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A possible silver lining to World War 3? Incels hope they can rape women while Chad is off fighting on the front lines

Nuclear War: A possible solution to incels’ never-ending dry spell?

By David Futrelle

Men’s Rights Activists, Red Pillers, and so-called Men Going Their Own Way love fantasizing about what they see as the possibly impending collapse of civilization. In the post-apocalyptic world they imagine, they’ll be the ones with the skills and supplies to survive, and the once-proud women who rejected them in the past will come groveling to them for help, desperate to trade their bodies for a can of beans.

The strange creatures who call themselves incels (involuntary celibates), despite their many agreements with MRAs and MGTOWS, have a rather less cheery view of our possibly postapocalyptic future. In the future dystopian hellscape they imagine, it is the mythical Chad, not them, who will be able to capitalize on the chaos.

Over on, the website that many of Reddit’s more extreme incels fled to when Reddit closed down the Incels subreddit, one regular commenter offers his weird take on the subject:

[RageFuel] After WW3, there will be another Baby Boom driven by chads and chads alone.  Thread starterRitalincel  Start dateThursday at 2:16 AM Ritalincel Ritalincel Brainlet - Thursday at 2:16 AM#1 Not only will >90% of incels most likely die off duirng WW3 (due to drafting and nuclear weapons being used on us), chads returning from service will go on to impregnate nearly every surviving foid.  So, any incels who are remaining will be completely mogged by a bunch of Chad Jr's.

In case you’re wondering “completely mogged” means “completely dominated by.” “Foid” is short fro “femoid,” aka woman or girl.

But some of Ritalincel’s colleagues think there might be a bit of a silver lining to the almost complete destruction of the earth.

Sadist Admiral - Thursday at 2:45 AM#2 Thats why you get your sex while you can, when "war crimes" are allowed if you get what I mean

On the off chance you don’t get what he means, he means rape.

Sadist’s suggestion inspired one of his fellow incels to relate an old war story his great-grandfather used to tell:

Dekim ricefevercel - Thursday at 10:19 AM#13 Sadist said: Thats why you get your sex while you can, when "war crimes" are allowed if you get what I mean Reminds me of a war story from my grandfather's father. His squad was clearing houses in a Romanian village, but one of the houses had an explosive attached to the front door, and it killed one of the guys. To avenge him, they killed the men in the house and raped all the children and women, and then killed them too. That's from ww1 btw.

Apparently Dekim’s grandfather was really quite a charming fellow.

 Dekim ricefevercel - Thursday at 12:56 PM#19 Sadist said: brutal, but did they also rape the boy children? cause thats fucked. Idk I was was like 8 when he told me that story. He is dead now. He also told me another story about a guy who was robbing corpses on the battlefield. One time he found a woman with a gold tooth and he tried to take it out, but she turned out to be still alive and started screaming, so he quickly slit her throat. After he returned home he had 3 children and all were born with defects and turned out retarded

Another regular offered his own post-apocalyptic fantasies, which to his credit involve actual consensual sex:

blackcel Veteran - Thursday at 10:24 AM#15 Think man, THINK. you fuck the girls while the young Chads are fighting. That is why there was a baby boom, not because of the Chads returning and fucking the shit out of their wives, but wives being lonely and having sex with men who were not their husbands. This is also why russian males look so subhuman while their females are hot. ALl the Chads died on the front lines and the subhuman incels who couldn't fight were able to impregnate entire villages.  WW3 will never happen, though

Blackcel does seem a little confused about a couple of things. There’s not going to be much “fighting” in World War 3, when and if it arrives; most people, including soldiers, will be killed the instant the bombs and missiles explode.

He’s also a bit off when it comes to genetics, seeming to think that girl babies get their looks entirely from their mothers, while boy babies get theirs only from their dads. Which if true would kind of defeat the purpose of sexual reproduction entirely.

I guess expecting incels to know anything at all sex is probably asking way too much of them.

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RE: The Draft.

It’s notable that the standards changes are probably partially *because* of the fact that the US is running a professional army in a relatively unpopular war. If the draft is reinstituted they can afford to pick more based on other factors since the “Wants to go to war” one becomes irrelevant, so physical ones becomes more important relatively speaking.

RE: WWI: The romanian front was very different from the Western one, it wawsn’t quite as mobile as some others but significant chunks of territory changed hands, included a couple of major cities. It wasn’t the kind of static trench warfare that was the case in the west (partially because the fronts were just too long)

there are still protected professions, “fortunate sons” of the rich, and older men (we’re always hearing about how men age like fine wine). The left-behind incels would still be competing with George Clooney.

Also fellows too young to draft– Sean Connery was supposedly 14 when he lost his virginity, and wouldn’t join the Royal Navy for another couple of years.

Uhhh, my WW1 history is not great, but weren’t the Romanians on the side of the Entente? Was grandpa one of Zee Germans?

I had to look it up on Wikipedia because my knowledge of WW1 history is not great either. But, yeah. It looks like they were neutral, then entered the war on the Allied side, suffered some heavy losses and were occupied for a little while by the Central powers and later reentered the war. If the poster was not just making up very creepy wank fodder, the incident he described would likely have occurred during the time the Central powers were occupying Romania.

I’m kind of annoyed my history schooling was so incredibly US-centric and I always have to look this kind of thing up on my own. I’ve actually been wanting to learn more about Romanian history for some time. My love of gymnastics and vampire lore gives me a bit of a non-genetic personal connection to the country.

I like Alexey Chadov – his name even is has Chad inside it!

(I can’t remember how to embed photo🤦)

also my family is Russian, all born in russia except me but i have actually Ukranian or polish family name, but i only know my relarives who are born in russia (so maybe very long ago they are not Russian but that is too long to remember) and I don’t think they are subhuman. well, actually I don’t think I know anyone of any nationality who is “subhuman”. such a ridiculous thing to say – but that is incels 🤷

I think incels have this sort of idea that Chad leads an unattainable life, doing things they dream about doing but are prevented from experiencing due to unfortunate Gonial angles and short philtrums. Wartime military duty is just another macho fantasy they’re excluded from. It stands to reason, then, that the draft board would select out all the sex-having Chads to go off for manly adventures, leaving the incels behind to fill sandbags and knit washcloths. It’s such black and white thinking.

I think Buttercup nailed it with this. The cult of the soldier (I know, I’ll stop harping on it) portrays a military serviceman (it’s typically a man) as being the paragon of strength and power, so it fits into their “Chad” paradigm like a glove. Women and enbies are not permitted to share in that portrayal, so if they are thought of as service personnel at all, it’s in a non-combat capacity (and thus in the incel mind, not “over there”).

I will say that–and I might be in the minority here–I’m not a fan of the post-apocalyptic or dystopian fiction genre in general. Survival in a lawless wasteland is not exactly my idea of escapist fantasy; if I ever do watch it, it’s gotta have some cautionary subtext to it, even if goes into a campy over-the-top direction such as Mad Max. I actually find it odd the way people have gravitated toward Fallout and Walking Dead and The Last of Us. The last thing I’d want to do is play-act the fall of civilization and stylistically gamifying it the way a series like Fallout does just rubs me the wrong way. Imagine The Stand or The Road as video games. That probably comes closer to what the experience would really be like. *shrug* To each their own.

As for the kind of open fantasizing on display in David’s article, I can see the appeal if you’re some Ayn Rand-reading fancy-lad who thinks his cushy existence is boring and that he’d totally rule the nuclear hellscape that would come after it, but alas, I can’t delude myself to that extent.

If there’s a nuclear war, I suspect there won’t be a frontline. Just lots and lots of shadows on ruined walls.

I’ve just been putting together what the Beloved can remember of his family history. He was largely brought up by a grandfather who was a veteran of not only the First World War, but also the Boer War before it and the “Allied Intervention” – during which he invaded Vladivostock in the hopes of overturning the Revolution, and eldest Grandsprog was asking if she has any ancestors who were involved in WWI.

Turns out she very likely had an ancestor on each side: B’s granddad on the British side, and the unknown father of B’s first wife’s mother – who was born in Linz, Austria, in 1919 – on the other. It would be nice to suppose they were in the same battles, (some Austrians served in the German forces, notably a certain A. Hitler who was with the Bavarians) but we’ll never know.

And yes, Romania was neutral and then on “our” side in WWI – for a given value of “our”.

However “‘clearing’ Romanian villages” – by mass-murder with some recreational rape thrown in – is much more redolent of what went on in WWII, when some of the Nazi government in Germany were dismayed by reports that their Fascist allies in Romania were raping Jewish women while committing genocide on them and their families. (Cue a lot of flannel from the high command about how you couldn’t trust Romanians to be fine upstanding non-raping murdering Fascists like proper master-race ones).

So perhaps the person commemorating his great-grandfather’s warcrimes boast just doesn’t want his incel buddies to know he has an ancestor who may have had sex with Jewish women. Which wouldn’t be the weirdest skew of values you find in the manosphere.

There’s another possibility with the descendant of the ethnic cleanser in Romania. He could of course be off by a war, and thus be talking about the unbelievably brutal murders of civilians committed by Hungarian troops after Hitler assigned his ally Admiral Horthy (an admiral without any navy) control over large sections of both Vojvodina (Serbia) and Transylvania (Romania). The vast majority of the Hungarian public saw these Hitler-gifts as almost divine retribution for Hungary’s loss of its territories after 1918, and so both officers and enlisted men were literally out for blood in dealing with any non-ethnically-Hungarian minorities in these regions.

As for occupied Transylvania: not only did Hungarian armed forces (actually regular gendarmes, not soldiers) send Elie Wiesel and all his relatives to Auschwitz, but one of the very worst murderers in Horthy’s service ended up in the US. His name was Albert Wass, and he also thought of himself as a writer; the present Hungarian government is widely promoting him as a noble martyr forced into exile by the evil Bolsheviks… though he demonstrably assisted in several massacres of Jewish civilians. His son, in turn, made good use of his anti-Communist pedigree and rose high in the US military hierarchy: it was his strategic blueprint that was used, for instance, in the repulsive “turkey shoot” of fleeing Iraqi soldiers during the first Gulf War in 1991.

“I actually find it odd the way people have gravitated toward Fallout ”

Fallout, at least the original series (1, 2, New Vegas) are much more about civilization rebuilding itself than anything else. Stylistically they are more westerns (with all the problems that entails) than anything else.

Rage Fuel!!!!!!!!

I somehow doubt they need much of it. Very fuel efficient hate machines, I reckon

“Vast piles of bodies” from nucYOUlar bombs ain’t the future, kids. It’s AIRLINERS that’ll spread the killin’, not ICBM-style missiles.

Pandemics kill without leaving piles of bodies “hither and yon”. Peeps throw bodies into piles after wretched deaths, then catch the germs and “share the love” with everyone within a hundred yards. (Hundred “meters” or “metres” for you fer-ners.)

The first “war week” will kill hundreds in a few dozen locales, the following week tens-of-thousands with sickness and death, followed by millions and hundreds-of-millions.

It’ll grow on the order of 2^(e*pi) per “generation”, which exceeds earth’s population within a couple months. sayonara, primates!

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