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The Majority Report chronicles Jordan Peterson’s increasingly bananas comments about women

Jordan Peterson: U mad, bro?

By David Futrelle

I ran across this Tweet this morning from an intrepid Jordan Peterson debunker on Twitter and, well, it’s pretty much spot on:

For evidence of this, we need look no further than some of the off-the-cuff comments about birth control and the allegedly scary consequences of women controlling their own sexuality that Peterson recently made to a small audience that included, among others, Charlie Kirk, “Bumble Jack” Posobiec, and weirdo MAGA couple Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle at Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit.

As Sam Seder points out in this clip from his Majority Report show, Peterson seems to be pushing the idea that what he sees as feminists’ preoccupation with sexual consent is basically a left-wing “sexual taboo” roughly equivalent to the right-wing “taboo” against gay sex. (Peterson being Peterson, he doesn’t quite come out and say this outright.)

Sam has been taking on Peterson’s nonsense for some time. Here’s another video in which Sam discusses a Peterson appearance on the Joe Rogan show in which Rogan, an oddball in his own right but still pretty sharp, gobsmacks the Canadian beef-eater by pointing out a very basic issue with his promotion of “enforced monogamy.”

While Peterson’s  utterances do seem to be getting weirder by the day, he’s been saying awful crap about the often fraught relationship between women and men for years. And for a time, during a sort of pickup artist phase, he did so dressed like a 1930s gangster.

Sam’s got a video on that, too.

And this guy is seen as a leading light in the “intellectual dark web.” It’s really a testament to how fucked up this political moment is that a cornball weirdo like Peterson is taken seriously by anyone at all, much less the adoring throngs that attend his talks and watch his videos and buy his books.

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307 replies on “The Majority Report chronicles Jordan Peterson’s increasingly bananas comments about women”

@Lainy <3

Thank you for sharing all that, it took a lot of courage to share (and endure). You post exactly how and when you want to, you're still a part of the community even if you aren't posting much. That goes for all the lurkers reading along as well, too!

@ Lainy

Echoing the above.

It’s hard to find the right words to comment. Things like ‘brave’ or ‘my sympathies’ just seem like cliches at best, condescending at worst.

But if the words of some random person on the net mean anything, you have my utmost admiration. Thank you for sharing your experience. “Why didn’t she just leave?” is a real bugbear of mine; and your story might give some insight to any ignorant dipshits who still think like that.

@Kupo Thank you. I realize I talk about him a lot but I just got engaged about a month ago. I’m still getting used to it and calling him that makes me really giddy.

@scildfreja You’re very kind. To me posting here is almost like talking to Rock stars. It gives me the same feelings like when I met my favorite novelist for a interview or speaking to a very well known doctor in my field. People I’ve looked up to as a young teenager and I just really don’t want to mess anything up.

@ Alan Random words from someone on the internet can actually mean a lot more then you might think. It certainly means a lot to me. This is the reason I share my experience to people like that and to others. What people don’t understand or unwilling to understand is that just because you leave, doesn’t mean you get away.


Thank you for sharing. I’m honestly glad that you got away from that asshole and met someone who treats you well.

You are amazing and brave. Much more than i was at your age. <3 im glad you made it here to share with us. Welcome.

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