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MGTOW conspiracy of the day: Elites are “infecting” corporations with women to deliberately destroy the economy

Women, destroying things as usual

Here’s an intriguing, if slightly confusing, conspiracy theory I found in the MGTOW subreddit today from a commenter who’s convinced that women are allowing themselves to be the “useful idiots” in a vast and seemingly nonsensical plot to destroy the world’s economy.

Take it away, MuchIndependence:

I think all the tech tycoons and Wall Street sleazebags that backed Biden realize already that infecting corporations and politics with women is going to lead to a large-scale crash of the global economy, and they’re pushing it to the brink to profit hugely off the destruction.

Now, it goes without saying in MGTOW circles that women are inherently incompetent and driven to destroy men at work with #MeToo complaints, so, as MGTOWS see it, having too many women in a company is basically economic suicide.

But you may be wondering why exactly the rich elites would want to destroy the economy. Well, says MuchIndependence, because they know how to make money in the midst of chaos.

Regime collapse is where supremely wealthy Soros got his start. All those oligarchs that own Russia and the old satellite states got their start while the Union was collapsing. Societal collapse is a great way to make a massive profit if you can foresee the opportunity.

I think the current push to get women into every position of power/authority is a play to create a new collapse without needing a world war (which is bad because it reduces the number of consumers) and in the aftermath the people that have been positioning themselves all along are planning to divvy the world up between themselves while the rest of us get downgraded from middle class tax mules to faceless serfs.

Maybe it sounds crazy but hey we’re in crazy times…

No, it doesn’t sound crazy, exactly. It just sounds like the same stupid nonsense one usually hears from MGTOWs taken up a notch or two. So, naturally, MuchIndependence got several dozen upvotes for his little theory and a bunch of comments from dudes agreeing with him.

“If you want to derail a society/ country/ civilazation: rally up the women” wrote GoodMan_Gone, the most verbose of the repliers.

Women have a far greater heard mentality then men do. … By means of gvt, education and media feminists have managed to get under the skin of women. Women believing getting to the workforce, having useless education and screwing around like there’s no tomorrow is a good thing for them. … Femism I see as a way to completely derail societies and our civilazations across the globe.

Let’s take a breath beofre continuing.

I must give feminism credit for their genious MO. It has managed to infect literally all layers of society and is creeping in globally. Also it seems very succesful in their goal to completely undermine everything humanity has accomplished: civil laws, tech, ecomonical prosperity and advancement.

My only question which I haven’t found a clear answer is: who is this group and why are they doing this? Even from a “overlord, oligarch secret gvt society” I fail to see how they can possibly benefit turning the world back to the dark ages. Perhaps it’s depopulation. AFAIK there are 7 billion of us morons devouring our world. So reducing that number very significantly would mean this world could sustain us some longer (moving to another planet would be more expensive for them). Staging world wars and genocide was only a temporary solution. A new world war would mean MAD. So depopulation might be a motive for feminism.

GoodMan_Gone kind of peters out at this point, so let’s just slip away quietly before he begins typing again.

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2 years ago

Regime collapse is where supremely wealthy Soros got his start.

Uh… not sure what he’s talking about, George Soros got started by working at an investment bank in 1950s England.

Moon Custafer
Moon Custafer
2 years ago

He’s a holocaust survivor, isn’t he? So I suspect the “regime collapse” they mean is the Reich, but they don’t quite dare say so; and that Soros “got his start” by the oh-so-cunning-and-sneaky manoeuvre of not dying in a concentration camp as a child like the nazis wanted him to.

Blech, I hated having to parse that.

2 years ago

@Moon Custafer
There are a lot of myths circulating about Soros’s childhood anyway. In actuality he escaped Hungary young, but various conspiracy theorists claim he worked with the Nazis to betray his own people. That might also be what they’re referring to, as they likely believe that about him.

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