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Do you ever wonder who the dudes posting terrible shit on Reddit really are? One of the worst was an advisor to Boris Johnson

Andrew Sabisky: Redditor. Political advisor. Smug prick.

By David Futrelle

It would be nice, so nice, if the dudes posting the most hateful shit on the internet lived only on the internet. But no. These guys are out there walking around in the real world — manspreading on the subway, stealing our lunches from the office fridge, pestering women in clubs. They live amongst us. They have pets. They have jobs.

In the case of one Andrew Sabisky — known in some of Reddit’s darkest corners as thedovelamenting — his most recent job was that of an advisor to Boris Johnson. (Yes, THAT Boris Johnson, the hay-haired prime minister of the UK.) Or at least that was Sabisky’s job, until his internet past came back to haunt him and he (was probably forced to) quit.

Back in his prime on Reddit some years ago, the then-20-year-old Sabisky apparently saw himself as something of an expert on Red Pill romance, doling out advice to sexually frustrated men.

When a married Mormon Redditor complained that his wife didn’t want to have sex with him, Sabisky urged him to “rewire” his wife’s brain to get her to believe that providing hot sex to her husband was her divine duty, whether she liked it or not.

“Theologically speaking,” he wrote,

she is your wife and should submit to you as unto the Lord, so if you want doggy then it is your place to command her to get on her hands and knees and her place to obey. If you want to eat her pussy out then just push her legs apart and get your tongue busy down there.

According to the Scottish paper The National, which unearthed Sabisky’s Reddit posts, he also told the unhappy Mormon that

It ought to be obvious that her wifely duty ought to consist not just of letting you masturbate into her vagina but actively playing her part in building a fantastic sex life with you.

Yes, that might require pushing through some initial mental discomfort but it is simply selfish and unchristian of her not to make the effort.

In another post, he bragged about “dominating” his girlfriend “both in the bedroom and outside of it.”

But Sabisky doesn’t just have terrible opinions about women. He’s also something of a eugenicist, suggesting in other internet postings that blacks are inherently less intelligent than whites and that some form of compulsory birth control might be necessary to keep what he considers the wrong people from having kids. As he put it in 2014:

One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies, creating a permanent underclass,would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception at the onset of puberty,

He was also the moderator of the largely moribund “IntelligenceStudies” subreddit.

But for all his talk of intelligence, he somehow wasn’t clever enough to delete his old Reddit postings until The National started asking questions about them.

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3 years ago

Well, this isn’t surprising. At all. (not sarcasm)

RE: Right-wing Jews: I seem to remember a while back when some Jewish groups tried to get the boardgame Secret Hitler banned because you could play as fascists and Hitler (never mind that 1- they’re the baddies, who the other players must explicitly stop from taking power, and 2- the game’s main designer is Jewish himself, and created the game as a demonstration, exercise and warning about how fascist dictatorship can creep up on a liberal democracy and subvert it, as happened to the Weimar Republic). Pretty sure these groups were overall right-leaning, for example B’nai Brith Canada. I think at least one game store chain caved in in Quebec IIRC.

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