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Billion Dollar Dick: It’s easy to make big bucks off of sugar mama MILFs, says dude who’s obviously lying

If we can take them at their word, Red Pill pickup artists are sometimes so successful at wooing the ladies that they don’t quite know what to do with their magical seduction powers.

But they like money, so they figure, why not get by with a little help from their friends-with-benefits?

“Can you make a decent money from milf/old women?” asked an aspiring gigolo called MutedTerm4560 in a recent thread on the Ask The Red Pill subreddit.

i’ve been dealing with some old chicks ( between 40 to 45 ) they are thirsty for dick but don’t have multiple options …

so i was thinking is it possible to focus on getting them and after giving them some dick

start making money from them?

Apparently if you stick enough dick coins in a 40-year-old “old chick” a small stack of cash will pop out of her, er, slot.

i don’t know how , i wanna know is it possible and know about your experience how you did that

Several commenters urged a bit of caution.

“Honestly, it’s harder than you think,” warns Robin2Fast2Furious,

You have to be in the top 1% of males physically attractive and “game”. If you’re not, it’s going to be difficult. What people don’t mention is that the pool boy or lawn care dude that married women f*cked are not ugly.

Current-Ticket4214 offers a lesson from his own alleged experience. “I ve plowed three hags,” he tells his fellow commenters.

They were MILF’s, but they were also hags. Two of them were high net worth. One from a divorce where she took half of a sizable fortune. The other is a corporate accountant and owns numerous properties. Neither gave me cash.

Aw, poor sugar baby.

They will feed you and buy you gifts, but there’s a hard stop at the money line. I’m high income and I never asked, but I expected that they might fork over some cash because their net worth is at least 10x mine. Nope.

Such a sad tale.

Women hoard resources because their natural state is scarcity mindset. They only have one opportunity to strike it rich. That’s in their early 20’s. If they lose their money at 55 they’ll live 20 years in misery.

But wait — there’s more. Not all of the commenters are quite so pessimistic as this. A fellow called capital_improvement_ assures our young seekers-of-milf-cash that it’s easy peasy to extract money from older women.

i’m having a middle school teacher in her 30’s buy me a 2.5 million dollar condo. she married a rich af simp.

A middle school teacher, eh? Her husband/simp must be rich indeed — and must not look too carefully at their joint bank account.

if you get your SMV up, it’s quite easy. i’ll be a multimillionaire by 23, and a billionaire by 50.

That’s a billion, with a b.

i would highly recommend.

When one ungrateful commenter suggests that this just might be a giant load of bullshit, capital_improvement_ responds indignantly.

one last note, nobody seems to believe me, but i have no ulterior motive to lie. it actually works if you can get your SMV above an 8 and have abs. thirsty women who married rich beta provider simps are hungry for dick.

In a followip comment he adds,

have no motive to lie to internet strangers LOL

was just providing insight for OP that it is quite easy if you have your shit together.

if you think its cap [crap?] its because either your SMV is too low, or you lack the ability to emotionally manipulate to get what you want

going on seeking arrangements as a top 5% male is a fucking goldmine.

Seems legit . I mean, what incentive would he have to go on the internet and lie about something?

Good luck, future gigolos of Red Pill Reddit.

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Dana Carpender
Dana Carpender
1 year ago

Huh. I made over a million dollars in my 40s and 50s — wrote a bunch of cookbooks, a couple of which went best-seller and several more of which did okay. So I guess women can make money after their 20s.

Hilariously, my father asked me a few times if my husband was okay with me out-earning him, at the time quite substantially. I kept assuring Dad that DH was fine with it. Dad finally pulled DH aside and asked him if he was okay with my making so much money. His reply was, “I’m fine with it. I get to help spend it.”

Dana Carpender
Dana Carpender
1 year ago

Re the discussion of fascism being inefficient, I wish I could remember who wrote it, but I read an article that asserted that the thing that really brought Hitler down was that communication broke down — nobody dared give bad news to the people above them. (Cue Evilene in The Wiz singing “Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News.”) Apparently, it’s a weakness in all fascist societies.

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