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Billion Dollar Dick: It’s easy to make big bucks off of sugar mama MILFs, says dude who’s obviously lying

If we can take them at their word, Red Pill pickup artists are sometimes so successful at wooing the ladies that they don’t quite know what to do with their magical seduction powers.

But they like money, so they figure, why not get by with a little help from their friends-with-benefits?

“Can you make a decent money from milf/old women?” asked an aspiring gigolo called MutedTerm4560 in a recent thread on the Ask The Red Pill subreddit.

i’ve been dealing with some old chicks ( between 40 to 45 ) they are thirsty for dick but don’t have multiple options …

so i was thinking is it possible to focus on getting them and after giving them some dick

start making money from them?

Apparently if you stick enough dick coins in a 40-year-old “old chick” a small stack of cash will pop out of her, er, slot.

i don’t know how , i wanna know is it possible and know about your experience how you did that

Several commenters urged a bit of caution.

“Honestly, it’s harder than you think,” warns Robin2Fast2Furious,

You have to be in the top 1% of males physically attractive and “game”. If you’re not, it’s going to be difficult. What people don’t mention is that the pool boy or lawn care dude that married women f*cked are not ugly.

Current-Ticket4214 offers a lesson from his own alleged experience. “I ve plowed three hags,” he tells his fellow commenters.

They were MILF’s, but they were also hags. Two of them were high net worth. One from a divorce where she took half of a sizable fortune. The other is a corporate accountant and owns numerous properties. Neither gave me cash.

Aw, poor sugar baby.

They will feed you and buy you gifts, but there’s a hard stop at the money line. I’m high income and I never asked, but I expected that they might fork over some cash because their net worth is at least 10x mine. Nope.

Such a sad tale.

Women hoard resources because their natural state is scarcity mindset. They only have one opportunity to strike it rich. That’s in their early 20’s. If they lose their money at 55 they’ll live 20 years in misery.

But wait — there’s more. Not all of the commenters are quite so pessimistic as this. A fellow called capital_improvement_ assures our young seekers-of-milf-cash that it’s easy peasy to extract money from older women.

i’m having a middle school teacher in her 30’s buy me a 2.5 million dollar condo. she married a rich af simp.

A middle school teacher, eh? Her husband/simp must be rich indeed — and must not look too carefully at their joint bank account.

if you get your SMV up, it’s quite easy. i’ll be a multimillionaire by 23, and a billionaire by 50.

That’s a billion, with a b.

i would highly recommend.

When one ungrateful commenter suggests that this just might be a giant load of bullshit, capital_improvement_ responds indignantly.

one last note, nobody seems to believe me, but i have no ulterior motive to lie. it actually works if you can get your SMV above an 8 and have abs. thirsty women who married rich beta provider simps are hungry for dick.

In a followip comment he adds,

have no motive to lie to internet strangers LOL

was just providing insight for OP that it is quite easy if you have your shit together.

if you think its cap [crap?] its because either your SMV is too low, or you lack the ability to emotionally manipulate to get what you want

going on seeking arrangements as a top 5% male is a fucking goldmine.

Seems legit . I mean, what incentive would he have to go on the internet and lie about something?

Good luck, future gigolos of Red Pill Reddit.

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27 replies on “Billion Dollar Dick: It’s easy to make big bucks off of sugar mama MILFs, says dude who’s obviously lying”

If I had a ton of money, I would pay the guys who believe this–not a lot of money, but more than pocket change–to read or watch Midnight Cowboy.

Could an attractive young man find himself a “sugar mommy” and have a more lavish lifestyle? Yeah of course that’s possible. There probably are dozens of people in such a situation, but frankly who cares. You can also become rich by creating a successful business, producing a popular piece of art, winning the lottery and dozens of other ways.

I think these creatures are vastly overestimating the women=paying-for-sex market. They’d be far more successful finding sugar daddies, I think.

Gold digging: exhibit #3,489,209 of It’s Perfectly Fine When Men Do It!

i’m having a middle school teacher in her 30’s buy me a 2.5 million dollar condo. she married a rich af simp.

Sure, Jan.

More likely he talked her into purchasing an investment property, which will be in her name, and he’s pretending it’s his. Either that, or he’s a LARPing 14 year old with a crush on his social studies teacher.

old chicks ( between 40 to 45 ) 

Always reliable narrators, these guys.

They were MILF’s, but they were also hags. 


Given how convinced they usually are of their ugliness and lack of sexual appeal, I can’t see how they could sell themselves to any potential client.


Even his fellow assholes don’t believe him.

And why would a woman in her 30’s with a “rich af” husband even bother to work as a middle school teacher, which is AFAIK a level of Hell Dante didn’t know about. It also doesn’t give her a lot of free time.

@Halloween Jack: I would throw in a couple bucks towards that. They have to watch the movie under supervision, no skipping scenes, no closing eyes. They don’t have the brains and willpower to read the book.

Hmm, dangerously close to the world of romance scammers, on the rise in SE England at least, according to the coppers around here.

They know milf stands for mother i like to fuck right? you can’t be both a milf and a hag to the same person.

MILF in the sheets, hag in the streets.

These guys always sound so joyless. It’s hard to imagine anyone normal reading them and thinking “yep, this sounds like what I want for my life”.

@ MV96 – Ditto for all forms of sex work except for a few lucky and hardworking people. And those people generally make money from later business ventures related to their time in the sex industry, not their sex wok itself. The idea that young women can easily make loads of money is a complete misogynistic fantasy.

@Mog : it’s also because it is a good source of income for organized crimes, especially when the actor don’t have much capital. So people think that sex work is a lot of money.

Except that pimps make a lot of money not because sex work itself bring a lot of cash, but for the same reason that child labor in Asia bring a lot of money : they don’t pay the workers very much and make light margin on a lot of sale.

@Surplus : the interview got to a very different conclusion than I thought, even if I still agree with it. (everything is political man, you cannot have non-political arts or non-political firms ; and it’s important to get several sources of informations because all are biased in their own way)

I mean, my main objection to racism despite being highly privilegied is that A – I could have been in the sub group and I don’t want my adhesion to a philosophy to depend on my social standing and B – fascism is *really* inefficient and bad even when you’re in the privilegied group.

For a long time (from age 8 to 25 or so), I thought fascists were good at getting things done, but inherently bad at long term goals and that authoritarians and fascists regims crumbled inevitably because of that. Then I discovered they were actually very bad at getting stuff done, too. Fascists are indeed not just morally abhorrent ; they also are very bad at running a society anyway. It’s one of the lesson both LotR (at least movies) and the original Star Wars are very bad at conveying.

And that lesson is something that really ought to be better known, and is much more important than it seem. Fascists often say “we do atrocities for the sake of efficiency”, and too many time people ask themselves if the efficiency is worth it ; once you realize you just get the atrocities and no benefit it’s *really* a no brainer to oppose them.

@Ohlmann: There’s a good Orwell quote that applies: “totalitarian state is in effect a theocracy, and its ruling caste, in order to keep its position, has to be thought of as infallible.”

Claims of infallibility are not exactly a recipe for good governance.

Not that I’m at all surprised, but lying weaselfucker up there clearly doesn’t know any middle school teachers. They can smell the kind of smug bullshit he’s dishing a mile off, because tweens.

@Gaebolga: particularly when the supposed adult is about as mature as a tween.

Women hoard resources because their natural state is scarcity mindset.

That sounds like some kind of nature documentary. “Natural state” indeed.

They only have one opportunity to strike it rich. That’s in their early 20’s. 

Huh? Most people don’t make lots of money in their early twenties. Women or men.

…Or maybe people just told that to make me feel better because I had a low SMV and couldn’t convince potential lovers and admirers to throw money at me. Oooh, it all makes sense now. /s

Depends very much on what you mean by remunerative. Plenty of escorts, freelancers, and brothel workers in places it’s properly legal make very competitive money. It’s not going to make you rich, but it’s pretty decent pay. It’s the people who are coerced into it who also get financially shafted. All that said, being a sugar baby pays a lot less than, say, being an escort, and is a whole lot more work.


I thought fascists were good at getting things done, but inherently bad at long term goals and that authoritarians and fascists regims crumbled inevitably because of that. Then I discovered they were actually very bad at getting stuff done, too.

There’s the whole bit about Mussolini making ‘the trains run on time’, when A), no, they didn’t, and B), when they did it was often because people were punished so severely for being ‘late’ that the drivers prioritized ‘being on time’ over ‘actually delivering passengers’ by doing things like skipping stops. Once a perverse incentive structure is set up, it’s easy enough to hit the metrics you like to advertise while completely missing the entire purpose of what the service was for…

See also both the Soviet Five Year Plans and Maoist China, where in both cases there were unrealistic targets set for food production that meant the people being investigated shipped food around faster than the government investigators so everybody could be seen as meeting targets… leaving both countries completely unprepared when an actual famine hit.

Absolute authoritarianism tends to prioritize looking like you’re meeting the targets over actually meeting them, while at the same time setting targets difficult to meet, and encouraging cheating as a result. This means nobody knows what’s actually going on.

And, lest we feel left out, the same basic ‘everybody who wants to continue doing their job cheats because only the cheaters are seen as being successful’ was also one of the driving forces behind the subprime lending crisis and crash of 2008, where the mortgage officers who sold mortgages they knew that their clients would be unable to pay off were the ones getting awards and skewing the targets so that everybody honest was seen as slacking off…

@Jenora Feuer
That last bit happens because corporations are utterly authoritarian environments, and is also the reason it’s so hard to actually get anything fixed at one’s workplace without a strong union.

Fascist regimes tend to be woefully inefficient; both by design and necessity.

The leaders need to protect their position. Essential to that is avoiding a rival power base to develop. So Hitler sets up numerous competing agencies all with the same remit and encourages inter-service rivalry and scheming. Better his subordinates waste their time plotting against each other than him. Stalin purges all his best generals. Pol Pot kills the educated.

And fascism has to keep the privileged classes, upon whose support they rely, happy.

It’s ironic that Nazi Germany was not a totalitarian regime in the technical sense. Unlike the UK and US, there was no command economy. Whilst the Todt Organisation provided slave labour; that was often to private enterprise; who supplied the military on a commercial basis. But it was a free market. There were German companies still making luxury goods up until 1944. That was a nightmare for logistics. For instance, the allied forces mass produced a small number of identical vehicles to common standards. The Germans ‘bought’ in Germany proper (and really just confiscated in the occupied countries) regular commercially available vehicles. As a result the allies had two main types of lorry; the Germans had 650. With all the maintenance issues that entails.

There’s also the issue that ‘speaking truth to power’; an essential element of informed decision making, tends not to be at a premium in dictatorial regimes.

The list of inefficiencies is almost endless; as are the reasons. And of course even inefficous regimes can cause enormous harm. But the upshot is inefficiency is inherent in fascism. Probably just as well really.

“Nothing was efficient in Oceania except the Thought Police.”

No argument there. Some companies are better than others, of course, but the more the people on top are isolated from those at the bottom but still giving orders as if they understood it anyway, the more likely things are to go wrong. That’s true for corporations and government.

The whole ‘speaking Truth to power’ thing was brought up in the context of CoVID-19 in China; the current Premier of China, for all his other flaws, was around during the earlier SARS and knows first-hand how quickly things like this get out of hand if not isolated quickly. And we have evidence that a number of doctors in the area around Wuhan had figured out fairly quickly that something new was going around. But the people in charge at the provincial level didn’t want to look bad by reporting a spike in deaths, so they threatened the doctors and covered it up.

So, essentially, one of the early drivers of the pandemic was that some mid-level bureaucrat didn’t want to risk telling his boss bad news, tried to bury it, and let it fester and get out of control as a result.

So I believe “If you think it’s cap” is spelled correctly. (Aside from the missing apostrophe.) “No cap” is gen z slang for “for real” so “cap” just means “bullshit”.

Huh. I made over a million dollars in my 40s and 50s — wrote a bunch of cookbooks, a couple of which went best-seller and several more of which did okay. So I guess women can make money after their 20s.

Hilariously, my father asked me a few times if my husband was okay with me out-earning him, at the time quite substantially. I kept assuring Dad that DH was fine with it. Dad finally pulled DH aside and asked him if he was okay with my making so much money. His reply was, “I’m fine with it. I get to help spend it.”

Re the discussion of fascism being inefficient, I wish I could remember who wrote it, but I read an article that asserted that the thing that really brought Hitler down was that communication broke down — nobody dared give bad news to the people above them. (Cue Evilene in The Wiz singing “Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News.”) Apparently, it’s a weakness in all fascist societies.

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