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On, MAGAs respond to Trump’s loss with photos of guns, intimations of civil war

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On, the more-or-less-official replacement for Reddit’s now-shuttered The_Donald subreddit, Sunday is Gun Day, in which the site’s assorted mega-MAGAs post pictures of their firearms like proud parents passing around photos of their babies.

On this particular Sunday, the day after the race for president was called in Biden’s favor, the guns come with vaguely threatening captions and not-very-subtle intimations of civil war.

Like Trump himself, his fans on refuse to accept his loss. And while Trump so far is calling on the courts to reverse the election results, his super-fans don’t seem to share his faith in peaceful election-stealing.

Here’s a post suggesting that assault rifles are the real “Keep America Great tools.” It’s garnered more than 4000 upvotes from the denizens of the site.

Here’s one suggesting that rifles are the proper response to Democratic “socialism.”

And here’s one — with nearly 6000 upvotes — raising the specter of all-out civil war.

In the comments the regulars share videos suggesting that their side would easily win in a civil war. One commenter names name the “enemy combatants” as “Democrats. All democrats. Politicians, media, supporters.”

A more, er, moderate commenter called PegasoSeiya replies:

Too broad. When an objective is too broad there is no way of winning. Specific objectives are way better. The first enemy is anybody involved in rigging the elections and therefore are guilty of treason to the country. The leaders that colluded to commit treason. Primarily those who made the decision to count ballots received late, those who defied the orders from the Supreme Court, those who found votes at 4am. Those who gave patriots sharpies for their ballots. Once you arrest and bring to trial anybody who committed these acts, then you can continue with others.

Apparently giving sharpies to “patriots” is an executable offense.

Still another commenter harks back earlier than the American civil war, writing that “the answer to Biden 2020 is 1776.” There are more than a few “jokes” about the need to water the tree of liberty with blood, and it’s clear whose blood they mean.

A commenter called Deo_Favente offers up a virtual manifesto:

Elections are the means of resolving differences in a peaceful manner – when the shadow of doubt is cast over this process to the point of disbelief, it removes the most vital tool for peaceable resolution.

It is said that there are four key facets to the American Republic: The Voice Box, The Voter Box, The Jury Box, and The Ammo Box.

Your voice has been stripped – you are not allowed to speak. You have been de-platformed, ostracized, and run the implicit risk of violence against your person for speaking your mind.

Your vote has been robbed – for every fraudulent vote cast, an honest one is shredded. You have been disenfranchised by rampant and unchecked voter fraud. Make no mistake — if swift and certain judgement is not brought to the offenders — this will not stop. They are empowered by our inaction.

Your courts are overrun by those that do not hold one modicum of respect for your Constitution or our rule of law. They undermine and slowly pick away at the very foundation of our great Republic — Are these then the same individuals we then trust to ensure a fair outcome of this election in which these scoundrels so brazenly and assuredly try to steal? Pray then that these judges do not then kick this box from under Justice and leave her to hang from the slowly withering tree of Liberty.

Disarmament has been a continuing and key talking point of the establishment and your fellow Countrymen – they wish to remove your final means of protecting your God given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They’ve stripped your voice, rigged the vote, and stacked the jury — Under no means should your arms be peacefully or willingly surrendered.

The removal of your voice and packing of the courts was the slide into a soft tyranny and the removal of your vote and armaments is the decent of our great republic into a tyrannical hell.

In these dark times, pray for deliverance through peaceful means but pray also for the strength and wisdom of our forbearers that we may establish and ensure the cause of our continuing liberty.

E pluribus unum.

A commenter called VetforTrump2 offers a somewhat more succinct version:

They are stealing our lives i seriously hope we fight back in the most violent manner possible.

These are the people some think we should be approaching with tea and sympathy in the wake of Trump’s loss.

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2 years ago


There was a whole lot of slave trade from Africa since de 16th century, what with being the main port in the Viceroyalty of Perú.

In the beginning of the 18th century most black slaves had enrolled in the Andes Army, the militia that fought for independence from Spain.

After they officially got their freedom per the Constitution in 1853 there was a lot more race mixing from then on. And many people started hiding their black roots as much as they could get away with it. Not to mention white families sawing off the inconvenient branches of the family tree.

In 2010, around 150.000 people self-described as african-argentinian, in a country populated by 40 million. But the estimate of actual descendants form african people trafficked during the colonies is much higher.

So it’s still a racist double bind: first we force you into hiding, then we claim you don’t exist because you’re nowhere to be seen.

Last edited 2 years ago by Luzbelitx
2 years ago


I think most African slaves trafficked to South America ended up in the northern and eastern parts of the continent, such as Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. I’d heard that Argentina and Chile had completely wiped out most of its indigenous populations, which is why there’s a higher percentage of White Latinos as opposed to the rest of the continent.

As for Peru, though African slaves certainly made it here, the vast majority of slaves were indigenous or trafficked from China. As a matter of fact, the Chilean army freed the very last remnants of Chinese slaves, when they invaded us during the War of the Pacific.

On an unrelated note, any chance you guys can do something about Agustin Laje or Emmanuel Danann? Those guys are the intellectual dark web equivalent to Ben Shapiro, Stefan Molyneux and Jordan B. Peterson. It’s ridiculous how popular they are despite their blatant lies and fascist rhetoric. Just last week Laje was promoting the lie that Biden stole the election with dead votes.

I should probably throw Angel David Revilla into that mix, since he’s a friend to both of them and constantly amplifies their voice. Though the asshole is Venezuelan, so it’s not exactly on you guys.

President Fernández should really look into criminalizing Hate Speech and Nazi propaganda. He’d do the continent a great favor.

Last edited 2 years ago by Diego
2 years ago


I think most African slaves trafficked to South America ended up in the northern and eastern parts of the continent, such as Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

Sort of, yes, but in the nothwest of Argentina many black people held out long after slavery was (at least formally) ended, in the old routes to the Potosí mines in Perú. They mingled a lot with indigenous people, even creating safe havens for both populations in certain places.

 I’d heard that Argentina and Chile had completely wiped out most of its indigenous populations, which is why there’s a higher percentage of White Latinos as opposed to the rest of the continent.

Again, sort of, but this was mostly a myth at least in Argentina, both for indigenous and african people.

We did get the hugest wave of european immigrants in all Latin America in the early 1900s, both from eastern and western europe. It was the explicit goal of the colony-minded authorities to populate the country with white people.

I believe that’s the most determining factor in the “white argentina” myth, which actually only works if you only look at Buenos Aires and don’t pay a lot of attention while at it.

Most of the qualities and stereotypes associated with Argentinians are in fact a reflection of the inhabitants of the city of Buenos Aires (and nowadays, its surroundings too). There is not a single national tv channel that is not located in Buenos Aires. Kinda skews what we get to see and say about ourselves :/

PS: I would love Alberto to come down hard on hate speech, but I don’t really think he will. He has been shown to be quite tame towards powerful media, both in the past and in the present.

I mostly hope it won’t come back to bite us all in the ass.

But I’m also willing to bet he’ll act more progressive as more progressive governments arise in the region.

2 years ago

The White house sure seem to agitate his base toward a civil war right now :w

It’s somewhat possible that it’s “only” a scam to get more money for the Drumpf, but it’s also possible that they are working toward a real coup.

Finger crossed for nothing horrible happening. I am less worried than the day before the election, but much more worried than last friday.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
2 years ago

I can almost feel sympathy for Trump’s lawyers. I know what it’s like when a judge asks you questions you have no answer for.

(From the current Pennsylvania challenge)

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Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
2 years ago

The definitive Venn Diagram of troubled presidencies:

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