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Nazi trolls claimed “Aryan Goddess” Taylor Swift as one of their own. Now she’s publicly supporting Dems — and the trolls are losing it

Taylor Swift liked this meme on Instagram

By David Futrelle

Several years ago, alt-right trolls decided to claim Taylor Swift as one of their own, trying to convince the world that she was some sort of undercover Nazi  waiting for the right moment to start preaching her fashy message openly.

The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin was perhaps the most energetic promoters of the Nazi Taylor Swift meme, describing the singer as “Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift: Nazi Avatar of the White European People” and posting memes passing off Hitler quotes as hers.

Sunday night, Swift put the Nazi Taylor Swift meme definitively to rest with an Instagram post announcing her support for two Democratic candidates in her home state of Tennessee and declaring that she “cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love.”

Alt-rightists and their fellow travelers have reacted to the news with furious denunciations of Swift’s alleged betrayal of her fans, some of them apparently forgetting that the Nazi Swift memes were supposed to be a big joke on the libs. Over on the Nazi-infested Twitter alternative Gab, former fans and pop-music haters alike competed to see who could throw the most vile invective her way.

 Robert G @SeekingTruth4Bob 2 hours ago Taylor " the slut" Swift wont get anymore of my dollars. She should have kept her liberal pie hole shut & her knees together for Mr 100. Breitbart News Tweets ✔️ @BreitbartNewsTweets ? News 3 hours ago Taylor Swift Fans Furious over Democrat Endorsement: ‘Be Quiet and Sing!’

 Teri Davis Newman @TeriDavisNewman Donor an hour ago I've bought my last Taylor Swift album. 5 years ago. Fuck her for being an anti-American cunt.

Shepherd ? @Shepherd 7 hours ago · in Better than Taylor Swift Taylor swift is just another satanist

Some loudly professed to be TOTALLY NOT SHOCKED by her move.

 GrayCardinal @GrayCardinal 42 minutes ago · in News Taylor Swift... A young, white wahman who's a shallow, weak-minded, childless, feminist, faggot-loving, nigger-sympathizing, kike-sucking, SJW, race-traitor... This is an absolute SHOCK. NO ONE could have predicted this. I simply cannot BELIEVE it.One Gabber blamed … the Illuminati, I guess?

 Twilight Zone @TwilightZone PRO 2 hours ago Poor Taylor Swift moved to the plantation of ignorance but must be her time to pay the piper for all the wealth she was thrust into to have her followers cast that vote based on a music stripper of morals

Another insinuated that the Pepes of the world would soon be uncovering her alleged crimes against humanity. I think.

 Lars @simplton888 PRO 7 hours ago so long devil girl ... you have crapped in your nest this time .. just wait till the frogs dig your past .... bad mistake.

But no one seemed more worked-up about Taylor’s swift kick in the right-wing’s nuts than The Daily Stormer’s Anglin, who quickly spat forth an extravagantly misogynistic thousand-word diatribe explaining how TOTALLY NOT SURPRISED he was by Swift’s announcement and how the REAL SUCKERS were the “retarded” reporters who (allegedly) took the Nazi Taylor Swift thing all SUPER SERIOUS, not the Nazi incels fantasizing about Swift becoming their own personal Eva Braun.

“[J]ust to be clear here,” Anglin wrote.

Taylor Swift is not an “Aryan Goddess” – that was a viral marketing campaign to make the media look retarded and to make us look clever. Swift is just another stupid whore, like all women.

Elsewhere in the post, though, Anglin wondered aloud

how much of Taylor Swift’s image as a probable conservative was marketing and how much of it was actually a reflection of a direction that she personally wanted to go in.

Huh. Sort of sounds like Anglin just might have duped himself into thinking that Swift was “a probable conservative,” even though there was never any evidence that this was so. 

Much of  Anglin’s post was devoted to the exceedingly dubious proposition that Swift is a bitter, unhappy “childless old bitch” who wasted her years of prime fertility having a massively successful career as a pop star instead of settling down with some nice Aryan man and popping out a succession of perfect white babies. And now, having reached the ripe old age of, er, 28, Swift is now feeling bitter and mad.

“Taylor Swift was popular largely because she was beautiful,” Anglin asserted, warning his young male followers to resist the lure of young female hotness.

whatever emotions you may feel when looking at a beautiful woman are just chemicals in your brain driving you to reproduce. Love for a woman is not real, as it is not metaphysical love, but the result of the very most base primal drive. The reason that your brain releases these “love” chemicals is because otherwise you would just rape a bitch and slit her throat, or leave her to die alone in the wilderness rather than deal with her endless scheming bullshit.

This is probably a bit more revealing than Anglin intended it to be

The only reason that a woman is beautiful is that she evolved that trait to appeal to men, so that higher quality men would wish to inseminate her and then not kill her or leave her to die afterward, instead providing material resources for her and her offspring. Female beauty has no biological – or for that matter, metaphysical – purpose other than to attract men for the purpose of procreation.

And the singular purpose of a woman’s existence is to procreate.

If they don’t succeed at this mission, Anglin argues, they get mad:

[A]s women age without children, they inevitably become more and more bitter, as it becomes clearer that their lives have no meaning.

So it’s no surprise that, in Anglin’s mind, the bitter old Swift is now letting herself be used as a pawn by Jewish music producers and Democratic party operatives.

Anglin wraps up his rant with some reflections on the “feral” nature of women that read very much like a rather elaborate attempt to console Nazi dudes who are hurt that their purebred “Aryan goddess” has gone over to the other side.

Understand: women are all the same.

They are interchangeable, in fact, the only objective value in any of them being measured by their genetics.

The idea of a “good woman” is a stupid feminist myth. Inversely, the idea of a “bad woman” is used to justify feminism’s effects on women.

In fact, like any dumb animal, there are “feral women” and “well-trained women,” as well as “purebred women” and “mutt women.”

The purebred aspect is no longer really a deciding factor in anything, as all women are now feral, and thus weapons to use in the destruction of white men. …

Fact of life: All women are animalistic whores by their very nature, all are incapable of feeling masculine emotions relating to moral imperatives, such as guilt and empathy.

The sooner you learn that fact and internalize all of its implications, the sooner you will be free.

Yeah,he’s pretty much TOTALLY NOT MAD. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more NOT MAD than this.

Nazi dudes, might I be so bold as to suggest that maybe you should shake it off?

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3 years ago

I believe that human nature can change for the better and that humanity does learn from the past….the problem is is that those who won’t change or learn tend to be the ones running things.

The corrupt among “The Top” actually prefer it that way and see strife as a great way of making money and retaining power.

I wish there was a way to convince them to do the right thing and frame it in a way that their interests in money and power will still be preserved. There’s just as much money and power to be made in a happy peaceful world or striving for one as there is in being a douche…..If you treat other’s well; The people will love you and you’ll stay in charge.

Likewise; Nobody’s putting a gun to the CEOs of major fossil fuel companies and saying “You can never switch to peddling Green Energy ever!”. Those boobs can switch. There’s big money in going green! It’s THE FUTURE!

Same with the late William Randolph Hearst; Deciding to get into the hemp biz would have better easier than trying to crush it.

….If Anheuser-Busch can become a furniture/frozen treat/powdered malt company during Prohibition, then Exxon, BP and others can get in the Green Biz!

Bullies and people need to be taught how to manage their impulses. They want to feel adequate….so drill in their heads that kindness, philanthropy, charity, etc. will (more likely) make you look good and be loved and popular. That alone should make one feel “powerful” and “adequate”.

People with antisocial disorders or actions should embrace kindness even if it’s for selfish reasons rather than genuine empathy.

Paradoxical Intention - Resident Cheeseburger Slut

Eh, I still prefer Kesha. Swift has some good bops, but she’s a bit eh personality wise. She’s done a lot of shady shit, like she suedI the guy who taught her how to play guitar because he put on his website that he taught her.

And nothing Swift’s put out can compare to Kesha’s Praying. That song still brings me to tears.

And I know Anglin gets his facts from AssFax Academic Research and Theory (A.F.A.R.T.) but I’m the same age as Swift, and i’m so glad I don’t have kids. I couldn’t deal with that.

3 years ago

@Paradoxical Intention – Resident Cheeseburger Slut

You just gave me a great laugh with “A.F.A.R.T.”

Thank you!

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
3 years ago

A friend of mine used to say that business went through three stages, much like people did:
– Youth, in which the company is run by the entrepreneurs. (And much like people, there’s a pretty high infant mortality rate.)
– Adulthood, in which the company is run by professional businessmen. (Who tend to be somewhat risk-averse, and more interested in making money than anything else.)
– Senility, in which the company is run by the accountants. (Who care more about not losing money than in making it, and care more about the bottom line than on making sure there is anything in the top lines.)

Companies can go the other way on occasion. Apple being one of the most obvious cases, going back from the Adulthood stage under Sculley back to Youth with Jobs. And IBM pulled back from Senility.

But unfortunately the further along a company is on this scale, the less the people making the decisions really understand what the company makes, and the less likely they are to try anything seriously new.

And I know someone whose primary thesis is that a lot of the modern ‘business’ attitude really dates back to WWII, the founding of the modern Military-Industrial-Complex, and the whole tying of logistics handling to large business contracts. This helped lead to the rise of the modern MBA, because you had to have people who were experts just in knowing what paperwork to fill out. And the end result of that has been the ‘professional businessman’, the person who knows how to run a company (at least well enough to make sure he gets his personal bonuses) but doesn’t actually know anything else, and considers a company a company no matter what they make.

The end result of that is people who have no actual idea of what would be best for their company, but who consider themselves expert on running companies. And people like that tend to resist making any changes that might lose them their annual bonus, even if it would be better for the company in the long run.

3 years ago

@Jenora Feuer

Yeah; There should be people to come in and find a way to give them that “Eureka” moment.

I read somewhere that some of these companies did dabble in green energy but they ended up quitting over….some financial gobbeldygook I couldn’t really grasp….though I think it involved profits coming slower and the guys running these companies not giving it a chance.

Some savvier folks should come in and educate these CEOs on gradually “Going Green” and still make big bucks or something….or at least some patience.

3 years ago

I am so looking forward to when Anglin gets hauled in for his depositions in that libel case. And then comes under cross-examination.

3 years ago

Oh; Concerning “Aryan Goddesses”….
[imgcomment image[/img]
….I’d imagine this would be a more accurate vision of one.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
3 years ago

Part of the problem is that green energy is also subject to the whims of the oil cartel in general… when they actively drop the price of oil by drilling up a lot more, green energy suddenly doesn’t seem so lucrative. It’s not just the big corporations, it’s OPEC, Middle East politics, and in particular the House of Saud who really don’t want oil to be supplanted because that would end their gravy train. And that’s on top of the fact that environmentalism has become highly partisan in the U.S., as well as being linked to the fear of all things socialist.

And patience is not always in much supply when the stock market is based on the last quarter’s results.

On the flip side, while Elon Musk’s work with Tesla has a lot of its own forms of problematic, the fact that he proved it was possible to make and sell a completely electric car helped spur some of the actual big automotive companies to take that more seriously, and they can bring economies of scale into play that Tesla never could. So even now, big companies can be nudged into changing direction with enough demonstration that there’s an available market that they’re not making money on but that somebody else is.

3 years ago

I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet, but Taylor Swift was sexually assaulted and said so–and the DJ who did it was fired. He sued her for millions of dollars. She counter-sued for one dollar, incidentally nailing his ass to the wall–and won.

Taylor Swift sexual assault case: why is it significant?

Note that Swift did not tell anyone, including her mother, for four years. Note also that she was disbelieved, cross-examined in a nasty way, and dragged over the coals online, and tells any survivor speaking out to expect that. (She thanks Kesha for her support). Time Magazine interview.

We’ve just had a two week festival demonstrating Republicans’ lack of empathy for survivors of sexual assault and their contempt for women. Gee, I wonder why she chose to speak up now?

As for My Little Pony: Search me. Lauren Faust is a feminist. And I’m always surprised that evangelicals freak out over Harry Potter, but totally miss the message in the first episode, in which two sisters, the sun and the moon, watch over the whole world. How Pagan of an original story can you get?

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
3 years ago

Well, remember that some of the evangelical types have at times tried to get the Narnia books banned as well, because of talking animals. Never mind that Aslan was pretty blatantly a Christ figure, down to being sacrificed and coming back; never mind that his comments about ‘I am known by different names on each world, you must find who I am on your own’ was obviously a tie-in… these people usually don’t understand what they’re protesting against. (Something that was proven at one point where TV stations kept getting very similar complaints about the ‘inappropriateness’ of certain shows, and it was traced back to some groups encouraging everybody to write in even if they hadn’t seen the show in question.)

As for Lauren Faust… well, what do you get when the person who created the latest generation of My Little Pony and the person who created The Powerpuff Girls work together on a show? You get Wander over Yonder. And the episode The Hero of that show is just such a perfect sendup of the sorts of toxic masculinity we talk about here…

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