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Incel: Evil sluts are “murdering us by spreading the virus and they think it’s a joke”

Women: Always murdering?

By David Futrelle

Incels, deeply insecure narcissists all, are always convinced that they suffer more than anyone else on earth. So naturally they excel at coming up with reasons why the coronavirus somehow affects them the most.

In one recent post on the forum, an incel calling himself Sleeper complains that women are (allegedly) making the crisis all about them, when really it’s incels that are suffering.

The majority of people that are dying are old men or men with health problems like asthma or Incels who have poor immune systems due to severe loneliness and sexlessness (strong social life and sex boosts the immune system). So the real victims of this pandemic are men and incels.

While more men than women are indeed dying from the coronavirus, the bit about incels dying come straight from Sleeper’s ass.

So then why is it that so many foids [women] are making this about them? Shoving their faces on cameras? … I think all of us already know the answer, but it’s just “hilarious”.

Despite the virtue signalling and all the “woe is me” posts by these foids, so many of them are leaving the house to go and get wasted and fucked by Brads, Chads and Tyrones (it’ll just be a little cough for these dickheads) even though they’ve been told to stay home.

[Citation needed]

On top of this the feminist cunts are also laughing and celebrating this pandemic because it’s taking us out. Sure [they] didn’t get to slap a black star on our chests and throw us into their concentration camps, but for them this pandemic will suffice. This is murder, they’re murdering us by spreading the virus and they think it’s a joke. These people are pure evil.

Incels really do have a flair for the melodramatic, huh?

Sleeper isn’t the only incel who thinks that incels are suffering the most from the virus — and the lockdowns set up to prevent its spread.

“Think about it boyos,” wrote an incel called Wristlet 2 in another thread

This is a problem that, as always, unfairly affects incels the most. Hurting a country’s economy, like they’re doing with all these quarantines etc, can mean we lose our job and are left to starve since we have no one (not only no gf, but also most incels have shit families) … Or even just make it harder to gather the money for a plastic surgery, which is, for many, necessarily for a life free of loneliness and humiliation.

Meanwhile most normies will have a gf and one of the two will keep their job and they’ll be fine, or they’ll just ask their parents for money.

So Wristlet 2 has decided to act much like the imaginary women in Sleeper’s post — blithely ignoring precautions and, in his case, sort of hoping he’ll be able to spread the virus further.

Personally I’m not following recommendations or taking the quarantine seriously at all. Fuck them. I don’t mind getting infected with the coronavirus, which will typically have no serious symptoms or no symptoms at all due to my age and nutritionmaxxing, in fact it’s LifeFuel if I get it and infect others.

With incels, it always comes back to fantasies of murder — whether straightforward, like Wristlet 2’s, or weirdly inverted, like Sleeper’s fantasy of victimhood, which I suspect is less rooted in his own fears than it is in his own murderous desires. Projection ain’t just a river in Egypt.

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That would explain the popularity among trans* folx. I would try it, but I don’t have a Nintendo switch or other device to play on.
Something that I found funny was that people in the metal community were making in game shirts for their favorite bands. As a metal fan, I think I would do that if I were playing.

I never played Animal crossing but I have found some of the Animal crossing/Doom Enteral crossover videos on youtube amusing .


Sorta OT: Roosh has thoughts on COVID-19. And it’s exactly what you’d expect given his recent religious conversion.

Speaking of COVID-19 and religion, this article is infuriating: Churchgoers all over world ignore physical distancing advice. I was particularly impressed by this piece of nonsense from Georgia:

In Romania and Georgia, two countries with strongly Orthodox Christian populations, there has been consternation over the insistence of some priests on continuing to use a shared spoon for the communion ritual.

Last Sunday, the day after Romania had been put into a strict lockdown, footage emerged from the city of Cluj of priests using a shared spoon. In Georgia, while the church has told worshippers not to spend long periods of time in churches and not to come if ill, it has rejected calls to abandon the reusing of spoons, claiming that as communion is a holy ceremony it is not possible to get ill during it.

This kind of magical thinking fuckwittery will probably cost lives.

Although I haven’t heard about sharing spoons stateside, American evangelical megachurches are insisting on using laying of hands to cure COVID-19, which will also kill people.

I guess ‘creation science’ fans are about to experience natural selection in action. I take no satisfaction in that, I just wish they’d show some common sense.

… and of course they’ll help to keep the virus in circulation, passing it on to others – including those who are not selfish magical-thinking science denialists 🙁

This is where the state should step in to ban the practice and enforce the ban, but presumably don’t dare.

Jerry Falwell Jr. decided to reopen Liberty University, against all advice, after students had been all over the place for spring break. Now eleven students are sick with coronavirus. Falwell is a stubborn right-wing authoritarian who doesn’t like being told what to do, and no doubt he thinks the righteousness of God will protect his campus. This isn’t going to end well.

Ignorance and greed cost lives.

After reading that article, it sounds like it would have been better to encourage some of the more stubborn churches to adopt sanitary versions of their practices instead of trying to outright ban them for the duration. Like, the Romanian churches could have been encouraged to rinse their communion spoons in a cup of soapy water between parishioners, or wiped with a clean cloth, say. The Russian church that had the relic of St. John the Baptist could have someone stationed next to it to wipe down the spot where people kiss it, or supply a bucket of soapy water and towels for the parishioners to use, to help control the spread of the virus. That way the churches can keep their practices to give themselves strength to face this disease and keep from spreading the virus as well.

My 2¢, for what it’s worth here.

Why am I not surprised? People are going to die because of this.
What I always found somewhat funny about Liberty University is that, for a school with “Liberty” in the name, students don’t have much real liberty. And their code of conduct is called the “Liberty way” despite this. Well, I guess now they have the Liberty to get sick.

@Buttercup, Naglfar:
It’s not a surprise that the U.S. now has more confirmed cases than China, and that’s even without proper widespread testing yet. The U.S. right-wing takes ‘the government can’t tell me what to do!’ as one of its sacred creeds.

See also, Hobby Lobby not closing down because the owner’s wife claimed to have a vision from God, and then doing things like not actually granting paid sick leave and requiring workers to use their paid time off days if the state government actually enforces a shutdown.

@Jenora Feuer

doing things like not actually granting paid sick leave and requiring workers to use their paid time off days if the state government actually enforces a shutdown.

That should definitely be illegal, but I get the feeling it isn’t.

Most churches in my area are doing services with a skeleton crew of 3 people or so and broadcasting over Facebook or whatever.

And they’re making a point to call every member a couple times a week to make sure they’re okay.

So at least some churches actually care about their parishioners…

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