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Government-enforced cuckoldry and mandatory penis inspections: An incel predicts the future

By David Futrelle

Predicting the future is always a perilous venture, never more so than when the predictor in question has only the most tenuous grasp of the present. Consider the case of an incel called Bjrgaminggod, who believes that we today live in a world in which a huge percentage of men are involuntarily celibate like him — in part because so many women prefer to have sex with their dogs.

As he put it in a recent post on the forums,

Only the Top 20 percent of men actually are romantically successful with women leaving the bottom 80 percent of men to rot. Some of these men in the bottom 80 will make it but they will be betabuxxing a used whore whose pussy looks like a cheap 2 dollar steak.

Other women, partially lesbian and bisexual women will be competing for women too, most women are actually in case bisexual instead of being 100 percent straight, so if a sub 8 [man] ascends [ie has sex with a woman] she will probably get stolen by a dyke next week

And lastly, mans best friend is in a league of their own, mans best friend is now women’s best lover.

So what happens when a man this delusional about the present tries his hand at predicting the future, as Bjrgaminggod did in that same post late last Saturday night? You get what may be the strangest dystopian fiction the world has yet seen. Here are some of his predictions for the nightmare world of the 2030s:

•Mandatory Penis inspections for all sub 8 men

•Single men needing a permit to go to restaurants, pubs, bars, and movie theaters (ugly men needing a license to step outside besides wageslaving to the government)

•bestiality Is now legal

•an epidemic of women dying (deaths were either caused by them fighting over canines at your local pet smart or pathogens jumping species meaning new diseases are discovered .. )

•prohibitions on male sex toys, to feminists, the toy has to provide its consent. …

•You can now be considered a domestic abuser if you refuse to let your wife or gf get fucked by other guys while you watch …

•The working class of men are banned from leaving the country because they will attempt to escape to the Middle East

•High IQ low value Men from All [over] the globe (Manly Asian) hiding underground developing Sex robots, VR tech and artificial wombs, trying to set their fellow men free, if they are found by the FF, (The modern day SS) They are to be publicly executed to set an example …

•male depression and suicide sky rockets to an all time high, it is now a daily thing to see atleast a pile of bodies outside dead from blunt force trauma wherever you go

•The government partially remedies this issue by banning all firearms to men

•The government then starts mass manufacturing “antidepressants” and then begins inserting it in the meat industry directly, then they begin mixing it with the local water supplies. You now are literally a zombie who’s now to tired to take your own life and too tired to rebel against your oppressors. You have nothing to do except work the rest of your life like a good little boy

Yeah, that’s not how antidepressants work. That’s not how any of this works.

I would offer commentary on his other predictions, but I still can’t get past the first one — the penis inspections. What are the penises being inspected for? To make sure they’ve been washed sometime in the last month? To check to see if they suffer from chafing due to too much masturbation? To see if men are secretly smuggling contraband in their foreskins?

Unless someone can tell me I’m not sure I can get on board with any of these proposals.

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The government then starts mass manufacturing “antidepressants” and then begins inserting it in the meat industry directly, then they begin mixing it with the local water supplies. You now are literally a zombie who’s now to tired to take your own life and too tired to rebel against your oppressors.

So literal zombies are reasonably upbeat people — but incredibly tired?

I don’t claim to be an expert on literal or fictional or even metaphorical zombies, but I don’t think that’s the way the zombie situation works.

@Lukas Xavier

There seem to be a lot of contradictory ideas in there. E.g.
– Men will kill themselves by blunt force trauma and in response the government will ban firearms.

Stupid government.

I unfortunately like to hurt myself by looking at the alt-right spaces and I’ve noticed a lot of cishet white men are trying to get into Islam because of the culture of opressing women.

They think moving to the Middle East will grant them the ability to abuse women at their leisure.

re; sex doll giving consent

I know a great many cis men will want them just to hear them say they don’t consent and them doing it anyway.

O/T: I do apologise if I ever say anything out of line at any point in any of my posts.
I do not mean to be offensive or hurtful.
I’m actually too scared to look at replies of my past posts so I don’t know if anyone has requested me to stop talking or not.

If it’s any reassurance, Universal Kami, I haven’t noticed anyone cursing your nym?

Some OT posting is cool, and won’t annoy folks.

If you start mentioning your pet peeve Every Single Thread, folks might issue a cease-and-desist advisory on the topic.

Gotta get back to things! Have fun, all.

2 points:

In the military, when men (mainly sailors and marines) come off shore leave, they are (usually?) required to drop trousers and medics check for “social diseases”.

This is known as a “short-arm” inspection.

(I happen to be a male with half of a forearm, from birth. So: I can pass *two* short-arm inspections. Anything to drive the idiot incels up the wall.)

Not sure what it is called for women. I suspect the check is more “involved”.

VR Porn: A train is a long phallic object going into a tunnel. Just say’n.

And up pops a dystopian image of a totalitarian future state with armed TERFs patrolling the streets in uniforms with “XX” insignia, hunting fugitive transpeople and those who harbor them and smuggle them out of the country …

And Graham Linehan sits in the chief’s office, commanding the forces despite not having 2 X chromosomes and somehow being unquestioned by the others.

Also, “Mandatory Penis Inspection” is now the name of my Sex Pistols cover band.

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