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A Red Pill dilemma: The girl I just started seeing tested positive for COVID. How do I keep the sexual tension alive?

It’s tough, sometimes, to be an alpha male lady slayer. Especially in the age of COVID. Consider this unfortunate dude, who took his COVID-related dilemma to the Ask The Red Pill subreddit.

Girl I’ve recently started seeing just tested positive for COVID - how to go about on keeping the tension alive? (self.asktrp)

submitted 2 months ago by wwwdotredditdotcomm

I’ve known this girl for about 4 years, but never got sexual with her as her and I have been on/off seeing other people.

Opportunity knocked, I invited her out and We had sex last weekend and was suppose to hang this weekend.

She texted me Thursday saying she might have COVID and tested positive yesterday.

Unfortunately, she’s know going to quarantine for 2-3 weeks which kinda fucks up everything on keeping things sexual and meeting up.

There is just so much you can do over text

On a side note, from all the girls I’ve seen and hooked up with the last 4 years, I dig this girl and see her as a potential partner.

Anyway, what’s a good move here to kinda keep the sexual tension alive?

Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that he doesn’t have COVID himself (he gets regular tests for some reason).

You’ll also be just thrilled to know that he got some excellent advice from his Red-Pilled peers.

“Don’t talk to her for 2-3 weeks,” advises gcaa99. “Maybe call her next week just to ask if she’s alright and then continue your silence. And you’re getting oneitis, talk to other girls.”

“You are not her boyfriend,” added ClickKlakk. “Don’t pretend like you are. Minimal concern that is not prioritized over your own choice of dinner or need to do laundry.”

That’ll show the woman he actually likes a lot and whom he’s known for four years bitch who’s the real ALPHA DOG and who’s worth less than a load of dirty laundry.

Sadly, our hero also took his question to the Ask Men subreddit and it should probably be renamed Ask Beta Males because of the advice he got there which was not very Red Pilled at all.

A Redditor called Radiant_Ad_6190 suggested that OP wasn’t even asking the right question.

If you dig the girl and see her as a partner, maybe prioritise looking after her if she has covid instead of selfishly trying to maintain sexual tension?

Pretty sure she will be a combination of worried, run down and supporting her in some way by being thoughtful would go down well.

It’s 2 weeks get a grip, if the things die – you’ve got other problems.

Other Redditors suggested, among other things, that the OP drop off some soup or groceries or even flowers for his now-quarantined friend female thing. AND THEN THE OP SAID THAT HE WOULD DO JUST THAT, in clear contravention of the Red Pill Treaty of 2014

Well, he didn’t actually do that — according to a followup post a week or so later. But he did send her a nice text and offer to help if she needed anything. And now it looks like they will be going on another date after she gets out of quarantine.

He ends his followup post — it’s in the Ask the Red Pill subreddit — with a question:

So, the plan is to take her out, have a good tome and tell her something along the lines of

“Listen, when I hit you up and want to hang out, it’s not for any selfish reasons and to have sex. I’m into you.”

Would this be a good way to go about things?

Actually, no.

Honestly, as much as I hate the whole alpha/beta nonsense, that’s a little too much for me. Insofar as “beta” has any meaning, that’s beta. It isn’t “selfish” for him to want sex with her any more than it would be “selfish” for her to want sex with him. I mean, presumably she enjoyed herself the first time out which is why she’s going to be there for date number two.

Anyway, OP didn’t get many responses from the Red Pill gang to his question, probably because their heads exploded.

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1 year ago

@Policy of Madness,

To your explanation I would add that when MRAs think men should get custody (if they want), it has nothing to do with affection for the kids and everything to do with those sweet sweet child support payments that they assume constitute a cash cow for single parents. (The fact that they would then be expected to spend that money on the care of the children, and it would probably not be anywhere near enough and certainly would not free them from the need to do hands-on childcare things always seems to escape them).

Weird (and tired of trumplings) Eddie
Weird (and tired of trumplings) Eddie
1 year ago

sometimes men have to do things they don’t want to do, or don’t get everything they want.

Then they get all up in their feelings, and do things like vote for trump….

1 year ago


everything to do with those sweet sweet child support payments

I think there’s also an element of property: they view children as the property of their parents and want to have that “property” for themselves. They don’t seem to realize that children aren’t miniature versions of their parents, nor that raising children requires effort on their part, as they seem to think that’s “women’s work” and therefore easy.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
1 year ago

Yeah, don’t forget these are the sorts of people who see their wives and children as status accoutrements. Their argument boils down to “I’ve lost one of my status thingies but I’ll be damned if I’m losing them all!” in motivation.

1 year ago

The problem is ONLY wanting a woman for sex. It’s not that hard to understand.

1 year ago

I don’t feel like only wanting a woman for sex is even the problem, as there are plenty of people out there who are really only interested in casual sex, but that the Red Pillers/Incels/MGTOWs/MRAs/etc hate women and yet want to bang them, have a problem with them having free agency, not being able to bang the ones they want to bang, etc, etc.

TLDR version: Wanting women only for sex is fine if you do so in good faith, hating women and bashing them in terms of sexuality, not so much.

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