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Ignoring a wave of male political violence, Men’s Rights Redditors debate male abortions and the dangers of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Netflix’s reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch: A threat to men?

By David Futrelle

We’re awash in a wave of male political violence.

On Saturday, a man radicalized by the so-called alt-right online walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh and murdered 11 mostly elderly Jews. On Friday, authorities arrested a man for mailing more than a dozen bombs to prominent Democratic politicians and other critics of Trump. On Wenesday, a white supremacist man shot and killed two elderly black shoppers at a Kroger supermarket after first trying to force his way into a black church, his real target. I’ve lost track of how many far-right thugs have been arrested in recent days and charged with violent crimes, but they’ve all been men as well.

The fact that these terrorists — and that’s what they all are — have all been men is not incidental. Men are far more likely than women to resort to extreme violence to “make a point,” either personal or political. The vast majority of terrorists are male. Almost all mass killers are male.

The alt-right, which inspires and commits most of the political violence in the Unites States right now, is an overwhelmingly male movement. While there are a few prominent women in and around the movement, most of the leaders and almost all of the footsoldiers, are male, like those in the male-only fascist street gang known as the Proud Boys.

You might think that all this might be cause for a tiny bit of self-reflection on the part of those who call themselves Men’s Rights Activists.

But if you take a look at the current top 100 posts on the Men’s Rights subreddit — the largest Men’s Rights forum online, with close to 200,000 subscribers — there is only one topic devoted to the recent wave of terrorist violence. And it’s a post complaining that men aren’t being given enough credit for  being the ones who “stand in harm’s way” during such incidents because the vast majority of SWAT team members are male.

Meanwhile, the subreddit is filled with stories about female criminality and violence. In addition to the usual parade of stories about female sexual predators, there’s a link to a Daily Mail article about a woman in China who slashed more than a dozen kindergarten students with a meat cleaver, and another link to a sloppy blog post about a prolific female poisoner … who lived in Italy in the fifteenth century.

“She killed at least 600 men,” the OP says of her. “Sounds like a good candidate for a feminist hero.”

Yes, he’s getting mad in advance about the hypothetical possibility of feminists today ironically embracing a female mass murderer who lived nearly 500 years ago and about whom very little reliable information is known (including her actual body count).

What are some of the other issues that Men’s Rights Redditors have collectively decided are more important to discuss than the hate murders and attempted assassinations of the last week, all carried out by men? Here are a few. (Click on the screenshots to go to the discussions on Reddit.)

The new Sabrina series depicts men as evil.

hypergamy leads to female standards which leads to women hating ugly men and harassment

Its insulting how so many comedians have jokes claiming that woman are smarter than men.

If it’s socially acceptable for women to put “Sorry, no short men” as a requirement in online dating profiles, then it should also be acceptable for men to say “Sorry, no flat-chested women”, or “no overweight women” in theirs.

And here’s one that’s clearly a burning issue for millions of men:

Women can marry into the royal family in Japan, but men cannot. ( submitted 9 hours ago by wickedogg

To be fair, most of those commenting on this particular issue think it’s stupid. But it’s still there in the top 100.

But the discussion that stood out most for me was this one, less for the topic itself — cis men’s supposed “right” to abortion, a perennial Men’s Rights favorite — but because of the charming way the OP decided to frame the debate.

Should men have the right to abort a pregnancy? (self.MensRights) submitted 8 hours ago by sanem48 As a men I'm quite worried that a girl might get pregnant with my child and keep it, against my will (I'm a wealthy young Caucasian living in Asia). Feminists say they want equal rights, yet it feels discriminating to me that in most developed countries a woman has the right to end a pregnancy, and a men does not. Now I appreciate that it's shocking to force an abortion upon a woman, yet in those same countries the man will be forced to provide for the child, which can be just as traumatic.

He goes on for a couple more paragraphs, bringing up the idea of “financial abortions” — that is, a legalized version of deadbeat dadding — but I do love the idea that providing for a child that you have sired is as traumatic as someone literally forcing you to abort your baby.

As a men, I think that’s bullshit.

I know it’s not news that MRAs would rather talk about their hurt feelings when comedians make jokes about men being big dummies than they would any topic that forces them to possibly acknowledge that there are aspects of masculinity that are, indeed, toxic. But I’m still struck, even after all these years of tracking MRAs, by just how relentlessly avoid even the barest minimum of self-reflection on these issues.

No men’s movement that doesn’t in some way address the problem of male violence will ever be anything but a reactionary boys’ club reinforcing the most poisonous parts of toxic masculinity.

Discuss that, dudes.

CORRECTION: I corrected some incorrect info about the Kroger shooting (I had misstated the day on which it happened and the gender of his victims).

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61 replies on “Ignoring a wave of male political violence, Men’s Rights Redditors debate male abortions and the dangers of Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

I thought reading about this Jacob Wohl farce was the greatest feeling in the history of humankind, then I read about this Jacob Wohl farce while playing Yakety Sax in the background.

Seriously, try it.

If this guy is so worried about a woman becoming pregnant with his child he should just stop fucking for good. Problem solved.

Or that morality is anything more than a rhetorical cudgel to wield against your opponents rather than a set guiding principles you apply to your own life.

I wonder if this can be explained by a “locus of morality”. I.e. do your moral rules come from an external or internal source?

If you consider morality to be a set of rules somehow imposed from outside (whether by parents, society, god, or whatever), then the only reason to follow them is so you don’t get caught and punished. If you can get away with it, go for it.

On the other hand, if your morality comes from a personal conviction about what’s right, there’s never any “getting away with it”, nor would you want there to be.

Wait… Jacob Wohl is a real person? what with his name appearing to be adapted from a german military term, and his repeated twittering of transparently made up shit, I genuinely thought he was a alt-right troll account.

@ Virgin Mary (an apt name for the comment…)

If this guy is so worried about a woman becoming pregnant with his child he should just stop fucking for good. Problem solved.

I believe vasectomy is pretty darn reliable, too.

@Full Metal Ox:

the alt-right can score off this either way; if the accusation against Mueller is dismissed as–or even proven–to be a canard, they can then wheel about and say, “You see? False rape accusations are too a thing”

Not so much, since by the sound of it, Wohl’s attempts to bribe women to make false accusations against Mueller mainly just resulted in the women in question refusing the bribe and contacting reporters to let them know someone was attempting a smear campaign; which is more evidence on the side of “most women are too honest/not stupid enough to make a false rape accusation.”

Is there a clear statistic that shows the number of involved youth in these “radical” MRA’s? Shouldn’t we be doing more to help empower male youth to prevent such tragic events such as the synagogue shooting?

Though I occasionally visit WHTM for a laugh, it is one of the silliest sites around, I’ve not commented for some time, but this comment from Cindy is interesting,

“Men, when you consent to sex, you consent to fatherhood”

Does that mean that when women consent to sex they consent to motherhood? Obviously abortion is a woman’s right, as women have the baby, but that means women can avoid being a parent, so should, at least in some circumstances, a man have a right to at least avoid the responsibility of parenthood. For example, a women becomes pregnant and the father says he’d like the child to be aborted as he doesn’t want to be a father. How about if the woman insists she’s going to have the baby, then the father has a right in law to have responsibility, financial or otherwise, for the child?

I know the norm here is to hurl abuse at any who don;t share your religion, but I’ve got a thick skin. I see my old sparring partner the treehugger is still here, and I have to admit she’s very creative when it comes to abuse, and often, unintentionally, very funny!

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