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“The greatest value a woman has to offer a man is her sexuality, and eggs,” Twitter weirdo explains

The sexiest woman who ever existed, according to SCIENCE

By David Futrelle

Three guys are hanging out on a stoop when a young woman walks by.

“Check out the eggs on her!” declares one.

“Boy, I’d sure like to make an omlet out of THAT!” adds a second, making egg-scrambling sounds with his mouth.

There is a moment of silence.

“Um, I thought she had a cute butt,” says the third guy, somewhat hesitantly.

The other two turn to stare at him with a mixture of horror and disgust.

“What are you, some kind of pervert?” the first guy asks, indignant.

“Jesus christ, dude,” adds the second, shaking his head, “I”m not sure I can even hang out with you any more.”


Welcome, ladies, to the secret world of heterosexual men. You may have gotten the impression that men are obsessed with big boobs and thicc asses. Nope! They are all about the EGGS, baby! They are the EGG MEN, they are the egg men, I am the walrus, goo goo ga-joob. They want to FERTILIZE THE HELL OUT OF YOU.

At least according to one Red Pilled Man Genius whose thoughts on the matter have recently gotten the attention of feminists on Twitter.

I present to you the BAD ANATOMY TWEET OF THE WEEK (although, technically, it’s from June).

Kent Imig ‏ @kent_imig Follow Follow @kent_imig More Brutal truth: the greatest value a woman has to offer a man is her sexuality, and eggs. Women should maximize the value of both. Don't waste eggs and the value of female sexuality by riding the cock carousel during your 20s. It's too costly. Feminism sold women bad advice.

Huh. Either this guy thinks women lay a big unfertilized egg every time they have sex, or he thinks girls and women should pretty much be perpetually pregnant from puberty onwards. I’m not sure which belief would be worse; they’re both gross and wrong.

My favorite response to Mr. Imig’s tweet so far:

Tippi ‏ @TrashFireT Follow Follow @TrashFireT More Replying to @_celia_bedelia_ Our eggs and our sexuality? Like... some kind of... sex chickens?

All this talk of chickens and eggs is making me hungry.

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Kent Imig
Kent Imig
4 years ago

Perhaps this is what he was trying to get at, in all of what, 180 characters?

From The Cut: “I’m broke and mostly friendless”

I’m amused that you all criticize him for not convincing you in one tweet, as if you were even capable of being convinced of anything that didn’t validate your current gender dogma, and the ego you have invested in it.

He gets one tweet. You get a full blog post. Your intellect impresses only the choir that already worships at the same alter as you.

Enjoy that banal validation. It won’t get you anywhere.

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