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Neo-Nazis charged with attempted murder after shooting following Richard Spencer speech: Today in Tweets

Colton Fears, Tyler Tenbrink and Wiliam Fears, charged with attempted murder after shooting yesterday

By David Futrelle

Three white supremacists have been charged with attempted murder after one of them fired at a group of antifascist counterprotesters after a speech by neo-Nazi celebrity Richard Spencer at the University of Florida in Gaineville yesterday.

The Miami Herald reports:

Just before 5:30 p.m., just as protesters outside Spencer’s speech at UF’s Phillips Center were wrapping up, Gainesville police said the trio started heckling some anti-Spencer protesters with Hitler chants, Nazi salutes and threats. At one point, cops said, convicted felon Tenbrink pulled out a gun and the brothers encouraged him to use it.

He fired a single shot that missed the group, police said, then sped off in a silver Jeep. An off-duty Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted the car 20 miles out of town around 9 p.m. and arrested the group. The Fears brothers are held on million dollar bonds in the Alachua County jail. Tenbrink’s is $3 million.

Surprise, surprise: Two of the three were amongst the alleged “very fine people” marching with their fellow white supremacists in Charlottesville.

Tenbrink, 28, and William Fears, 30, were spotted at Charlottesville, the site of the largest white nationalist gathering in years that erupted in violence. Fears identifies himself on Twitter as “Charismatic leader of a White breeding cult” and tweeted “blood and soil,” the notorious Nazi slogan.

This is terrorism, plain and simple. It’s appalling the story isn’t getting more attention in the media.

Here are some tweets with more details on what happened.

And these three aren’t the only violent white supremacists who should be getting a lot more attention from the press — and the cops.

The ProPublica piece is a long one but I think a necessary read for anyone concerned with the rise of a violent fascist movement in US.

My thoughts exactly.

Meanwhile, everyone in the White House continues to lie about Trump’s shockingly callous treatment of a grieving Gold Star mother and the congresswoman who has stood up for her.

Don TrumpJr. has thrown himself into the fray though he apparently has trouble telling black women apart.

Rachel Maddow has a pretty convincing theory on why Trump doesn’t want to talk about Niger: that the 4 US soldiers died in part as a result of the Trump administration alienating the government of Chad, which pulled its troops out of Niger after Trump put the country  (a longtime ally in the war on terror) on his alleged non-Muslim ban list for an extremely stupid reason.

In a whole other arena of terrible, things are even worse in Puerto Rico than official reports acknowledge:

But our country still has its heroes. Along with Rep. Wilson and all those working diligently to save lives in Puerto Rico, there is this dude:

Here are some cute animals because we all need more of them this week. And every week these days, frankly.

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… summer daydream….

8:00Eastern Time Special Prosecutor issues indictments against two trumpian conspirators

12:00Eastern Time dumpster fire issues pardons to same conspirators

2:00Eastern Time Cabinet invokes 25th Amendment, extinguishing dumpster fire

🙂 🙂 🙂

@ PeeVee

Mandatory and Rick Gates

… gotta love spel-chek, eh…?

If he pardons them, they can no longer take the fifth and can be compelled to testify. “It’s a trap!”


If a country can be desestabilized by something as trivial as a través ban, that speak volumes about the country in cuestión. Dont you think?

David– if you’re feeling up to the task, starting a new thread for the Manafort/Page indictments and reactions thereto might be nice.

My summer daydream:
1) Mueller “leaks” that there’ll be arrest(s) on Monday
2) Monday morning, Manafort and Gates are arrested
3) Flynn, Kushner and Pence semi-relax
4) early Tuesday morning, Flynn, Kushner and Pence are arrested.

I was expecting Manafort and Gates. I wasn’t expecting George Papadapolous.

What other cards does Mueller have to play? I don’t need to know right now, but I bet when he lays ’em on the table, my reaction will be “Holy motherforking shirtballs.”

I don’t remember hearing about this George Papadopolous person ever before. But hey, things are moving.

@ shadowplay

the Law is still an ass, sir

Yeah, but you know my thing for donkeys so it kinda works for me.

(I do think though that’s a great analysis)

I’ve been sick lately and slowly coming back. One of the articles I found was of ANOTHER white supremacy protest. This time in TN. There were plenty of counter-protesters and little violence though.

But then.. (unsurprisingly)


I was a fan of Assange myself, but this blind loyalty from some lefties is troubling. If you criticise him, you’re a hypocrite; if you wonder about his ties to Russia you’re invoking Cold War hysteria, etc. etc. Not sure how they reconcile his Twitter feed being full of Pepes & MAGAs…

One can easily substitute Glenn Greenwald here too. The Bush administration provided a target-rich environment; the sheer breadth of its human-rights violations were well-documented before the Wikileaks document dumps. One could easily surmise they merely wanted to hold the powerful accountable for their atrocities, as most of us did in 2007-2008.

But then Obama decided we didn’t want to “look back” and let all those targets off the hook, and largely preserved a lot of the executive authority that Bush established, along with the troubling drone program. What became clear at that point is that despite the humanism one would think opposition to a torture regime would require, Greenwald and Assange et al. were so focused on their foreign policy bugaboos that they treated Obama like he was just another George W. Bush despite the critical differences in ideology and domestic policy. That was my first inkling that there was some misplaced priorities. If indeed Assange only wanted to disrupt and sow mistrust, he certainly fooled a lot of us back then.

What people really need to come to grips with regarding Russia is that just because the old Soviet power structures collapsed decades hence, it didn’t mean that the fractured countries left in its wake would just integrate cleanly into the global community like East Germany did with its Western half. On the contrary, you had a lot of moneyed interested wanting to feed upon the husks, and Yeltsin’s policies only helped them do it. The corruption of Russia’s political apparatuses have been known since the 90s, yet because we seemed to be past the “duck and cover” imminent fear of nuclear conflict and they were not longer “red”, we could consider them our “friends.” We can’t be that naive, particularly with an oligarch-owned petrostate as Russia currently exists as. Undermining the west’s faith in its own institutions only allows those oligarchs to spread their influence.

Russia has already engaged in a cyberattack on the US electoral system. They will do so again and they won’t limit it just to the US. We all need to be wary of this dangerous precedent and keep this firmly in mind for the next electoral cycle.

Weird Eddie: D’OH!

I even corrected it once already!

Just popping back in to say thanks to everyone who commented on the Assange/Weinstein thing that I posted days ago. There’s a lot going on at my end, so I haven’t had a chance to come back here.
Obv everyone will be over at the open thread (and just wow on the indictments) – but the comments on legal aspects (including IP’s translation) were fantastic and much appreciated.
Violet, that tea video is simply brilliant.
Hambeast, I’m so sorry that the content was very close to home for you <3 <3
Thanks again peoples – see you over on the new thread!

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