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Don’t lean in, strong man! Twitter takes 5/4/20

Today, the importance of HOLDING FRAME by never leaning even a little bit because then women will think you’re a huge cuck simp pussy-licker. At least according to this guy:

In other news:

And now a special GOAT UPDATE:

I will resume regular posting later today or tomorrow, depending on how my dentist appointment goes today.

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68 replies on “Don’t lean in, strong man! Twitter takes 5/4/20”

@Naglfar, ties are strictly an “interviews, weddings and funerals” thing for me, but the sensor I’m talking about is small: it could easily go at the back of the neck, with four wires or conductive threads to the controller further down. One attraction of using a tie to house electronics: they’re rarely washed!

I see. I thought you meant it would be at the bottom of the tie, like a tie pin.

One disadvantage is that taking the tie off or adjusting it would trip the sensor, causing it to do whatever it does to notify the user.

As the anti-lockdown protests intensify here in some parts of the US, we’re getting idiots who are publicly declaring that “being forced to wear masks” is as bad as “The Holocaust”. One of the more prominent which is our good friend freedom fighter inveterate rabble-rouser Ammon Bundy.

I think a manly man would argue that adjusting your tie is for the weak. You should get it right the first time, and is should know its place and do as it’s told.

Though, if you were going for an intentionally dishevelled look, any woman trying to adjust your tie would trigger the alarm with hilarious results, and this would of course happen, since, as we all know, women will always meddle in the affairs of others and do not care for other people’s bodily autonomy. /s

What’s funny about all of this, is that this Rivelino guy uses other pictures from press events to criticize leaning as a sign of weakness. It never seems to occurred to him that it makes sense for the taller person to lean down a bit to match with the shorter person because it makes a better press photo if both people fit properly into the frame.

I traditionally lean when I’m talking face to face with much shorter people. However, in recent years I’ve begun sometimes intuitively bending my knees instead. I have this vague idea that people don’t usually like looking upwards and being overshadowed. IDK if this makes sense? (Obviously, I haven’t personally experienced that much since childhood.)

Anyway, this kind of curtsying is perhaps not “weak”, but undoubtedly highly unmasculine in some other way.

@Naglfar, there could be a concealed switch behind the knot. But this idea is already getting too complicated for a lame joke!

@Snowberry, is being forced to wear clothes in public “as bad as the Holocaust”?

Personally, I’m kind of hoping that mask-wearing continues after this is over, because it’s another way for people to express their creativity. And if you want to make some money on Etsy, what could be easier than making masks?

@Moggie: Being forced to wear clothing in public at all times is bad, but with rare individual exceptions, a relatively mild badness. “Relatively” as there are far worse things to worry about. Doesn’t compare to something like the Holocaust. That being said, I’m pretty sure most of the protestors would be against full nudity for completely different reasons.

I’m pretty sure that the hostility towards covering one’s face in public in most modern cultures is due to it appearing suspicious, and in many cases, suspicious of intent to commit a crime. In the US at least, wearing a face mask while being black could get you shot. Who knows if that will change after this.

For me, since I’m rather short I’m used to standing on my toes a lot* when around other people. It’s kind of the opposite of leaning, so I wonder what the manosphere would think.

*This is also a common autistic trait, so I’m not sure if it’s because I’m autistic or because I’m short that I do this.

OT, I wonder what I’ve done to suddenly get a lot of German spam? Apparently, there are loads of Mädchen in my Stadt who wollen ficken, and I need to be told this every few minutes. Das tut mir leid, ladies, but no.

Speaking of masks, I’ve noticed a lot of people in my part of Texas admiring other people’s homemade/cloth masks. It’s becoming as common as saying “Nice shirt!” Or like the time I had my hair dyed blue and got compliments on the color.

Looking at the picture header and another pic from that same Twitter thread, and comparing the heights of the people involved, how exactly would the taller guy be expected to put his arm around shorter woman’s shoulder/waist without leaning in a bit to do it? If he didn’t lean in a bit, then his arm would likely be located around the top of her head. Which would make an amusing photo in its own right, but not the effect the photographer or the models were going after, I don’t think.

Re: people refusing to wear masks.

At my station (postal worker), we’re required to wear masks on the floor. Two of the other carriers have been 1) refusing and 2) screeching about “this is mind control” and “loss of freedom”.

I’d like to see trig tables that tell us exactly how unmanly each angle is. cos(napping horizontally in bed) = cuck.

MAGA really is a death cult. If it only affected them, I wouldn’t care if they wanted to play Virus Roulette, but we all know they’re never the ones who suffer the consequences of their actions. It enrages me to think about all the innocent people who are going to die for their stupidity, and the way their reckless behavior is undermining the sacrifices the rest of us are making to try to slow the spread. If this was London in 1940, they’d be ripping down the blackout curtains and screaming that the bombs were a hoax.


If this was London in 1940, they’d be ripping down the blackout curtains and screaming that the bombs were a hoax.

That reminds me of a joke I saw the other day: “Helping the enemy used to be called treason. Now it’s just called being a Republican.”

Joking aside, I recall a few of them claiming that we shouldn’t lock down because Britain didn’t social distance during the Blitz. Apparently they didn’t get the memo that bombs aren’t contagious.

@ buttercup

but we all know they’re never the ones who suffer the consequences of their actions

I have to admit, the more I read about the effect of the global lockdown on people in poorer countries, especially children, the more uneasy I feel about it. On a global level, the lockdown will do more harm than good I think; but as always it’s the people who already get the worst of it taking the brunt.

It’s probably too late to remedy that for COVID-19.

But my preference for future pandemics would be that we ensure there’s adequate free PPE for health workers and key front line staff like bus drivers, post workers etc, people who have no choice but to risk exposure.

The rest of us though all just have to take our share of the responsibility and risk, and manage that ourselves.

It just doesn’t seem right that we outsource the death and suffering to people who don’t enjoy the luxuries we have to close down for months at a time.

We already pass on enough crap to them, even down to where we dump the toxic waste and other environmental consequences our lifestyles produce.

@Alan robertshaw : “The rest of us though all just have to take our share of the responsibility and risk, and manage that ourselves.”

Note how basically it mean rich and privilegied (like me in that case) will sidestep the problem easily, and poor peoples will take the brunt of it. Even outside of monetary reserves, the most important one job in current society, the most easily he can telecommute.

The mandatory lockdown with governemental support for everyone affected is actually the saner response to that kind of respiratory illness.

(also : the last truly dire epidemic before the COVID was the AIDs, where the challenges and problem were entirely different. Diseases can strike through a lot of different angles)

The mandatory lockdown with governemental support for everyone affected is actually the saner response to that kind of respiratory illness.

Maybe, but rich people don’t get richer through lockdowns with governmental support. They get richer by exploiting the labor of other people, and if that labor isn’t happening then enrichment isn’t happening either. So, to save capitalism (a worthy cause, I’m sure) we are ending the lockdown in the US. Sure, some people will die as a result, but that’s a small price to pay to preserve an exploitative economic system? Right?

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