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Why you shouldn’t have sex with a Nazi, according to a Nazi

Just say no to Nazi sex

By David Futrelle

Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer is giving out sex tips now, and they are pretty dire. He begins a recent lengthy disquisition on the subject by informing his male readers that, no, women can’t be good at sex — and that as far as he’s concerned the very notion of “good sex” is “absolute boomer tripe.”

It only gets worse from there.

I hear men talking about how “good in bed” a woman is and I’m like “wow so I guess she was really squirming around a lot, huh?”

Hey, squirming is good.

The only measure of “good” or “bad” sex is the physical fitness of the couple – much more so the man, because he is going to be the one exerting 95% of the energy.

Uh, what about, say, those positions in which the woman is doing the most work?

This modern “woman on top” style sex is just a disgusting porno myth and actually you can basically never get proper motions in that position.

I think a lot of people are going to have to disagree with you on this one, bub.

More importantly, having a woman “in control” on top of you like that is vile and degrading. No man should ever subject himself to being underneath a woman during the act of copulation. It’s virtually on the level of cunnilingus, and at that point, you might as well just let her peg you with a strap-on. …

Allowing a woman to “take the reins” by being on top is humiliating and emasculating. It basically creates a situation where you are the woman. Women don’t respect this.

Apparently there’s only one proper kind of sex, in Anglin’s world, and — somewhat surprisingly — it isn’t missionary position.

The ideal and appropriate position is to have her on all fours, and to enter from behind.

At least that way you don’t have to see the disappointed look in her face, I guess.

This is also the natural position of human mating, given that beds did not used to exist.

Huh? You can fuck all sorts of ways without a bed. Nazis have such severely limited imaginations.

As you have probably noticed, Anglin doesn’t seem much interested in women’s pleasure — and in fact he thinks the more a man pays attention to what his partner wants, the worse it will be for both of them. Anglin suggests, rather, that everyone will be the happiest if the man is completely selfish.

If you are exclusively concerned about your own enjoyment, this will lead to her having a higher opinion of you, because you aren’t acting like her servant. …

[M]en should never, ever stoop to thinking about how much a woman enjoys sex. If you do that, you are like some pathetic little dog. No woman respects that.

The only way straight women will ever be fully satisfied, Anglin asserts, is if their partners start slapping them around. You see, he’s under the impression that all women secretly (or not-so-secretly) want all sex to be rough sex with a lot of slapping and choking and name-calling.

Here’s the truth about what is considered “good sex” for a woman: every single woman just wants to be slapped and choked during sex. That is what women crave more than anything. That is what she will compliment you on, that is what will make her obsessed with you and keep texting you compulsively afterward.

Well, sure, some women are into this, just as some guys are. People are into all sorts of things. Some like rough sex, some like gentle sex, some like sex in which both partners are dressed like sexy pokemons. The key thing is to be on the same page with your partner. Going into a sexual encounter with a new partner assuming that every women is into choking and slapping is a recipe for disaster.

I’ve even heard tell that literal hookers will ask you to choke them, if you’re a muscly and aloof young guy, and they want to use the opportunity of you paying them for sex to act out their own sex fantasies on you in-between business sessions with old men.

I’m pretty sure sex workers are mostly interested in getting the sex over with as efficiently and safely as possible, even when their clients are “muscly and aloof young guys.” Choking is dangerous to begin with; having some stranger do it to you is risky in the extreme.

Not that he’s advocating giving in to women’s “vile” and “debased” desires.

Just so you understand: I am not encouraging anyone to do these sick BDSM type acts with a woman, ever. She will enjoy it, but you will feel dirty afterward, and that may stay with you for a long time.

Nah.. It’s reading the Daily Stormer that makes me feel dirty for a long, long time.

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96 replies on “Why you shouldn’t have sex with a Nazi, according to a Nazi”

hi everyone

I believe myself to be on the spectrum have just started telling my friends haven’t told my family yet.

I tryed to get adult diagnosis but the doctors said they didn’t do if in my area but my ex and my cousin ( both male ) managed to get it.

my oddest obsession was probably basil brush for a few months.

by the way this is my first proper post

It’s virtually on the level of cunnilingus, and at that point, you might as well just let her peg you with a strap-on. …

I enjoy both those things, which the frankly inbred looking Anglin seems to despise.

I take that as a compliment, because I’m a “glass half full” type of #girlslikeus.

(Also: get one of those “Strapless Strapons”, they’re amazing! If you are into that sort of thing.)


by the way this is my first proper post



I take that as a compliment, because I’m a “glass half full” type of #girlslikeus.

Same here. I’m Jewish, trans*, and autistic, so I am probably the physical embodiment of Andrew’s worst nightmare. If he doesn’t like things I like, it’s his loss.

Not jewish, but trans as well!

I delight in the fact that I’m probably anglin’ Anglin’s worst nightmare: An “aryan” transwoman!

When I was at university the girl in the room next door to me in our halls of residence had a rat. She’d tried leaving it with her boyfriend to look after but it missed her so goddamn much she had to bring it with her. I think she tipped the cleaners to keep quiet about it. She’d bring it out to meet us all and it shyly hid up her sleeve, just peeking out to see who we were. Delightful creatures.

@Robert – yeah, I thought of the Anti-Sex League in 1984 too. “Our duty to the party” and all that.

@Dalillama – damn, they’re adorable 🙂

Re special interests: yeah, probably some commonality between autism/ADHD there. I don’t know how other people (autistic, ADHD, or otherwise) experience this, but I’m more about webs of interests rather than focusing on one thing and trying to learn all about it.

Like, as a teenager, I was obsessed with the Apple Computer logo and drew it over and over on notebooks (idk why). So I was all: PC vs Apple parodies – apples – Paradise Lost parodies – New York City – Scottish names that begin with Mac – drawing a fake ad for electric bagpipes – etc.


drawing a fake ad for electric bagpipes

Is that a real thing? I can imagine it being a bit like other EWIs/wind synth controllers, though those usually are modeled after saxophones or flutes.

Both electric and electronic bagpipes exist, but the latter (synths that mimic bagpipes) are more common tjan the former (pipes with electrical pickups attached), because Highland and Uleann pipes are the most common these days, and they can adequately match amped instruments acoustically.

I had two rats. They make some the best pets. I’m going to get more when I can afford them. The ones I had were named Munchy and Crunchy (I got them when I was 12)

Rat owners: how do you stop them gnawing on cables? Or do you have to armour all your cables?


If you give your rats free running space (which is good exercise and good enrichment), you will definitely need either armored cables, or cables treated with unpleasant-smelling and tasting stuff (don’t know any brands, sorry).

Note that neither will stop rats from chewing through cables, just discourage them. They can gnaw through pretty much anything with enough time and determination.

Mine really liked hanging out under my dresser, where it was dark and they found old socks to hang out on, and after I realized how much they liked it, I put some of their toys and chew things there too. There weren’t any cables nearby. Because of this space they were never really all that interested in going anywhere else. Maybe give them a space that they really like with all the amenities away from any cables?

Also, I kept mine really active – we would go in the backyard together and I would let them catch insects (and they do like having that kind of thing in their diet, they are not vegetarians). Maybe they didn’t feel the need for the cables since they were getting a pretty balanced diet? They also had lots of stuff to chew for their teeth (they keep growing which is why rats chew so much).

In other words, I’m not really sure how to have them not chew the cables, but I never had a problem with mine doing it.

Is obsessiveness, in general, a trait of people diagnosed with autism?

I’m of a generation where autism was one of those “ABC Movie of the Week” disorders.

I’m wondering if I, my half-brother, and my late sister, might have/had it.


It seems to be fairly common but not present in all autistic people, so I’m not sure if/how it fits into the diagnostic criteria. I personally exhibit it in some facets. Since there’s a huge degree of variation within the spectrum, it may or may not be present.

I’m of a generation where autism was one of those “ABC Movie of the Week” disorders.

Unfortunately, there still are a lot of documentaries that portray autism negatively. The much-hated (and deservedly so) organization Autism Speaks notably produced one a few years back where parents said in front of their children how they wanted to kill them.

Interesting that we are having these discussions of autism this time of year, seeing as we’re just a few days away from April, or Autism Month (I have mixed feelings about that, seeing as AS started it, but I do support efforts by the autistic community to reclaim it such as “#RedInstead” and “#LightItUpGold”).


Quite frequently, yes. The “special interest” stereotype is the most obvious, though in popular perception it is usually exaggerated into obsession with a single subject – as seen here, that’s not really the case.

Another obsessive behavior is the need for structure and order. This can range from disliking spontaneity and liking set routines to having meltdowns if the routine is altered.


“Autism Awareness Month” pisses me off to no end. It really reveals how AS regards us that their “raising awareness” campaign is exactly like “raising awareness of a disease” campaigns.

Because to AS and the “autism warrior parents” who support them, autism is not an integral part of who we are. It’s a disease that is preventing us from being the perfect, “normal” children that they deserve.

Y’all don’t know me.

I’ve been a lurker for years, even though site’s old, which, as a larger fella, I found amusing, though 1) I can understand why the change was too, and 2) I’m kinda Falstaffian, so it doesn’t take much to amuse me.

But to my point:

This fucking guy.

Right, so I have no most readers here know what a succubus is.

God knows these putzes compare women to them often enough.

Right, sex is literally the entire purpose in afterlife of a succubus.

Some guys not even a succubus would touch.

Even demons have standards.

@Naglfar: That’s very helpful, thanks. I never fail to be shocked by people’s vindictiveness, especially towards their own flesh and blood.

@Allandrel: I definitely exhibit a need for structure and order. I try to provide it for myself, one way or another. So does my half- brother. We both were encouraged to ‘suck it up’, and go about our business, in years past.


“Autism Awareness Month” pisses me off to no end. It really reveals how AS regards us that their “raising awareness” campaign is exactly like “raising awareness of a disease” campaigns.

I especially hate the puzzle piece symbolism part of it, as that’s one of the more insidious ways that AS has gotten their message out. There’s also always a chorus of voices telling us to reclaim it, but I personally have no interest in reclaiming an ableist symbol that suggests we are broken.
Because of this, I want to use the month of April to speak out as an autistic person and to combat the misinformation, so I will be doing my best in that regard. Online, a lot of other autistic folks are promoting the colors red or gold as alternatives to AS’s blue campaign (which is sexist and erases autistic women and NB people). I also recommend the use of the infinity sign (lemniscate) to counteract the puzzle piece symbol.

Because to AS and the “autism warrior parents” who support them, autism is not an integral part of who we are. It’s a disease that is preventing us from being the perfect, “normal” children that they deserve.

I notice a lot of parallels between “autism warrior parents” and homophobic parents raising LGBTQIPA+ kids, and this is one of them. They all see it as something that denies them the allistic and/or cishet kid they wanted. In both cases, they resort to torture to try to “get back” a child they think was “stolen” from them by autism or “the gay agenda” rather than accepting the child they have. This tweet from a thread by Charl Landsberg pretty well encapsulates the concept (specifically in reference to being LGBT but the thread also mentions and applies to autism).


“Gay agenda?”

Isn’t the “gay agenda” everybody else’s agenda: be allowed to live their lives in peace within the bounds of the rule of law (well in some cases only mostly but 1) in no greater percentage than any other group; and 2) let’s be honest folks: there’s some stuff that’s against the law that it’s against the law for really stupid reasons.

Basically they want to be left alone?

That’s true for everyone.

And when it’s not, those people tend to make that fact REALLY OBVIOUS.

…Highland and Uleann pipes are the most common these days, and they can adequately match amped instruments acoustically.

@Dalillama – Yes, basically they’re loud enough already 🙂

…My mom used to play the bagpipes and it’s a family tradition to go to the Highland Games in Ontario every summer. Her ancestry is mostly Scottish, so I get to make fun of the instrument. (Unless people actually living in Scotland insist on exclusive bagpipe-mocking rights.) 😛 But they do sound cool.

@Moggie – Thanks, that group is awesome! I was going to say it was also cool because bagpipes originated around India, but this article says they were first used in Egypt; Wikipedia isn’t terribly conclusive but traces them to ancient Rome and says other places might have had them before. (It also has pictures of versions from different parts of the world.) I guess I thought India because I’ve heard Indian music with bagpipes or bagpipe-like instruments.

@ dormousing-it

one of my long term intresrs is organising systems. I will reorganise draws while watching organisation videos on YouTube.

@ Alan

O/T but I may have misunderstood something you said about private prosecutions in a previous thread.

I formed the impression that even if the defendant is cleared, the defence picks up most of the tab, with the prosecuting party/ies only having to pay their own lawyers and/or investigators.

Sorry to bother you, but am I mistaken?


Sometimes I wonder if I am on the spectrum and was never diagnosed because diagnostic criteria was stricter in the 80’s because I’m kind of the same way. I do the same jigsaw puzzles over and over, I watch the same old gymnastics meets on YouTube over and over, I’ve watch Buffy over and over, etc. In fact, I went through this phase as a teen where I’d acquire a bunch of beads and then instead of making jewelry with them, I’d mix them up and reorganize them again and again and my mom got so frustrated with it that she shouted “do I have two autistic children, now?” It did make me wonder, particularly since I’m uncomfortable with eye contact. Ultimately I don’t know if it matters or not if I were to call myself autistic. I who I am?

Interesting to read this so soon after coming upon this article:

Which also had me wondering how I could get a scrip for Adderall, to at least test it out to see if it will fix my sleep disorder and perhaps other things …

Hmm, i do not know if my post today will pass, as the two formers have been eaten by the Mammoth or WordPress.

Anyway, i wonder how Anglin can know about porno myths as porno is supposed to be a jewish conspiracy… Or are all the activities and stuff he describes part of this conspiracy too ? We will maybe never know.

Outside of that, domestic violence has fucking raised a lot during this confinement, and it is still rising, alas. This damn virus can kill at more than one title.

@ Kevin

if the defendant is cleared, the defence picks up most of the tab,

Pretty much. Basically it works like this.

If defendant is convicted defendant has to pay prosecution costs.

Now when the prosecutor is the CPS then generally the defendant pays a contribution to costs. That recognises that most people in criminal justice system aren’t exactly loaded. The costs are pretty much fixed and vary for magistrates court, crown court, and appeals.

If however it’s a private prosecutor, and that includes bodies like the Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency, then the prosecutor can ask for an order that the defendant pays all the prosecution trial costs, and the costs of the investigation.

If however the defendant is acquitted then they can ask for their costs from ‘central funds’ i.e. the government.

Those costs however are capped at what legal aid would pay a defence lawyer, even if you didn’t qualify for legal aid and had to pay privately; and private costs are a lot more than legal aid (a lot of lawyers won’t do legal aid work because the fees work out less than minimum wage a lot of the time).

That does seem rather unfair. It did however lead to this bit of schadenfreude.

@ Kevin

My pleasure. You can probably see the attraction to us in using private prosecutions. And there’s something deliciously ironic with undercover investigations that the defendant has to pay the costs of the break-in 🙂

For those commenters who are wondering if they’ve got undiagnosed autism, you can get tested for that without getting a referral from your primary care doctor, at least in the US. It might take a bit more work to track down the offices in your area who can do the testing than it does just asking your doctor for names, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind in just knowing.

I was able to get signed on to one of the testing offices without having to go through a regular doctor, so I know it can be done. Unfortunately the coronavirus has pushed back my actual testing indefinitely, so my answer to what’s wrong with my head will have to wait a few more weeks to be answered. All anyone knows right now is that I don’t seem to have autism. Beyond that, *shrug*.

Hopefully that can help someone here figure themselves out a bit more.

My younger son’s therapist, after observing me at close quarters for almost a decade, suggested that I might be on the spectrum. This was in the context of the ways in which he and I had had difficulty connecting.

Looking back on my life prior to parenthood, it made a lot of sense. I definitely had the ‘sequential obsession’ attribute, for example, as mentioned above. My husband had watched me try to learn to knit for almost two years; when I finally grasped it, he asked what I was going to make.

‘Make?’, I replied in confusion. ‘I don’t want to *make* anything, I just wanted to know how.’


‘Make?’, I replied in confusion. ‘I don’t want to *make* anything, I just wanted to know how.’

Having taught myself dozens of crafts and every manner of useless mental math trick (and every geological period of the last 2 eons, and all sorts of other impractical skills and lists), I can 100% relate.

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