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Some dumb things that are #WhiteGenocide, according to idiots

Gloria Jones, Marc Bolan and Rolan Bolan: Making White Genocide glam!

By David Futrelle

It’s been a while since we checked in on the BIGGEST JEWSPIRACY OF OUR AGE, that being WHITE GENOCIDE, the evil plot to rid the world of white people through devious tricks like running ads for sweatpants featuring interracial couples.

So I thought Id take another peek at the #WhiteGenocide hashtag on Twitter to see what else the white-haters have up their Jew-sleeves in their ongoing quest to destroy the white race. Here are a few of the things that I discovered are actually WHITE GENOCIDE.

Diaper boxes featuring babies that aren’t white

A black Miss Helsinki

Black people shoplifting, which is apparently legal now?

People who think Donald Trump sort of acted like a creepy uncle with a female reporter from Ireland recently, calling her over to his desk apropos of nothing at a photo op to tell her she has a “nice smile.”

The lack of a purely white continent

The lack of government issued hazmat suits to protect white Europeans from refugee cooties

The centuries-old practice of identifying children with one black parent as black


People who are insufficiently enthusiastic about Hitler

Stay alert, fellow white people! You can never tell what might be genociding you next!

137 replies on “Some dumb things that are #WhiteGenocide, according to idiots”

Dear Mr. We hunted the mammoth

I’m outraged, outraged I say, that Miss Helsinki 2017 has ebony skin. The very sight of her in her black stockings and lingerie has made me stiff with indignation. I was so overwhelmed by my feelings that I had to retire to my bedroom to hammer out this complaint. I hope that this letter will bring me rapid release from this rigid apoplexy that overcame me when I laid my eyes on her scantily covered form.


Mr. GI Joel. MR(A), Mgotow, B. Arts (Wibbles)

I used to live next door to a white cat. I moved away.
Drive a non-white car?
Is your mouse black?

Wait, I just realized something…
THIS WHOLE SITE, is white genocide! The bars on either side of the post are black! How could you!

Also, the text appears black. *sigh* It never ends!


I feel like you could give these folks a dose of their own medicine by claiming to be Irish or something and then telling all these white supremacists to stop diluting Irish genes with their filthy English/Scandinavian/German/French genes, aka “RedHairedGenocide”. How quickly would they tell you that you were ridiculous, that there’s no difference between Irish and English genes, how the cultures are similar, blah blah blah

I’ve seen this happen in YouTube comments. It was an argument between a Finnish ethnic nationalist crank, and a white nationalist crank who mistook Finns for “Nordic”. That’s a serious faux pas 🙂

I committed WHITE GENOCIDE!!! earlier this evening when I ate a large bowl of Breyer’s chocolate ice cream. I also took part in it several years ago when my white uterus was taken out, preventing me from having Superior White Babies. Complete with inherited depression, anxiety, and clotting disorders …yeah.

Though at least one of my mom’s ancestors was Creole, so anybody’s guess who or what got in my DNA that way. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out there was a black or Native ancestor in there. So gosh, isn’t it good I *didn’t* reproduce, Neo-Nazis?

(Same with the cat getting spayed. She was deceptively white as a kitten but she’s become dark brown in her dotage. CONSPIRACY.)

More White Genocide Proof:

The number of Polar Bears has dwindled to just 20-25 000. Yet Polar Bears are increasing being found to have been mating with racial inferior Grizzly Bears entering their territory and producing hybrid offspring.

Clearly this is the work of Jewish Sloth Bears trying to genocide Polar bears.

Anti-Speciesist is a code word for Anti-Ursus Maritimus.

Hey Valentine, yes I am a UKnian (with half my ancestry from “somewhere-near-Kiev”, or so they tell me 🙂 ). You probably have a very good idea via your parents of what has been happening to the NHS in recent years (thank you, Tory party). Mental healthcare is particularly badly underfunded, so this person I was mentioning has only been getting a fraction of the actual mental health support they need.

But in this case it’s more of a welfare issue really – until now they have been getting a small amount of welfare to help with managing everyday life; now the government has changed the system and gradually everybody across the country who was on the old welfare benefit has to go for re-assessment. The new assessment rules are designed to eliminate a large proportion of people from the list, so I went with them to try and support them through the “interview”.

It’s also very galling that the whole interview procedure has been given to private companies to run, who make a profit out of it.

(I’m leaving for the march in an hour or so, so will disappear at some point this morning). Good morning WHTM!

yes I am a UKnian (with half my ancestry from “somewhere-near-Kiev”, or so they tell me 🙂 ).

We are all mix-up! This is why i love Europe 😁💛💙🇺🇦🇬🇧

I have some idea yes but i dont know about this private companies or that people have to be ‘re-assess’ now ((( i always thought NHS is very good, almost best of all Europe because taxes still ok (not high like Denmark/norway) but good healthcare available for all. Even from 1990s my parents already planning for move to UK or France because of this. My mum wanted better care for her parents.

I never believe strongly in UK government but i thought NHS would never be touch – even by conservative gvt.

But you must be on your march already – now already afternoon in UK i think? Good luck. ))

Have a white cat, which we took in and spayed. Doing my bit for White Genocide!
She’s a strange little thing, but she sleeps next to the husband, which makes him happy. And she responds to the call of “cheese”. She has a loud, raucous, rusty meow and the quietest purr I’ve ever heard.

Carrots are white genocide. If you have too many you turn orange, not fake orange like the Trumpet, but REALLY orange. And even more outrageous: carrots used to be white!


Is it the quiet purr where you have to actually put your hand under the chin to feel it? Out of my last trio of cats, one of them – Wilkie – was like that, until my son was old enough to make proper friends with her. Then she started loud purrs <3

Blue’s Clues is hella white genocide. Remember Mr Salt, Mrs Pepper and their children Paprika and Cinnamon? Mixing the spices. Scandalous. Smh…

You know what’s not white genocide? Rubik’s cube. You start with all the colours mixed, and work to separate them into their own homelands. This is described as “finding the solution”. Rubik’s cube is racist propaganda.

“White genocide” – good grief. It’s Canada’s 150th birthday today, and some (mostly white) people are saying we shouldn’t call Canada’s treatment of indigenous people “cultural genocide” because genocide is too extreme a word or something. (As if the things that happened – wars, forced assimilation policies, Indian residential schools – weren’t extreme.)

And then, in comparison – we bring you White Genocide!!! As evidenced by black babies on a diaper box. So horribly genocidal.

On gluten-free things: I think @kupo and @wwth are both right – the people pushing it as a trendy diet are partly responsible for the stigma against it. I’m so glad the tests I had turned out negative. An aunt and cousin of mine are gluten intolerant, not to the same level as those with celiac disease, but it’s tough to be treated as “just trying to be trendy”. 🙁

@Mish: This one was so quiet that sometimes you couldn’t feel it, and had to put your head gently to her side to be sure. She has gotten a bit louder. Sometimes you can even hear her purr now.

Makroth - wild west firecracker window-smashing soap-averse unionized cowboy Jacobin from Hellsays:

A bit late for this but i think it’s relevant to the topic:


“My issue is only with people who are pushing restrictive diets when they aren’t medically necessary – especially for children – because deeming food groups or ingredients inherently good or evil is seriously a recipe for disordered eating at worst, unhealthy yo-yo dieting at best.”

Is there any evidence that restricting certain foods leads to eating disorders though? I’ve read that preteens dieting can lead to disordered eating, but I’ve always assumed that it was the focus on calories/weight that did it, not the restrictions on food choices. I have a hard time seeing how saying gluten is “bad” or “unhealthy” is more likely to lead to disordered eating than saying soda is “bad” or “unhealthy”. But maybe it does.

I know you said you don’t want to argue about this, and I’m honestly not trying to argue. I’m asking because I’m a parent, and I help my kids make food choices, and I’m curious/interested. (And no, none of us are on any kind of diet, fad or otherwise.)

” I think that a lot of parenting techniques popular among upper class white women are only popular because they’re unattainable for less privileged parents.”

I agree, up to an extent. That extent is because most of those things that upper-class moms have grabbed onto were not meant to be done perfectly.

Take attachment parenting. Attachment parenting was meant to be somewhat flexible to the circumstances. You can attachment parent even when you work, because you can wear your baby when you’re with them, co sleep when you’re home, and etc. It’s the “purists” who demand 100% that are elistist assholes.

“unless they’re a couple with enough money for one to stay home”

Perhaps I’m reading it wrong, but I’ll just come out and say it. Quit it with the myth that SAHMs are mostly relatively well off, privileged, white women. Honestly your whole argument reads of it.


1. Stay-at-home moms are poorer, less educated than working moms:

Stay-at-home mothers are younger, poorer and less educated than their working counterparts. For example, 34% of stay-at-home mothers are poor, compared with 12% of working mothers. They are also less likely to be white and more likely to be immigrants.”

2. The share of stay-at-home moms in poverty has doubled since 1970:

While more stay-at-home moms are in poverty — 34% in 2012, compared with 14% in 1970 — those with working husbands generally are better off than those without. But stay-at-home moms with working husbands are not as well off financially as married mothers who work outside the home.”

3. “Home by choice or necessity?:

…Overall, a growing share of stay-at-home mothers say they are home because they cannot find a job: 6% in 2012, versus 1% in 2000.c

They didn’t give raw percentages for moms who stayed home for illness or disability, just that they were more likely to be unmarried than married. (Well duh). Since I’m feeling too lazy to go digging, I’ll just point out that “many” SAHMs are physically unable to work.

Source: Pew Research.

Let me requote something for the people in the back;

“stay-at-home moms with working husbands are not as well off financially as married mothers who work outside the home.”

Believe it.

Speaking generally, this whole privileged SAHM myth needs to go die in a fire. You would think it’s popularity with misogynists would be a good clue as to it’s accuracy. But then, mommy envy is just another way to get women to bash one another.

No, I’m not trying to pick a fight. I thought you were referring specifically to arguments over the GF diet.

As I said, I was only interested as a parent. I would rather not have my adolescent daughter develop disordered eating. But I’m assuming you’re asking to drop everything. Fair enough.

As for the white folks adopting that custom and making elaborate claims about self-regulating babies: I’m pretty sure that newborn babies don’t give any signals when they’re about to go…as witness all the doting, attentive parents who’ve been sprayed in the eye by their newborns, or had to deal with a sudden case of Teh Projectile Poopy (always at the most convenient moments, natch). I swear, some of the little buggers do it on purpose, because they always seem to laugh with glee when they’ve scored a direct hit.

Like this one?
CW: naked baby, poop
There’s a bunch more here link NSFW
CWs for link: more naked babies, more poop, pee, baby testicles (I think they’re testicles anyway), vomit, and babies peeing on themselves


Fair enough. I’ll go into a little without mentioning gf or any other specific diet.

I don’t know if there have been studies so feel free to take my anecdata with some grains of salt. In my experience, people with eating disorders obsess over types of food just as much as calorie count. They tend to have food fads, safe foods, and bad foods. Most of the people I’ve talked to with an ed history had tried various fad diets and read a lot of mainstream diet tips in books and magazines that advise eating certain food groups and avoiding others.

To me, the diet industry and an uncritical media really normalize disordered eating. I won’t blame the media entirely since there’s plenty of evidence that there’s a physiological component to it, but at the same time, cultures that prize thinness are more likely to breed eds so there is a cultural component too.

I know that I feel way more triggered when people talk about diets where certain food is forbidden than when people talk about their weight or trying to lose weight. Although it’s only triggering when people do it in the name of weight loss or cleansing oneself. Not when someone has to alter their diet for religious, medical or pregnancy reasons. I don’t know if other people with ed histories feel that way though.

@PaganReader: Ahhhhahahahahahaha! Priceless. The best part is how beautifully photographed it all is. Very artistic. 😂

Hi again Valentine and everybody. The march and rally were pretty good – decent number of people (not sure how many tens of thousands – haven’t seen any official (or unofficial) estimates of the numbers, but the BBC called it “possibly one of the biggest of the recent marches” and I know some of them have been very substantial) and speakers including Dianne Abbot (whose speech I unfortunately didn’t get to hear) John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn.

The NHS is still brilliant, and the Tories have never yet dared attack it openly (well not quite openly) but they have adopted the tactic of severely underfunding it and “stealth” privatising it in parts, forcing the NHS to use private services; one of the latest things is the Nayler report: a move to oblige NHS “trusts” (sort of local divisions) to sell off part of their land, for example.

However, the use of private companies (mainly Capita and Atos) to “assess” the health of people with disabilities is a whole other problem and is being run by the Department of Work and Pensions. It’s nothing to do with people’s health, in fact! It’s purely about money. It’s essentially just a system designed to “prove” that people are well enough to be refused disability benefits.

Now, off back up the page to read the thread(s) that I have missed 🙂

mrex, food moralizing has reached such an extreme that we’ve managed to create a new eating disorder. (go team?) Orthoexia Nervosa, not in the dsm last I checked, but coming soon to a dsm near you!

It’s a pretty extreme obsession with healthy eating that can lead to types of food being so limited that the diet becomes unhealthy.

My big problem with food moralizing is that it seems to lead to making moral judgments about people based on what they happen to be eating at the time. (Seriously, ask any fat woman about eating in public)

I hope this makes sense I’m trying to get this typed up while working.

OMG I AM LITERALLY LISTENING TO T.REX RIGHT NOW AFTER SEEING BABY DRIVER. Then I check this blog and see Marc Bolan! Cosmic coincidences 😀

By the way, racists suck.

@PaganReader: As a White People, I’m not sure it’s okay for me to go “White People!” but I’m sure feeling it.

What are you thinking, my fellow parents? Just take a normal awkward family photo like the rest of us.

I can confirm though, that by the time my babies got to the ಠ_ಠ stage, it was basically too late.



@Falconer, my family and I decided to stop taking kitchy cutie photos when we got the proofs and we *all* looked like we’re vying for a spot in The Addams Family, unironically.


Like this one?

Yeah! Notice the sly grin on the “sleeping” kidlet’s face? (Also, great catch of spurting goo and dismayed dad-face on the part of the photographer, although I’m sure they didn’t have so much fun mopping up after…)

Long time lurker and second time poster here.

Whenever I see white supremacists shout, “THE WHITE RACE IS DYING!!!11,” my usual response is Kenshiro’s infamous quote : “You’re already dead!” Nobody can really be considered white since whiteness is based on purity and a pure heritage is non-existent. That and white isn’t a race.

The ironic thing about this is that white supremacists are multi-cultural themselves and are just as guilty of white genocide or destroying “human biodiversity.” If they actually understood the European cultures they claim to love so much, they’d realize just how diverse the cultures are. Though some are saying “Greeks and the Irish should not breed.”

If you actually talk to most of these people, you find out that none of them are really connected to a culture in any way. It’s based 99% on skin colour.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Could…could someone please explain that chocolate bar one to me? Pretty please with a cherry on it?

The rest of the pics, I can figure out (most of) the reasons for. That candy bar one…I only understand one piece of it, the Shopping While Black part. The rest, I can’t figure out how those pieces fit with each other. What does SWB, Flaherty’s, the phrase Don’t Make the Black Kids’ Angry (do they hulk out or turn into werewolves?) and shoplifting have to do with each other, 1963, and a Hershey’s bar?

Any ideas?


Aside to all that have been pretty well expressed by all of you, i note that :

The Italian Navy picks up African migrants – in bio-chemical suits – in case of infectious diseases. Do you Europeans get bio suits too?

Well, unless there has been a recent change in geography, Italy is an european country too.

Miss Helsink 2017

If you are not even able to make a copypaste or a spell check of the name of a city you are thinking you are defending by spilling your racist gall all over the place, i suggest you review your priorities and begin to educate yourself.

Helsink, hellsink… Maybe the hellsink of the hellkitchen, i do not know…

Have a nice day.


I’m sure they’ll find some reason Pepsi Clear is unsafe too, maybe it’s made of transparent foetuses or something vile? I’m surprised how many people still believe that Pepsi is flavoured with extract of aborted foetus, and that dastardly Planned Parenthood is behind it, them or superhuman Bond villain George Soros.

I found this cartoon by Seuss, and thought that even tho it was drown in the thirties, it suits Trumpster very well indeed. What do you guys think?

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