry, unless you are so prodigiously talented and famous they can’t ignore you, like Denzel. Be a drug dealer or a gang member, perform for them to be accepted.

Yes, clearly the entertainment industry is dominated by drug-dealing gang members.

Be a feminist, wear a pussy hat, talk about Star Wars, beg to be accepted.

I’m not even sure who he’s complaining about here. Natalie Portman? She’s a feminist who sometimes talks about Star Wars, partly because, you know, she was actually in Star Wars movies.

Bros before Hoes Cuck.

I think I’m going to have to go with the hoes on this one, Chief. Most of what you’re angry about is basically imaginary; it’s a bit like tilting at windmills, except that you’re actall just tilting at your own hot air. Say what you will about Don Quixote, but at least the windmills he, er, fought were real.

PS: Ok, I made up the number in my headline. Just plain made it up. Two can play this game.

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22 replies on “When you argue with Men’s Rights Activists, you need to remember that 98.6% of what they say is utter bullshit”


I was going to ask what the 1.4% that’s not bullshit was about.

Those occasions when they admit that things like the Holocaust, trans-Atlantic chattel slavery, and the Trail of Tears actually happened (the better, of course, to use those atrocities as a comparison point for their own perceived suffering.)

“Legacy Americans?”

I think he got the “legacy Americans” term from the reprehensible Tucker Carlson. From what I understand, it means “born here” (as opposed to being an immigrant) and/or “white,” depending on the user’s context. I think this MRA is exclusively using the non-immigrant meaning, since he mentions both white and Black “legacy Americans”.

If you are a conservative male you are excluded from the entire entertainment industry, unless you are so prodigiously talented and famous they can’t ignore you, like Denzel.

THR [The Hollywood Reporter] also asked [Denzel] Washington about a story citing him as a Trump supporter on Facebook — one of the big fake news stories proliferating on the social network during election season, to which Washington quipped: “What’s that song back in the day? You heard it through the grapevine! Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. And a tenth of what you read.

Only 98.6%? I’d say 100% of what they say is bullshit.

@Not Edward:

they are the knit pink hats with little ear looking things. They were created for the women’s March in 2017 (I think!)

Re pussyhats – pattern can be found here (among other places), and in fiber arts circles, it’s the sort of quick-make project that most of us can dash off in a few hours or a couple days, depending on the individual crafter.

(The one I made took longer, but I went hardcore and spun the yarn myself, then dyed it in the shade of pink I wanted.)

The GOP further annoyed those who knit/crochet when some Republicans dismissed the grassroots nature of the pussyhat, declaring that there MUST be a bigger organization behind it because surely most of those pussyhats had been commercially made. Considering how many crafters had organized to make toys/blankets/hats/socks/etc. for charity before, this was exactly the wrong thing to say. Compared to the things we made for hurricane victims, pussyhats were EASY. Many crafters made more than one hat, donating the extras to friends or to women’s groups.


I wonder if their disbelief that it was grassroots might be in any way related to how many of their ‘grassroots’ things tend to the astroturf style of greenery?

Admitting the knitters can grassroots more effectively than they could just might have felt to much like, I dunno, maaaaaaybe their positions are not nearly as justifiable and they are not as much of a ‘silent majority’ as they like to think they are.

Just, not possible. No way. They’re the real grassroots and there’s no way a bunch of people who know how and like to knit would knit together in solidarity!

(I suck at knitting and salute fiber craft artists. You are all cool. My attempts at scarves all ended up vaguely trapezoidal for lost stitches.)


Oh, yes, I’m sure there was a lot of projection going on, along with a dose of disrespect for fiber arts in general.

As a side note, while machine knitting has been around for yonks, crochet is a strictly handmade craft. I’m only good enough at crochet for things like a single-chain bindoff, so I have no trouble believing this, but people who’ve picked up neither hook nor needle have no idea of the effort required.

Actually, a lof the MRA statements seemed quite enlightened. What if all of us antiMRAs were actually wrong and we were blinded from out collective stupidity like Lemmings?


I think you dropped your sarcasm tag. Kind of getting a trolling vibe off you, which might be unkind of me.

Regardless, fun fact! Lemmings have, in fact, been slandered! Maligned!

I cannot claim they are the cleverest wee beastie, but they don’t actually do mass lemming suicide. It’s a fun case study in how nature documentaries can do nature dirty.

Not a lemming, because I’m really five ferrets in a trench coat, but I still feel honor bound to uphold my rodent friends’ honor.

Working in computers and jobs that required pass/fail training boot camps, I’ve observed a fair amount of attrition of guys who are more in love with the techbro persona they envision for themselves than actually buckling down and studying all the tedious shit that comes with the territory. They react to the suggestion of homework as if their girlfriend just asked them to pick up their clothes off the floor


Actually, a lof the MRA statements seemed quite enlightened.

Can you be specific?

@Jess: Yeah, most of those guys think they’re awesome techbros because they can operate their Xbox and iPhone. Debug a compiler and I’ll be impressed, else STFU.

@contrapangloss: If you’re 5 ferrets in a trench coat, how do you manage to type? Weezlz be squirmy! Bits of you would be scampering across the room!

As we know, David is really several cats in a trench coat and he seems able to type and everything and run a twitter feed. Maybe cats in trench coats and ferrets in trench coats are significantly different in some way, or maybe… is David a person really, who is simply under the mind control of his two feline overlords? If the latter was true, I would have expected more sleeping and eating content on this site I suppose.


With great difficulty!
Or with great skill and dexterity?

I can’t decide, because the fifth tie-breaking ferret is occupied with a cardboard tube.

Ok, this dude is just weird… But he doesn’t represent all MRAs. Certainly not most. Just a crazy sect I would rather ignore, but if I do, they may blow up like TERFs…

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