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Incels can’t enjoy video games any more and it’s all Chad’s fault

Here’s a new one. A commenter on the forums complains that he doesn’t enjoy video games any more. Not because he’s played all his games to death and he’s sick of them. Not that he’s just lost interest in games in general. No, as he sees it, it’s all about the Chads.

“”Do you play video games cause you want to, or are you forced to?” Rot&Repeat asked his fellow incels in a recent thread. It’s an odd question even for some place as odd as the forums.

Honestly half the time i don’t want to play vidya for half the day while i rot. Most normal people play video games for fun cause they did everything else they wanted to do. That is truly the best way to enjoy it. It’s kind of like when as a kid you finished school for the day, did all your homework, and played at the park with friends so now you have 2 hours to play games. The time is short but it feels more fun and well spent.

I also blame my fucking parents. Instead of helping me socialize, they just let me be on the computer all day. They knew that this way they could avoid parenting. Only chads can really enjoy games. You are forced to

That was quite the journey, huh?

Let me suggest an alternate explanation that doesn’t involve Chads. A loss of interest in things you used to find pleasurable is a pretty standard effect of depression. The solution to this problem doesn’t involve turning yourself magically into a Chad who can enjoy games. It involves getting a therapist and/or seeing a psychiatrist. It’s certainoy a better choice than to spend your days joylessly playing games you once loved while seething about how easy Chad allegedly has it.

Rot&Repeat’s post got a mixed reaction from the regulars. Some agreed with him; others responded that no one was forcing anyone to play video games.

And then things went entirely off the rails. Rot&Repeat got into an argument with another incel who’s been spending a good deal of money buying a new gaming PC when he could have been spending it … on sex tourism in some developing country.

Oh, and CONTENT WARNING: Talk of suicide.

“Well I got a fat bank account that I’m burning thru as fast as I can before I kill myself on my 30th birthday,” wrote Wizcel .

This is my last year alive and I am copemaxxing to the best of my ability. I do not want to leave anything behind when I die because I do not want any sex haver to benefit from my death so I am going to spend every last penny that I have before I go. I got quite a bit of money to burn thru.

Rot&Repeat offered the allegedly suicidal commenter little sympathy.

I feel sorry but it confirms it. You have a shit load of money but no will to live cause whats the point of all this material wealth when you’re fucking empty inside. Did you atleast think of thirdworldmaxxing? Even a relationship built on your money sounds more fulfulling than dying alone

Wizcel wasn’t having it.

No. Better incel than cuck. I’m not going to lower myself by fucking some 3rd world gook. I have my dignity and pride and I will die with it. I refuse to betabuxx. I would rather be miserable and keep all of the money to myself than to spend it on some narcissistic hole who did nothing to deserve it.

Also betabuxxing will not fill the hole in your life. The only way to fill your life is to be Chad and have women lusting after you just for existing and having everyone wanting to be your friend just because what a “great”(good looking) guy you are. Money can’t buy that.

However being a richcel is infinitely better than being a poorcel. I have all of the comforts and copes of life. You can copemaxx by saying that your life would be better if you betabuxx with your hard-earned money for some whore who only cares about your money. I’m not going to do that.

At this point the discussion took yet another turn and the regulars started debating whether or not it was worth “throwing money at Jewish companies” to pay for new games or fancy systems.

And then the talk returned to the pros and cons of suicide and I stopped reading because life is too short and too precious to waste on this shit.

Maybe I’ll go play some video games.

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
2 years ago

@ surplus

Some time back a mate’s band burned a million quid for various reasons.

Or did they? 😉

Actually yes they did. Or at least convincingly enough that we couldn’t snaffle any of it.

2 years ago

@Surplus : the incel philosophy is similar to conspiration theories and race supremacism in that it’s one neat package providing excuses for all your problem, tangible culprit for theses same problem, and a direct path of action to solve all theses problems. Because of that, I believe that any low in the life of someone have the potential to make him retrieve inceldom as a “solution” instead of looking to the true reason, who are often too abstract and complicated. Of course, the guy need to be sort of an asshole to begin with.

Toxic masculinity is a common thread among incels and race supremacist, but less so for conspirationist. I believe the actual root cause is entitlement ; and white, male guys are much more likely to feel entitled to a high place in society because there’s plenty of example of people high up who are there only because they are white, male, and rich.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
2 years ago

True enough; but it seems to be toxic masculinity, particularly, that says that if you feel you’re below your proper station the proper, manly way to climb up there is through violence, and that if you still can’t rise to your allegedly proper station, then you should take violent revenge on whoever seems to be responsible. Toxic masculinity turns entitlement into a ticking bomb.

Bookworm in hijab
Bookworm in hijab
2 years ago

the incel philosophy is similar to conspiration theories and race supremacism in that it’s one neat package providing excuses for all your problem, tangible culprit for theses same problem, and a direct path of action to solve all theses problems.


2 years ago

This makes me wonder what this person will do with all the stuff he buys while “burning thru” all of his money. Will he have a bonfire and destroy it all so that no one will be able to sell or use it? If he doesn’t, who will have to deal with it all if he does go through with his suicide plan?

I mean, I really hope he gets help instead but if he’s on this and other similar forums, what are the odds?

This is what is front-of-mind while reading this because Husbeast and I are working at disposing of our parents’ copious worldly possessions so that we don’t leave that burden on Kidbeast and others.

It’s kind of hard when you’re not willing to just chuck it all in the landfill and thrift stores have been closed off and on for more than a year. Fortunately, we have both been completely vaccinated and I’ll be off to get myself a P.O. box so that I can start selling off some stuff on eBay and Mercari soon.

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