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We Hunted the Mammoth Greatest Hits of 2019: Year of the Vulva

By David Futrelle

I suppose I’m a day late with this one, but I thought I’d take a look back at some of the most popular posts on We Hunted the Mammoth over the last year. SO let’s take a little trip down memory lane and remember 2019: The Year of the Vulva.

The top post of the last year? This one, about the epic mansplainer who decided he needed to “correct” what he saw as the incorrect use of the word “vulva” and who somehow ignited a weird internet firestorm that didn’t end even after a world-famous vagina expert and the dictionary itself told him he was wrong.

Vulvagate: When mansplaining goes so wrong the dictionary itself has to step in

Amazingly, he soon decided to reignite the flames of his wrongness with a little man(splain)ifesto. Here’s my post on the mess that ensued:

Mansplainin’ 2: Electric Vulvaloo! The dude who had a Twitter meltdown over the word “vulva” is back

Speaking of meltdowns, do you remember the him-steria that erupted after Gillette made an ad suggesting that toxic masculinity was, er, toxic? We Hunted the Mammoth does.

Angry dudes prove “toxic masculinity” isn’t a thing by screeching about a Gillette ad and calling other men soy boys, cucks, and f***ots

And then there was that whole kerfuffle over Lady Captain Marvel:

Nick Fury is shown washing dishes: The Top 5 Worst Male-Bashing Elements in Captain Marvel, according to some dingus

Internet babies want Lady Captain Marvel arrested for stealing a motorcycle

And Lady Thor made some guys even madder:

It’s like a hammer to the gut: One Angry Gamer reacts to Lady Thor

Some epic Bad Anatomy going on here:

Bad (Anatomy) Romance: Creepy dudes woo the ladies with some of the most anatomically incorrect DMs of all time

And even more bad anatomy here!

Lips Dick: Angry knobhead mansplains labial anatomy at Jezebel writer

Clearly we need better sex ed. And some remedial courses for more than a few adult men.

Faux lefty skidmarxist Aimee Terese made her WHTM debut in this post:

Lefty podcaster attacks a journalist who reported a creepy DM with an EVEN CREEPIER tweet

A look back at GamerGate and its hateful legacy:

Hate, lies and video games: Six ways #Gamergate poisoned gaming and ruined the online world for the rest of us

So there are ten of my (and your) favorite posts from the last year. But I had to leave out a bunch to keep this post manageable. So stay tuned for WHTM’s Greatest Hits of 2019: Part Deux.

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Bananananana dakry: Short-Haired, Fat, and Deranged
Bananananana dakry: Short-Haired, Fat, and Deranged
2 years ago

@Universal Kami

On the subject of Protestant denominations, there are in fact quite a few that aren’t knuckle-dragging retrogrades. The one I have the most experience with by far due to being raised in it is the United Church of Christ. There can be differences at the congregational level, but the denomination as a whole is “Open and Affirming” (their words) of the LGBT+, ordains women and gay clergy, and is heavily, heavily into that whole social justice thang. Remember the bit where that jackass was thrown in jail for burning a pride flag? That flag had been hanging outside a UCC church.

There are other denominations that are pretty open, including the Presbyterians, Methodists (despite the mess they have in their house on the whole LGBT+ acceptance fight), and Lutherans (NOT Missouri Synod). The UCC is probably the most liberal of the mainstream Protestant denominations, however.

2 years ago

@Crip Dyke

Plus, since Quakers have no clergy and do not swear oaths or make vows, our marriages just consist of the couple getting up in front of the meeting and going “We are totes married, yo.” (It loses something going from 17th-century English to how I imagine kids talk now.)

2 years ago

@ohlmann: I’m told a lot of practicing Jews are atheist, but it’s fine since Judaism is defined by actions, not beliefs.

2 years ago


I’m told a lot of practicing Jews are atheist, but it’s fine since Judaism is defined by actions, not beliefs.

I’m not sure whether a lot are (some certainly are, not sure how many) but that is correct that it’s defined by actions not belief.

2 years ago

A good friend of ours is a UCC minister, and was, in fact, the minister who performed our legal wedding back in 2008. She’s *very* big on the welcoming and affirming side of her denomination.

Our older son has some issues with organized religion*, but his auntie the minister is his personal example of ‘Christian but not a jerk about it’.

*He has told me that Judaism is the only Abrahamic faith that he has a good opinion of, because they don’t mind if you’re not Jewish as long as you don’t mind that they are.

2 years ago

I’m a lapsed Quaker, and was married in one of those meetings – the other nice thing at least in the UK tradition, is that you get a huge marriage certificate made that everyone present signed as witnesses.
And yes, they’re extremely accepting of basically everyone.

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