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Hot takes on the YouTube shooting from Stefan Molyneux, Tucker Carlson and the NRA

Stefan Molyneux: “She was really hitting the wall hard.”

By David Futrelle

A quick roundup of some terrible people with terrible thoughts on the YouTube shooting. With videos!

Alt-Right-adjacent YouTube “philosopher” Stefan Molyneux says the shooter probably did it because she was “losing her beauty” and too old to have babies.

Here’s a clip of his, er, argument, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

If you can’t bear to watch it, here’s the gist of it:

It’s hard to avoid the fact that this woman was somewhat pretty and had a smoking body.  … She [was] 39. OK, she has a little bit of dead-doll, fish-glassy-eyed stare, she’s got a tiny mouth … But she’s attractive and she was really hitting the wall hard.

But this aging beauty of 39 — practically an elderly woman at this point, amirite fellas? — was struggling on YouTube and her viewership was falling. Which, as Molyneux sees it, means that

everyone around her was right and she was wrong. And if she’s wrong, it means that she wasted her beauty. She wasted her youth. Because I don’t care how many sit-ups you do, the eggs age anyway.  …

So she doesn’t have the fame, she doesn’t have the future … and she’s too old—probably—to get married and have kids.

I guess the logical conclusion from all this is that instead of banning guns we should ban women from getting older than, say, 38? Or, to be absolutely safe, 30? Then we could send them to Carousel, a la Logan’s Run.

Seems like a solution.

Fox News White Supremacist Tucker Carlson blames the shooting on “Toxic Femininity,” and apparently thinks he’s very clever for thinking up this totally new and original joke about an act of terrorism that could have killed many people:

First off, the shooter was a woman. She was female, so clearly America has a problem with toxic femininity, and we’d need to address that crisis right away, starting with more university panels shaming an entire gender. Somebody alert the H.R. department to this.

Media Matters for America has the clip if you feel like subjecting yourself to Tucker’s smug natterings. 

NRATV correspondent Chuck Holton says that YouTube kind of, sort of, brought the shooting upon itself. 

YouTube making these changes where they’re going from being a platform for videos to being a publisher of videos, meaning that they are starting to censor content here and there, whatever, actually opens them up to liability and it opens them up to a lot of hatred from people around the world.

So, yeah, yet another right-winger who basically thinks the shooter, while “pretty downright crazy even by California standards,” was basically justified in being really, really, really mad at YouTube.

Media Matters has this clip too.

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The Real Cie
4 years ago

That Logan’s Run carousel is nowhere near as much fun as the Cock Carousel.

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