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Incel conspiracy theorist: The Jews want to turn us all into a “hybrid gender” of lady men

Do the Jews want to make us all into Sexy David Bowie?

Antisemites have it easy. If they run across anything at all that offends them, they can just blame it on the Jews. Can’t find a job? It’s the Jews. Can’t find a girlfriend? Also the Jews.

A regular commenter on the forums called ItalianPolishCel doesn’t much like the new visibility of trans and gender-fluid people. Whose fault it that? You get one guess.

“Jews are trying to create this hybrid gender with both feminine and masculine features,” he writes in a recent thread,

because to then this is perfection and this is what is needed for the times of their ultimate control of the world.

What? Why? No answer.

Don’t expect any explanations of any of this from ItalianPolishCel; I guess the Jews stole his evidence.

Thats why they make everything so hard for men and push them to become trannies and why they give so much masculine power to foids. Not to mention their pushing of transgenderism etc.

Not to mention? You’ve mentioned it like three times already.

If you want more info about this, watch some videos of Know More News on bitchute. He exposes Christianity as well as the controlling tool of they goys by the jews.

Good to see bitchute serving the needs of antisemite video blabbers and their fans.

All in all they want to diminish any differences between the two genders and create a “perfect being” of a genderless nature.

And you know this how?

Never mind, I’m sure it’s just the Jews keeping you from offering proof of any kind.

This is why they did everything to make sure inceldom is a global problem for men because we are the stronger gender and foids are weak so it was easy to subvert their gender while they needed much heavier artilery for men.

Well, that’s one big pile of shit.

The conversation got even more ludicrous from there. While there were a few commenters who took on ItalianPolishCel’s conspiracy theory (“Imagine being so in denial about being ugly you just blame da jooos”), others ventured even further from the world of rational thought, explaining how “da jooos” are really the Qus — an ancient race of space aliens who just happen to enjoy fucking with humanity in their spare time.

Yet another commenter blamed “the blacks” for starting “the tranny shit.”

“i’m a mischling (1/4 kike) where do I stand?” 52baldcurryjanitor began.

but the tranny shit started in the black community. When my parents took me to manhattan you only saw black trannies on the subway (it was DISTURBING!) basically any trend that starts in the black community will spread to the white community. (single moms shit like that started in the black community now it is spreading to the white community).

A commenter called Lykan had an even longer list of suspects:

it’s the fault of normies, corporations, foids, simps, soys, degenerates, npcs, and maybe a little jews here and there too

Glad we’re got that all sorted out.

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Moon Custafer
Moon Custafer
6 months ago

Kind of; or maybe like a Victorian circus strongwoman in tights and leotard, but wearing a big false moustache?

Gerald Fnord
Gerald Fnord
6 months ago

I think this person read, or more likely saw the film version of, “The Final Programme” whilst in an altered state.

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