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Nazi memelords mock the murder of Heather Heyer by one of their own

Heather Heyer, who lost her life in Saturday’s terrorist car attack in Charlottesville

By David Futrelle

On the neo-Nazi hate site The Daily Stormer, the ISIS-style car attack on a crowd of anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville yesterday has been the source of great hilarity from the moment it happened.

Site publisher Andrew Anglin mocks the attack, which killed 32-year-old activist Heather Heyer and left many injured, as a “Crashocaust” and jokes in one post that the “very nice car” used in the attack was “worth much more than the life of whoever died.”

Even before the driver of the car was identified as a young man who appears to be a Hitler-obsessed, meme-loving, Trump-supporting neo-Nazi much like them, Anglin’s readers embraced the attack as a great victory for their side.

“God is truly with us today,” someone calling himself AshinFurnacestein declared on the site’s forums. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

“hahahaha YUGE win today for the home team!,” another commenter agreed, “and now they fumbeled in the end zone when a cop bird crashed and burned ahahahahaha  :joy:  God is speedy in his vengeance”

The Stormers quickly turned the attack into an excuse to post the most offensive memes they could imagine.

I’m going to post some of them here, but be warned: they are some of the most rancid, hateful images you will likely ever see, and, save one, I am posting them uncensored. Click away from this post now if the events of the last several days have left you feeling even a little bit fragile.

But this needs to be documented so we know exactly what sort of people we’re dealing with here.

Anglin himself got the meme contest going by posting this:

And things quickly went downhill from there:

Some of the Stormers happily appropriated whatever old memes they could think of.

The Stormers were especially excited to see that at least one of those hit by the car was black.

One memester borrowed the cover of a Cars album:

Another incorporated Anglin himself into his meme:

The worst meme posted? Probably this one, incorporating a famous image of Alan Kurdi, a three-year-old Syrian refugee who drowned in the Mediterranean after the overloaded boat containing him and his parents capsized.


There are more memes like this on the Daily Stormer forums, many more. You can find many of them in this forum thread. (This is an archived link that only shows a handful of comments; you will have to go to the direct link to see them all.)

And the Stormers aren’t the only ones turning the car attack that left Heather Heyer dead into what they think are hilarious memes.

On 4chan, one anon posted this:

And on Twitter, meanwhile, white supremacists and shitlords with names like Awakened Saxon and Dan From Kekistan are posting memes of their own:

These, I need hardly remind you, are the people Donald Trump refuses to explicitly denounce with his own big mouth.

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@opposablethumbs, the tower itself is just a little room with a hatch in the floor to get to the ladder. (Many towers don’t have stairs, but just a ladder). Some are sorta nice

But lots are just a radio, the firefinder and some walls and windows. The one near where I worked (I didn’t work in a fire tower, but worked with the forestry service near one and went up into it a few times while we visited) was the latter. Nice, though! Bring some books or some paint and canvas if you like, that sort of thing. Most fire watchers bring up a chamberpot or something for peeing. Peanut butter jars are sort of the wilderness port-a-potty :p

Really nice and peaceful, I would like to do it for a summer.

And yeah, I grew up in B.C., and I was actually back there on vacation up until a week ago. Got to see some of the smoke down in the Kootenay Boundary where my family’s summer place is, even if there weren’t any fires all that close. Firefighters have been very busy this year.

@Scildfreja Unnyðnes True, that. :/ Yukon has been relatively quiet this year re fires, enough that we were able to send 40-some fire fighters to BC.

I actually lived in 100 Mile House for a couple of years when I was young. (Young enough that I don’t remember much about it, admittedly.) It was one of the towns that had to be evacuated this year.

Whois information for the DS domain now points directly to Andrew Anglin’s gmail address, as google turned off the “free privacy protected ‘whois’ email address”. Still don’t seem to have the website back up yet, and may never.

It’s beautiful 🙂
The watchers don’t sleep there, then? Is there a cabin near the foot of each tower?

*Greenland* has been burning this year and last. But that won’t be for long — there’s not that much tundra to light up, and it grows very slowly.

The weather for much of western Nunavut today is “smoke” or “haze” due to forest fires and their current heat wave.

The Chinese hoaxers are very active.

We’re still here, and reading and keeping informed.

Tara got bit up by deer flies, and then sick. Tending my sick friend.
We have been reading here, trying to keep up with it all.

Oh also – when you’re uninsured you have to DIY / consult Dr. Google. I do have insurance, T does not, I was also in the Girl Scouts / outdoor experience so I could guess what it was.

We Urban Hipsters have become survivalists here. We have to.

We all try to work together too. I don’t ‘get’ why these RWers are so hostile and want to fight everyone?

In times like these, you must work together. At all times.

Our ideas are (and by this I mean dozens of people I know) – you beat them at their own game. You create a new structure.

Protesting and sociological analysis and all that are very important too, those who are best at this are the ones to do it.

We, people like me, are going about it from – beat them at their own game. We will be the biz and local gov people, start with small biz,
Whatever you can do. Beat them at their own game.

Others here may want to consider this. “They” do talk about the “Free Market”, ok? Let’s do it better and PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!

These are some of our ideas that others may be interested in too.

Not sure what to do in school? General Biz and Econ won’t hurt you, and you’ll get credit. Non students bored of all the crap on the net – Free biz classes online. As well as biz news, discussions, all kinds of things.

We can beat them at their own game.

We can do it better.

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