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Saturday Night Meme Fight: Three-way tie for worst

There’s a lot going on in these three similarly formatted memes, all of it bad. This is how too many incels see the world.

(Click on “open image in new tab” to see more readable images.)

It’s pretty clear that the meme maker here has never spoken to, much less dated, either a “prime little girl” (ugh) or a 30-year-old woman. So that’s a little bit of a relief.

Now we enter the “racial fetishization zone.”

Well, I guess we were already in it, but this is a bit more so.

I didn’t realize that weeaboo incels had a “flat chest” fetish, but of course they do; undoubtedly it’s more about age or perceived age than size.

This next meme is somehow even more racist than the other two combined.

Sorry for ruining your evening. Come back often!

H/T — I found all of these in the JustNeckbeardThings subredddit. 1, 2, 3.

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57 replies on “Saturday Night Meme Fight: Three-way tie for worst”

@Yutolia the Laissez-Fairy Pronoun Boner

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues about self-worth, and that your ex tried to shame you in the same ways that incels attempt to shame women. Your comments show that you’re a kind and funny person. Your ex — apparently, not so much.

Come back when you can. I miss you.

All the hearts.

@lumpina I guess making Herring soup was a red herring!
Ba dam ktshhh!

I’m sorry, Dave if you wanna block this one for lame puns go ahead

GSS ex-noob – That pork roast thing with the pineapple sounds amazing and I will try it soon!

Alan – I never thought of the modern chicken thing, which may well have been a factor, but mine was definitely over cooked. I think the recipe booklet was from the 80s and the crockpot I have probably is 90s vintage (it has LED buttons, but just four of them.)

I found a recipe for red lentils and sweet potatoes I really want to try in the crock pot but I would have to make up a batch and freeze most of it since Husbeast won’t go near lentils and our housemate pulled a face for the ages when I mentioned it to them.

Sigh. I wish I had the wherewithal to cook separate stuff for myself more often! Fibro, repetitive motion injuries, and jerk brain suck.

@lumpina I guess making Herring soup was a red herring!

Ba dam ktshhh!

If that pun were workable, I’d have made it already.

(Also, I just finished eating the stupid soup)

@Hambeast: If sugar consumption isn’t a problem, it’s even better if you throw in a cup of dried cranberries. (NOT raisins) They soften up and the extra tartness is also wow. I did it once with fresh-frozen cranberries put in halfway through.

The chicken broth and pineapple juice combo is perfection.

@Alan Robertshaw, @David F.

The nature of my legal works means I have to watch a lot of footage of animal abuse (and read a lot of cat autopsy reports).

Bless you both for doing some really painful work for the benefit of all.

Sorry I’m late to the party here. Anyway, here are my comments on these three nauseating memes and the ensuing discussion.

  1. “Prime little girl vs. 30 year old woman” has no less than three spelling errors (“premission”, “choclate”, “shreeking”). You know, besides just being horrible and disgusting.
  2. “Your children will look like Obama.” Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Barack Obama is a very handsome man.
  3. About Lee Eastman: Considering what an asshole Allen Klein turned out to be, maybe the Beatles would have been better off with Eastman as their manager.

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