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Thanks to everyone who donated during the pledge drive!

I want to offer huge thanks to all of you who donated during this slightly-extended pledge drive, as well as to those of you who donate monthly and between pledge drives. Some of you went above and beyond and I really appreciate it.

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Despite this, we didn’t quite meet the goals I set for this pledge drive, though we came close. I hope that some of you who haven’t donated yet, or who may have never donated before, will consider dropping a few bucks in the bucket by clicking the button above and help push us closer to the finish line if not over it. You can also donate by Venmo at David-Futrelle-1.

If you’re a fan but simply unable to donate now – times are tough all over — I can certainly understand. If you want to help this blog in non-monetary ways, check out some of the ideas on my Support the Mammoth page.

Thanks again!


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2 years ago

Too bad about not quite making your goals. Guess times are hard for everyone.

Stay safe, everyone. Even though he lost the election, there’s no telling what the Mango Mussolini will do in the time before his firing/eviction notice finally take effect.

2 years ago

Hi David, sorry to hear that the goal wasn’t reached. I donated this morning. Thanks for everything you are doing, really.

Threp (formerly Shadowplay)

Sorry I couldn’t this time. Things are a bit on the tight side.

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