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Chad Vs. The Hecolopters: Today in Tweets 4/21/18 edition

The Incel Air Force launches its assault on Chad

By David Futrelle

It’s Saturday, and I’m feeling lazy, so I’m going to ignore all the frantic, sloppy tweets coming from Donald Trump’s bedroom at Mar-al-Lago and focus on the important non-Trump news of the day.

Like the Incel Air Force’s air strike against Chad (not the country).

Also, just a couple of days after being celebrated semi-ironically by Jacobin as a Marxist hero of sorts, Kanye West is hailing alt-lite weirdo Candace Owens (remember her from Gamergate days?) as a brilliant thinker.

In other developments:

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The “pastor” at the church where I play made a Jew joke during the sermon today. His wife is an ex-Jew and she laughed, so he said it was ok.

I was totally blown off center and don’t entirely know how I made it through the rest of the service. I really want to quit, but I need the salary right now.

Also last week, the secretary at my Mom’s church performed a miracle. Since my mom died in Feb, I have been trying to find her dog a new home. Elderly Shih-Tzu, not really housebroken. The vet recommended euthanasia. Said shih-tzu used to belong to Pastor’s first wife and went to my mom after her death. I felt like I had to at least offer first rights for adoption/fostering to Pastor’s family. Got months of 1)YES! We’d love to take her….2) nevermind

So secretary texted me to see how I was doing. I was honest. I’d be ok, except dog. In less than 15 minutes, I had an action plan, a solution. Next day, all was resolved.

Spoke to Pastor this morning. He took all the credit. *facepalm*

I love my congregation, but I hate the pastor. But I’ve always hated the pastor, he’s the one who thinks 13-year-olds are slutty.

My sympathies, @Eli–on both the poor dog and the shitty pastor.

I’ve always thought it was the most hilariously ironic thing that Reddit and *chan incels used “Chad” as the name of a paragon of masculinity that gets all the women, while literally every woman I’ve known uses “Chad” as the name of a douchey jackass in a polo shirt who they’d never let get near them in a million years.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually met a real person named Chad. What it reminds me of now is that back at the height of the DAPL protests, a baby was born at the protester’s camp, and they announced her name, which meant ‘Water is Life’ in Lakota, on Twitter.

A lady responded, “How beautiful! My grandson’s name is Chad.”

It was simultaneously so charming and so random.

Thank you. I nearly cried when I took him to his new place, he was so excited to be able to have a shower.

Yes! I have a full sleeve and neck tattoos visible and most of my back, sternum and legs too ^_^

I do not understand the strapping tape. But it is beige. Wait…

No… certainty no….

@Podkayne Lives

Regarding Chad, I agree. Definitely a d-bag synonym.

It could be that the mgtow types are a bit out of touch with reality….

Shocker, I know.

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