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An incel’s creepy rape manifesto

By David Futrelle

In case you’ve forgotten just how vile the discussions on the forums can get, here’s a creepy rape manifesto I found there today, written by someone who, remarkably, considers himself kind and gentle.

[Serious] It’s time for women to have sex with me

Inceldom Discussion

Jan 16, 2020

Today at 9:58 AM

Now im not a violent person. I’m a peaceful man with a toxic personality and I’m also a misogynist. But that doesn’t matter to women as studies and social experiments have shown. I don’t want to force women to do it but I may have to if they don’t, in Minecraft. I am a kind person really, I won’t hurt you. Please, give me sex. I need it to function as a man, hell, I need it to become a man in the first place. It’s like a trial near adulthood and you ascend to the rank of adult once you have sex. Give it to me. I demand it. You WILL have sex with me, one way or the other.

Naturally, this being Incelsco, most of the regulars replying to this miniature manifesto thought it made a lot of sense. Oh, sure, there were a few suggesting that posting things like this means bad PR for incels if someone like me (or the incel-mockers on the Incel Tears subreddit) were to discover it. And another reminds the OP that simply saying “in Minecraft” after threatening violence against women isn’t going to convince anyone he was really talking about a video game and not something he wants to do in the real world.

But most responses were positive. “It’s only logical,” wrote one commenter. “Go for it bro,” added another.

“I desperately want a pussy,” wrote a third..

Denying us sex is like denying someone his birthright. FUCK WHAT BLUEPILLERS SAY. I am a human and I should be entitled to sex.

Still another commenter thought his sex life should be the government’s business.

It should be a law for women to lose their virginities to incels before they go on to whore with chads

None of these commenters are drive-by trolls. Each one of them has posted more than a thousand comments on; the guy saying “go for it” has posted more than 9000 (literally). This is how ideas like these get normalized in Incel spaces; this is how violent fantasies can turn into plans for action.

Incel forums aren’t “safe spaces” where unfortunate souls can harmlessly vent their frustrations. They’re hate magnifiers, empowering the worst impulses of everyone that posts to them. They need to be shut down.

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118 replies on “An incel’s creepy rape manifesto”

It’s astonishing how many people think “Yes, the Bad Thing is Bad, but people knowing about the Bad Thing would be a thousand times worse, even if keeping the Bad Thing hidden means that it continues unabated.”

See: Every institution that covers up abuse.

@ everybody;

Geez, I was just worried until I read today’s comments… now I’m REALLY worried.

@Alan Robertshaw, Dalillama: which also contains this bit:

“You’ve got that eternal idiotic idea that if anarchy came it would come from the poor. Why should it? The poor have been rebels, but they have never been anarchists; they have more interest than anyone else in there being some decent government. The poor man really has a stake in the country. The rich man hasn’t; he can go away to New Guinea in a yacht. The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all. Aristocrats were always anarchists.”


Yes, the Wet’suwet’en also have some council chiefs who support the pipeline, but conservatives are being disingenuous and claiming that the second group is the only “democratic” one and if their political system wasn’t so fractured it would be easier to deal with them.

Okay, it was Canada who took their land, displaced or killed a lot of their people, and now we’re complaining that their political systems are fractured. Gee, wonder why that could be??

it’s even more explicit than that. Treaties, federal law, and tribal law give the hereditary chiefs the right to determine land use policy for the tribes. The elected councils and elected chiefs were created by federal – NOT tribal – statute specifically because the hereditary chiefs weren’t doing what the federal government wanted. The initial elected chiefs and councils were created with heavy backing from white Canadians and some backing from federal and provincial governments. They chose pro-white, pro-big business candidates to back and those councils have always had a tendency to drift out of touch from tribal membership in a pro-federal/ provincial government, pro-business/ mining/ tree cutting direction. And this was the entire, intended point of those councils.

White people created those councils to serve white interests, and gave extra money to First Nations, Inuit, Metis, and BC Bands people (who tend to be much more poor than the average Canadian) through side deals that are understood to only be available so long as they serve white interests.

While people are individuals and I’m sure that of the hundreds of thousands of indigenous people in Canada some would be right wingers anyway, this system was set up to give a veneer of authority to the right-wing most of indigenous individuals in any community, and it was done so specifically so that those right-most voices could be used as PR enabling the violation of treaty and other rights.

So when people say that the councils are favoring the pipeline, to fail to add, “As Canadian law passed by white legislators in the federal government created them to do,” is an almost criminal neglect of the truth.

Celebrity news that is very much on topic; also, what the actual eff

Duffy Tells Fans Why She ‘Disappeared’

Duffy, the singer best known for her 2008 hit “Mercy,” posted a black and white photo of herself to her Instagram this afternoon—the only photo currently on her account. Underneath the photo is a long post explaining the singer’s absence from the music industry since the release of her sophomore album in 2011. “I asked myself, how can I sing from the heart if it is broken?” she wrote, adding that she had been “raped and drugged and held captive over some days.” Duffy goes on to explain that she is coming forward now in anticipation of an interview detailing what happened to her, which will be released in the coming weeks. “A journalist contacted me…he was kind and it felt so amazing to finally speak,” she wrote in her statement. . . .

@Moon Custafer

The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.

That pretty well sums up the right wing in America and their desire to cut all taxes on the rich. Especially the “small government conservatives” who only want small government for the 1%.

@Crip Dyke

I think it’s best to evaporate both the American and Canadian governments at this rate. Ideally all, but these would at least still be in the right direction.

@Crip Dyke – Thanks for the details; I didn’t know all of the background and it’s useful.

@Kat – I’m sorry to hear she had to go through such a horrible thing. I don’t know much about the singer – my pop culture knowledge is kinda sporadic – but it reminded me a bit of Kesha a few years back. In that case there was also the complication of the production contract with her abuser.

@Allandrel – Yeah. :/


Bigots usually aren’t fans of history, it rarely coincides with the alternate reality they have constructed. Instead they love to promote distorted versions that better align with what they want to think, i.e. revisionism.

Indeed, and as a passionate student of history: one of my biggest berserk buttons is when people lie about history, especially the aforementioned bigots who fabricate, white wash and espouse falsehood about history for their bigoted agendas. It’s why Holocaust Deniers and pushers of Pseudohistory like the ‘Pink Swastika’, among others: are on my list of people whom are deserving of an immediate, mandatory, unrelenting shit storm.

Trust me, I haven’t forgotten how vile can get. There are literal war zones more hospitable than that page.

Thank you to everyone who replied to my question about incels and sex workers.

This entire discussion has been fascinating and extremely disturbing.


It’s astonishing how many people think “Yes, the Bad Thing is Bad, but people knowing about the Bad Thing would be a thousand times worse, even if keeping the Bad Thing hidden means that it continues unabated.”

I think a lot of the thinking about this boils down to ‘they were stupid and got themselves caught, but I’m not stupid’. That and ‘as long as nobody finds out until after I’m gone, that’s good enough’.

Everybody involved in this sort of thing believes they’re smart enough not to get caught, and ignores the fact that most of the other people who have been caught felt the same way.

I remember hearing once that the original Bavarian Illuminati was largely destroyed because some of their younger recruits were using their membership in a secret organization dedicated to bringing down the monarchy to impress people. Including pretty much as pickup lines in bars.

@ jenora

Eichmann was caught because his son bragged to his (jewish) girlfriend about how his dad was a former top nazi.

Wow, this thread is quite intense and uh…my reply is gonna be one of those replies. Please be careful when reading this, right?
So uh, let’s do data trading stuff first:
@Ohlmann or anyone, Can you tell me where in Germany? I recently was on a couple of carneval duties with special significance (nazipatterns like 88) and tensions where a bit higher than usual. Nothing too serious happened tough.
Also, uh..I must admit that the while of course stereotyping asians trough the facemask issue is undeniably racist and that comperativley priveledged white facemask-hoarders and -pushers (what use is a facially-worn-contaminated-hardware-store-tissue gonna be for someone who does not even know how to get rid of medical trash and probably carries it in a handbag?) like some friends of mine (similar to the true believers of wonder cures or miracle diets who also seem to like me and like to chat me up sometimes) are by far the bigger problem, a small part of that problem is also underregulated e-cigerate and similar nicotine-fix-devices (to say nothing of cigs or weed) and “the market” in general (The western one as well as as well as China afaik). I had to spend some hours explaining to a close friend and comparatively young techkid that while e-cigerates can be a tool for harm reduction, the capitalist as well as the capitalism-but-in-red market like to produce liquids (and tabacco / weed / etc leafes) that are anything but safe to inhale. A good overview might be and I don’t want to go into the popcorn thing (again), but generally, a home-brewed “zesty vape” from an “usually high-quality” and generally cheap source just might be a cocktail of lung-damaging agents — burned trough damaged wool on a kinky spool of metal. If you use that and already have dirty ash in your respiratory system or breathe in poison fumes on a regular basis…well..that’s not really a clever strategy for harm reduction if your main concern is respiratory issues like lung health in relation to an airborne pathogen (which could of course also choose another vector so you can’t just bathe your fragile skin in alcohol after every prolonged eyecontact with another facemask-wearer), provided you could also lower your stress another way (Some breathing exercises and maybe a bit of selflove /consensual compassion for lovers in private might work — Of course we didn’t really talk about that but I think they got the idea). So yeah…just because smoking can now also be made to look like you are breathing steam, it’s not quite the same thing as drinking flavored water yet — at least not in the way the adverts like to sell what the market produces. I could now recommend clean and fun German products for steaming which look like they came out of a pharmacy (they sorta did) and which cost about as much as you would expect, but….I also know how people brew and consume the liquids they brew in order to stabilize (not reduce or stop) their anxiety reducing smoking habit. I am very frustrated that I am currently advised not to smoke by everyone close to me because I might have developed a habit during my latest exploits regarding third gender and trying to learn what it means to be a practical matchbreaker (like that three women (?) on that movie in netflix), but they just demand a lot and won’t listen to me when I tell them to stop ruining their lives and bodies when there are easier solutions. So now I can’t smoke for a while and have to brush my hair a lot and drink peppermint tea and do other girl stuff while around me people talk about terrorist threats in the most vague of terms and while my computer tells me “Vorgang nicht möglich” (transaction can’t be completed).
It all happened when I finally snapped because my ex partner who wanted to be a doctor (and, in my mind and the minds of probably most of our common friends failed horribly at being a decent son, technician for medicine, computers, electronics, electrics, logistics, lasers, or, indeed as a partner/lover) had gone too far in torturing my family (such as it was at the time our relationship ended and such as it now is) as well as the neighbors with he heaps of junk that kept being overdue (and where legally mine) for 3 years after the relationship ended when he did realize that him arguing why he needed to be the one driving me to the plane to Thailand and buy some cheap tires on the way (which he did not want to negotiate about) and the stuff he did after my return (mistreatment of patients, failures to care for me, his mother, himself or anything that was not electrical, blackmail, threats and insults to family) was just .. a few strikes too much. So I started to do the things he always did to my material (and body, which in my mind can be seen as mostly a medical product when a stressfull situation (shortly and justifieablywith non-negotiable relaxation time blocked in afterwards!) demands that inhumane a view) and have prepared to sell whatever remains salvageable. There will be some sort of flea market and maybe some of it will also be thrown out to ebay. I have already taken measures to ensure the integrity and security of my cellar and our families house against an attacker who has already proven that he will use intimidation and probably power tools to access things he once owned and who will in all likelyhood destroy other goods as well while being a threat to my family. Still…I am not really that angry at him. He is a troubled person and will, if he is still alive and around, probably find a way to keep trying to be useful and good. He just has a bit of goblin-attitude in my mind, the same way I have some gnome-attitudes. I dunno about this mindset that I currently have. It feels quite medical, sorta zen, a bit mature and sorta inhumane. Could this be a part of what being a young-ish left-leaning liberal in Germany is about? I dunno. I just keep working on my car traumas one high-speed drive and one small ding at a time, one trauma victim at a time and, if things continue like this, one terrible misunderstanding regarding my perceived cuteness and actual martial arts training in socially charged situations (beer, drugs, sex and a body still seen as cute) at a time. I also do philosophy and education in my spare time and sometimes shock my lecturers with just how different from their ivory-tower view the world looks. I’m happy and thankful for them, the great educators in my live and my wonderful computer scientist ( and life-skills, chemists…) partners and lovers as well as my friends who still put up with me and help me find chill oases of calm (I don’t like the term sanity because it reminds me of past fights and legal and moral transgressions prescribed by the psychologists in my life and foreshadows future trouble) in a world gone cruelly mad. I am also very thankful for the people on this site helping me come to terms with a few things in my live (especially regarding the Alice-in-wonderland-syndrome) and want to share a personal story that might fit the thread in some way… here goes:
CN: Transphobia / intersex issues (discussing the sex binary in a direct and graphic way), neurodivergency. Nerdspeak, physics (nuclear) and medical stuff, especially needles and blood. Computer game and other addictions, race and class struggles, modern and future genocides, murder and mayhem and some allusions to sexual violence also involving minors. Atheism, light furry themes and psychotrauma with mild curses
There once was a kid who played World of Warcraft as a gnome mage
A well, a very german story. We are nice and efficient people to everyone except those we are not nice too…. and yes this is sadly also a part of it. It revolves around therapy for Transsexuality in Germany around 2010-2020(present day)++ and the current story started is a short overview and started out around 2004. The treatment used was F64.0 (♂🡆♀, hormone replacement therapy, castration and reconstructive surgery “gender confirmation surgery” /SRS / a sex change) and horrible abuses alluded to trough the lens of a computer game – as wish fullfillment (you can kinkshame, but I don’t think we should be cute about any of this), for a comparatively priviledged white kid from a middle-class scholary background) who still has a lot of issues with socially acceptable behavior, self-esteem, psychology as an institution and her transfemme body. Anyway…
He (you know how that this is supposed to be a gender-inclusive term, right?) played a lot of it (also other characters, but mostly a gnomish tinkerer girl magician) and eventually realized that he was actually me, a she..or well a she/they (casual transphobia also hurts in a world where there are about 7 billion people and culture is very vocal about wanting more and fem-folk not having much of a say in the matter) – something like that. No one died in real life and a few cuts a treatment of anestesia, narcotics and a lot of antibiotics (as well as painkillers, a comfy room, well-being-gadgets and programs and snacks,….food, the usual) made the problem go away. In pre-industrialized, pre-modern-medicine times and in countries where healthcare does not quite work the way it does when you have the potential to earn or get gifted about 25000€ this was solved differently. By the way, 25000 € is enough to buy a sorta decent car / some medium-tier computer-hardware for special cases as people in my country would say. But having money was not enough, I also had to earn my treatment permissions — yes, in Germany we have to get permission for everything, it’s the land of the teachers who have learned very fast and thoroughly from the recent past and thus are very moral and can thus export guns and cars everywhere and of course they also talk a lot about moral philosophy — consequently the people who are allowed to live here tend to be nerds, hyper-conformist burocrats, desperate idealists or the sort of people who have some sort of problem (like being a migrant or looking the wrong way or being the wrong sort of person in general). Now, I’m not one of this girls who have issues. Instead I am the girly enbything that has subscriptions to issues and plans on collaborating them into books and movies (I currently try to roll around naked on camera in order to raise awareness for the need to resuscitate women (compare here: here ) and it is very emberassing still) and performance art (like massaging consenting people and telling them about medicine, sex and trans issues). The general idea is to raise my self-confidence so I can feel good about going topless or, if need be, naked. I hope that my body will eventually be accepted as just another flesh-thing that exists and that people would not make that much of an issue out of adoring and/or despising it (I also do not sleep with everyone I meet and certainly had some trouble with that in the past but I do not have to write a a whole series about a class of people I have special scorn for about it), but for the moment, this is for medical education (cpr) only.
Anyway, I guess I “fleed to virtuality” because “queering your gender in public” gets you agression (sometimes also coveting and desirous or even craving looks that turn into hatred in a heartbeat) and I did not like that. It’s worse, of course if you happen to have more than one “problem” or divergency from the mostly humongenous and stereotypical cultural ideal. For me, it was the special feature that I like machines more than normal people (who for some reason always wanted to turn me into a man just because I had been coercively assigned male at birth). I escaped this matrix (nerdspeak for the metaphor of the cave by some guy named plato or whatever) by becoming too clever for my own good and remaining hopelessly naive in just the right ways. Some girls and women wanted to seduce me (some boys and sadly some very strange boys-at-heart one very old boy(?)-at-heart succeeded and hurt me before I could terminate that relationship and turn my personal polyarmourous network into a sorta stable little community) and some well-meaning adults started very early to put a lot of pressure on me to care about the important things in life, like kissing girls (I eventually did, when it was enthusiasticly consensual and not merely a thing to do because we where actual kids and god demanded it and I liked it much better that way) while avoiding to become the sort of kid who has to take medication for their socially unacceptable cleverness. Reflecting on these processes now, as a student who still wants to become a teacher but who recently enjoyed a seminar about shool killings way too much and is generally too intense for a classroom setting, it’s unsettling how easy it is to see the pattern after taking it apart so many times and it’s beautifully horrible. So, I guess I went into a beautyfully horrible world where you can look any way you want (I had been a steady customer to all sorts for worlds where you can murder and kill with impunity but where you usually can’t commit sexually violent acts unless you are very creative or play something that is at least for early adulthood (18 years+) — and of course I was a girlthing there as I usually am. An assexual one. Adults have later asked me why I identified so much with assexuality and the simple answer to that is: Because you pressured me so much to have “sex” and it was always horrible and I wanted to have a fitting body first and would have prefered not to have to figure out my sexuality the way the psychological manual (DSM IV was used at the time) prescribed. I was happy with my cat-model of sexuality because it basically is a very non-intensive feminine model and I did not need that much more than a bit of cuddling and maybe a kiss sometimes..but no, you wanted me to be sure I was a “fully capable sexual adult” before I even had boobs. So, after carefully murdering my way trough a strange land with strange inhabitants and asking forgiveness for all the devastation my fire magic caused by accident — did you know that computers are largely a product of the second world war, are good at calculating thermonuclear bombs and at making the market ever so much faster and more reliable at extracting working power from people, ressources from the earth and blood from an open vein (for example when donating blood)? Me either but in Azeroth the medical care was and is horribly outdated so I had to make due with an improvised jumper cable for reanimation and I did not dare touch the direct injectors for mana potions that some of the vendors sold — I often ran away panick-stricken when my fellow adventurers wanted to flirt a little or worse, I behaved like a confused and naive girl (I was just learning and there was no manual, so sorry for creeping some of you out). Anyway, that’s long in the past and the company that made the game I was talking about has recently started to censor free speech (here ), so let’s not dwell on that stuff to much and just hope that the logs are gone. The problem, I think, is that computers allow us to touch each others life without being able to see each others emotions properly. We could not tell the kill feed from a predator drone from a very nice and realistic computer game and at some point we might not be able to tell the difference between a building colapsing in AR-View and a minecraft project going wrong. We are so used to burn up thousands of watt just to have some fun (yeah, I’m typing this on a gamer keyboard and will relax later with a bit of computer games, so what?) that we have forgotten what it is to truly touch the structure of real life and to connect with people. Of course, there are games that deal with this very issue (they even turned one of my favorites, German Wiki about : Paranoia into one, but the punk thing to do is to play it with dice and to collect bottle caps while you are at it, because then at least your body gets the full benefit of moving about and you get to experience the dirt and stench of dried up brown sugar . Feel free to imagine some companies here if you will, I can’t be bothered to care about legalese in international bussiness relations — that’s basically the definition of a computer job and I think that computers are monsters who are all too happy to say yes or no (some of them know more than those two numbers) using energy and condemn poor people of all races, “classes” (or professions), genders and sexualities to die. Also they don’t care about how much of a medical freak you are and wether or not you modified your body in some fashion — I used to put some metal, plastics and chemicals (so basically everything and some of it was also magic) in parts of me on various occasions and it wasn’t always voluntarily — they just calculate your relative value and wether you are worthy of life or death. A lot of good robots died while we where debating a cleanup strategy for an underground nuclear lab gone bad and the less said about the living inhabitants or indeed anyone else who decided to attack me, the better. At least people can be easily ressurected in my world, which is a really nice feature our gods provide and which should be the very standard (gold,purple, Idontcare) any god people worship should be measured by in my silly little mind. But I digress. The point I was trying to make is that I always ran away from the goblin tinkerers chasing me for various silly reasons but heard a tale about a girl who let herself be caught by hers..and boy did that turn out to be a problem. I don’t understand half of it and I can’t be bothered with inventing “A sexual reproduction unit for people who lost theirs or never had one” — whatever the word between a and the rest of the termininlogy including reproduction (which means copying, right?) is supposed to mean in the first place. I can only do standard physics and medicine and computer science and a bit of everything on a beginner level and I can do some magicks (tricks based on words to the right entities, usually people)– but I can’t do the impossible yet (you need at least a degree or a job or some reputation in science or medicine or society or something for that as everyone knows). But it’s obvious even to me that looking into a laser without your safety goggles on is not a good idea and should not be attempted by unqualified personnel, so that girl must have some other issues..meh..maybe I’m forgetting something but I can’t even remember half the names of the people around here because my sleep shedule keeps getting changed every new incident, my supervisors keep brushing my hair (because of the debris in it) and giving me useless taks like cleaning perfectly liveable spaces, securing my personal data (Who cares how I look naked or what my medical history is? We used to trust each other around here and the medics still do! What is wrong with people?!) or winning some stupid computer games or watching stupid movies instead of going adventuring and some of the medicine they gave me for my nerves is making me forget stuff. They say it’s better that way but I have my logs and my own mind-processes and some semblance of the truth that is acceptable to at least a majority for a long time will out anyway so I don’t understand why they insist on this stupid protocol for traumatized personnel.
So I guess the lesson here could be that some of the victims in virtuality are forced to be there by societies that insists on their kids being isolated from each other and to only play-pretend their freedoms because acting differently could lead to horrible tragedies (so does deluding your kids) and that some interpassive kids might, just might, later find their polar opposite who helps them to get trough life. Of course, selling yourself as a would-be rapist in a computer game is a tough sell and I can get way better offers than that…but I have considered similar offers in the past (and am very happy with my life as it is) and might, just might, ask the guy from the thread playing minecraft about his ideas on the off chance that he is decent but ironic– because I am deeply and profoundly disappointed by what (cisdya) men mean when they say that they are good men who just happen to start to become tricky when asked for a definition.

I know that comment is probably bordering the lines a lot and it’s quite hard to take a person with my current level of official sanity seriously. I have a third gender, in Germany this is a new and improved concept and seems bad to a lot of peopleon the right because it has never been tried before — so I mostly just make my gender up as I go along and accept that my feelings are very turbulent from day to day. I cling on to sanity and try very hard to convince the psychological establishment to please review their internal guidelines for transition, especially in regard to queer kids, and very especially transmasc queer kids andor queer kids with intersectional issues, because our current system often produces suffering and death and we should really measure ourselves on our standard which claims to be one of human rights.

And since you have all already seen my face, here should be my face after a well-earned bath after after a long and stressfull end-of-year with lots of stupid adventures, including some would-be-secret-agents (talk is cheap) and a few human monsters. I’m quite certain I am not one of them and glad to have the opportunity to prove it IRL.

Meh, my two psychologists seem to be too busy / ill and I begin to loose patience — again. I know that time works differently for me at the moment but it’s hard to graps why people can’t just scan a text and instantly get what I meant. I hope I have not disturbed this board to much and now that I read trough it I realize that I haven’t sent my text to trough a good proofreading before posting it and I left some half-senteces in that I now regret. I mainly just wanted to problemize the idea of a coputer as the only thing giving a person something to do in this world.

So…well, after spending some hours discussing this text on private internet conversations – I decided to do it that way because I figured that with the wikileaks hacks (<3 Team Chelsea & Feminism<3), my plans of becoming a teacher , Jehns Spahn's plan to push private patient data over insecure digital channels and to insecure storage service to the private sector and with the interest my life has generated around various hacker types, it'd be the safer bet to just be public with my traumata and get it over with so I can at least help during a beginning pandemic instead of worrying about abstract threats by weird and scary spook type guys every day – I think I might have argued very hard towards rape apologeia on a public forum in an attempt to not sugarcoat it for the monsters reading about my private thoughts as a bedtime story. Oh well. Of course it is way more complicated than "some incels might not be bad guys" (The guys I meant are highly empathic neuroatypicals who actually manage to make girls like me feel good while consensually and compassionatly taking care of them and treating them like their little housemaids. The guys I meant have no problem with me being able to wield blades (for cooking), sticks (for everything including cleaning) and other multi-purpose-tools. In the hands of a capable medic everything can be a tool for medicine and gets seen under a medical perspective, just as in the hands of a capable fighter everything can turn into a weapon and is seen under a perspective of kinetics and dynamic physics / chemistry / electricity / etc. For example, cleaning a dirty kitchen can be thought of as a noble war against grease, organic dirt and dangerous sharp metal with weapons such as hot water, salt, a stripper (acid cleaning agent), de-geling agents and various weapons that would also work against other life (for example, a scrubbing brush would certainly be able to hurt or incapacitate an unskilled attacker) in order to protect the lives of the houses inhabitants and make life easier for doctors and other medical staff who currently have to deal with a flu outbreak. In short, the men I meant can accept that there are times when they have the role of the homeminder and that there are times when the woman of the house tells them stuff that needs to be taken seriously. They are great men and compare positively to both the wanna-be-rapists on some incel boards as well as to so-called "good men" who show their true face when the going gets tough and decide that it's time for their personal freedoms or to find another broad. Still, hanging around with low-level incels and going trough a hurtful process of mutual learning and compassionate education has helped me be the person I am today and it's sorta okay..ish?

I really like being able to both talk calmly and reasonably while I study and to run around, get stuff done, fix patients, drive cars fast, plan and build security solutions for my family, cook like a crazed housewive and eat like a spoiled brat, train self defense with the big guys, fast movers and awesome girls, scream at stupid guys, ignore yelling or cursing or otherwise aggressive men who have no argument and to get my work done. There is always time to make up later and to apologize (this rarely happens to me because I rarely loose my cool and make mistakes but when it does happen I apologize instantly and I mean it and try very hard to become a better person!) and it's great to work in teams like that. I still have to get my computer security in order after my life broke my cellphone as well as my software integrity, but I'm looking forward to my new mobile flat key. Take care everyone

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