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The Week in Woke: Loki’s Sudden Bisexuality Edition

We’re back with more woke! Here are a few things that were denounced as “woke” by the anti-woke warriors this week.

Let’s start with the weirdest one.

“Marvel’s Loki Being Bisexual”

In an indignant if oftentimes confusing post for The Liberty Daily, J.D. Rucker took aim at Marvel and the “Woke Disney Corporation” for turning its version of the ancient Norse god bisexual. And worse.

Rucker is disturbed that

the so-called “God of Mischief” has come out as gender fluid and is now proclaimed to be bisexual.

But it gets worse, at least in Rucker’s fevered imagination.

There’s an important aspect of Loki’s character … that makes his sudden bisexuality so disturbing. Loki has never used sex for pleasure. His character is purpose-driven. He has always weaponized sex to suit his purposes. … Through Loki, they’re telling impressionable children that bisexuality is not only acceptable but can be empowering for those willing to use it to their advantage.

Wait, what?

To their advantage?

He goes on, and on:

Weaponizing sex is not a trait that should be coveted. It is an abomination unto itself when applied to heterosexual relationships. Once we throw in the “woke” LGBTQ angle, it becomes an enticement to commit sin on top of sin. …

This is not an accident. Disney made the conscious decision to position Loki squarely as an LGBTQ “outcast” within the Marvel Cinematic Universe because they know it influences those already confused about their own sexuality through the propaganda and brainwashing they’re getting in schools and entertainment. The more Hollywood trots out manufactured LGBTQ characters, the easier it is for them to indoctrinate the masses — particularly youths — into embracing that lifestyle regardless of their actual feelings. 

It’s true. I watched Loki the other day and it turned me into a mischievous Norse god.

The Salvation Army:

The Salvation Army, as most Americans likely know, is a religiously-inspired charitable organization with a slightly scary name infamous in certain circles for its long history of discriminating against LGBTQ+ people. Now the group is being derided as “woke” for … standing up against racism?

As The Washington Times reported, the group last month put forth “a racial reconciliation” discussion paper developed by the group’s International Social Justice Commission “urging its members to apologize for past racial misdeeds.”

Our new friend Voddie Baucham — the demon-obsessed preacher — thinks the whole thing is just an attempt at “virtue signaling.” And the Washington Times itself worries that “a public perception of ‘wokeness’ might impact fundraising.”

People who think you can’t just declare yourself Korean:

“Influencer” Oli London, famous for getting plastic surgery to look like Park Ji-Min of K-Pop band BTS, recently came out as nonbinary … and Korean.

When people told him that no, you can’t just identify as someone of another race, London went all Rachel Dolezal on their asses:

In a YouTube video, London denounced the naysayers as “woke.”

“The only people that need to be canceled is the woke people,” London said. “Because they are so dangerous to freedom of speech in society.”

The Generals:

Last week I wrote about critics convinced that the US military has gone “woke.” They’re still talking about it. Indeed, this week none other than ex-president Donald Trump used the “w” word in an attack on the generals at a rally in Wellington, Ohio. As the Daily Beast noted, “Trump tore into military leadership, accusing them of becoming ‘weak and ineffective’ and ‘woke.'”

More The Week in Woke next week!

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Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
1 year ago


Full Metal Ox
1 year ago

@Prith k’Dar:

My favorite Loki story is “translated” into modern slang in “Loki Takes It Just a Little Too Far.” It sounds entirely like a fake myth, but if you look up the Lokasenna from the Poetic Edda, it’s all just retelling the actual story, in easy-to-understand form, and it’s hilarious. Reminds me a little of Drunk History. The whole site is great, though the language is definitely nsfw.

Here’s another rendering of the Lokasenna, using Beowulfean alliteration and presented as a sort of rap battle: (Note that the author is/was a devotee of Thor, which colors the outcome.)

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