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I exist! Here are some baby stoats

Totes adorbs

Hey, folks! I still exist. I’m just having another unplanned migraine vacation — same thing yesterday — so I may not get to posting anything today beyond this.

The tweet below has pretty much exhausted my creativity for the day, I think.

Oh, and as long as I’m pasting tweets, everyone should see this:

Consider this an open thread.

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4 years ago

Hopefully now the Labour leadership can shut up about Corbyn’s unelectability. The democrats are almost there themselves.

And maybe, perhaps, parties everywhere are starting to ditch the “vote for us otherwise disaster” pitch which rarely works.

Dalillama: Irate Social Engineer

I wrote a short story that I’m submitting to a small anthology. If any Mammotheers want a sneak peek, message me in the WHTM discord, (link in nym). All reviews and critiques are welcomed; I’d love to have a few more sets of eyes on it.

4 years ago


“It can be possible and i fully honest when i say that i hope that it not because this all same red scare bullshit from before – but even if some russian hack something does not mean all bad things is because of russia.”

Alright, keeping in mind that I’m not an expert and I cannot speak as one…

Many Americans distrust the Russian government in general, and Putin in particular, but IMO there’s no real animosity towards the Russian people, or even Russia itself. If Americans seem really upset by hacking and meddling, it’s because we’re mad that our OWN government didn’t have enough protections in place. Foreign tampering is humiliating, and obviously destabilizing to our democracy. And even if Russia never hacked the US again, (or at all) someone else will. Hence all the outrage.

Again, I am an idiot, and I can only speak for myself and my own personal observations and opinions.

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