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Arguing against someone’s ideas “is a form of slavery,” and other untrue things I’ve learned from the Mammoth Malebag

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I’m equally confused

By David Futrelle

I spend a lot of my time reading through other people’s very bad opinions. And I don’t always have to go to Reddit or to find them. Trolls and weirdos often deliver their terrible opinions directly to me in the form of emails and tweets and comments they try to leave here on the blog.

So I thought I’d open up the old Malebag and share some of these nuggets of wisdom with you. First, let’s take this, well, intriguing assertion from someone who came here to defend the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin from my criticisms:

“Bashing a guy cause he doesn’t like you or think like you do is a form of slavery,” wrote someone called Ingar, “you seek to force him to agree with your view or be an enemy.”

That’s a rather, well, elastic notion of slavery. And while Ingar stands staunchly against the “slavery” of me critiquing a literal Nazi, he doesn’t seem to have much problem with actual, literal slavery, ending his comment by noting that

I’ll go back to 1850 thanks very much biggest expansion of the average persons wealth in history.

Not much of an expansion for the slaves though.

From a would-be commenter called “Send_Ford_To_The_Chopshop” I learned that all “neurotypicals” are abusers. It’s (apparently) just SCIENCE.

The very reason neurotypicals are considered “typical” is BECAUSE they’re abusive. They built civilization, which is to say they took more from nature and their fellow humans than they deserved, bullied everyone around them into following their ways and raped anybody they could get their hands on to spread their poisonous genetic material far and wide.

Not that Ford here is opposed to abuse, so long as it’s directed at the right people. “Hatred and revenge should be human rights provided they’re against those responsible for bullying,” Ford wrote.

Nah. Bullying bullies is still bullying.

Someone called TheGrimSpectreOfChesterton has a remarkably similar evo-psychy assessment of the alleged evil impulses of normal people, telling one commenter here that they

deserve to be castrated, as does anyone who talks about “progress”.

Huh. That seems a little … harsh. Mr Chesterton continues:

Rape culture isn’t some malign influence that makes otherwise decent men hurt women. It’s an expression of the vicious, acquisitive impulses that allowed your ancestors to kill their neighbors, rape their wives and daughters, steal their land and thus pass on their genes and their way of life to subsequent generations including you.

Weird, because there’s a lot of research suggesting that evolution also rewards cooperation, and not just among humans and, you know, bees.

It’s inside you, you swine. It’s inside you and no scalpel is ever going to cut it out. If we ever want to live in a world without it every generation is going to need to be subject to the same discipline. No progress, rather constant vigilance against REGRESS to the cruel hedonism of the past.

Worst pickup line EVER.

On a somewhat lighter note, here’s a guy who’s worked himself into a bit of a tizzy over a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it lesbian kiss in the latest Star Wars movie.

I was appalled by this scene as if it really represented what I want to see in Star Wars. No question that Disney pandered even with the number of women and other minorities. Stars Wars is now a PC joke. Other films will also suffer to the rainbow regime as that person put it. Movie making is about telling stories not PC issues. You can make whatever homosexual movies you want just leave that stuff out of big franchises but oh wait then you probably couldn’t profit well with them.

Wait, I thought the slogan was “get woke, go broke,” not “get woke, profit well with it.”

Most of the comments I don’t let through moderation aren’t quite this creative. There are the routine requests to “kill yourself;” the slur-laden attacks on women, LGBTQ folks, people of color and so forth; the regular reminders that I’m a fat fatty. (I’m aware of that!)

And then there’s this person, who thinks we’re the truly hateful ones:

Anyone reading or writing in here is clearly fucked up, wow. Please don’t waste your lives however little you capacity for love is in a place so filled with hate and negativity.

This was in response to my post Redditor outraged to discover that women want “hot fun sex with men they’re sexually attracted to.”

I’m having a hard time seeing myself or the regular commenters on this blog as the hateful ones here.

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2 years ago

Dissociation is defined by Wikipedia as

any of a wide array of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experiences.

Lisa Siebel
Lisa Siebel
2 years ago

Thanks for the recipes! Yummy.

The world is in a truly sorry state when activists near adulthood have to tell the adults to not idealize them and to listen to other voices (some of them in polite sign language — jazz hands) too. It sort of reminds me of this scene from the life of brian except refreshingly more cute, girly and a bit less desperate. For an older high-intensity girl (I guess) this means that I am finally free to take life seriously because not having much of a choice and thus a reduced complexity to solve for is some sort of freedom too. But yeah, Greta is gonna be one of the thoughtleaders for nerdgirls when this is over. Maybe we can finally talk to the nerdboys as equals, that would make live a lot more fun and easier.

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