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Red Pill dude successfully stares at two women; pens 900-word “field report” relaying the details

The Stare Master

Fellas! It’s long been an article of faith in the Red Pill crowd that one of the best ways to impress random hot babes while you’re out Red Pilling around is basically to stare at them like a serial killer until they meet your gaze and surrender to your sheer awesome alphaness. Or call the police.

If you doubt this simple technique can work wonders for the aspiring pickup artist, may I direct you to a recent “field report” in the Red Pill subreddit, in which one new Red Piller spills the details of the staring contests he got himself into with two separate hot babes that he didn’t actually talk to but that he could tell were totally into him. 

Over the course of 900 words, M1ster_X reports the mouth-watering details of his recent eye-contact adventures.  “I’m intentionally training myself to keep good eye contact,” he writes, “mostly just walking down the street people watching, but today I upped the ante by targeting attractive girls.”

In the first, er, encounter, M1ster_X spotted a “slim beauty in a slinky black dress” on a subway platform across from him while switching trains in the Bronx.

White girl, Long brown hair with gorgeous legs that indicate she works out, in nude colored heels I believed to be at least 4 inches high. I’d say she’s an HB8 to 8 1/2 She gracefully traverses two sets of stairs in these things like a pro (which could have EASILY been my opener to talk to her, praising her performance.

Hey girl, I noticed you didn’t fall down the stairs just there while walking in your size 5 Manolo Blahnik knockoff pumps with the 4 inch heels and no I am not fixated on your feet, what’s up?

Anyway, she’s going downtown and I’m going uptown so we’re on opposite tracks. I’m guessing she had a good look at me while I was going down the stairs.

Because of course she did.

As I eluded [sic] in a previous post on the “ask” sub, I’m a “bear” type of body…I have muscle, but I’ve got pudge with it that needs to be rectified (though I’m aware some girls like that kind of body). I didn’t mention however than I’m also a Black guy who looks really young for my age, and well dressed, so I’m probably pretty exotic to her (hooray for not being a stereotype!).

As this is Reddit, I’m assuming “well-dressed” means he’s wearing a fedora and a “cool story babe, now make me a sandwich” t-shirt — basically a black version of these dudes.

So I catch her looking at me the first time, and she quickly breaks her gaze. I follow up by looking intently at her, and I could tell from her body language that she was into it.

When women shudder involuntarily that’s an “indicator of interest,” right?

She looks back, and after a good 10 seconds (which is probably the longest I’ve ever looked at a complete stranger) she breaks gaze again. … She was clearly into the attention I was giving her … .


Downtown train comes, she gets on and that’s that.

Ha ha, what a story, M1ster_X!

Second example is on my bus heading home. Black girl, short but thick in the right places, jeans straining from “dat ass”. Mahogany colored hair, pretty face, she’s an HB8 as well. We’re both standing close to the exit door and she’s applying lip gloss. We’re really close to each other, but she’s not objecting to my presence in her space.

I mean, that could be because you’re on a crowded fucking bus and everyone is in everyone else’s space because, you know, it’s a crowded fucking bus, but hey, at least she’s not pushing you away while choking back vomit.

Could even look down for clear glimpses of “dat ass”.

What lady doesn’t love it when a complete stranger obviously stares at her ass?

No words, just looking. She looks back a few times and isn’t uncomfortable.

I mean, she doesn’t shriek in terror. That indicates comfort, right?

Again, probably could have (and SHOULD have) said something, but baby steps here. … She gets off at her stop, I get one more look at “dat ass”, and that’s that.


I apparently have more SMV than I ever though I did.


What sort of adventures will M1ster_X’s have next? Will he stand next to an HB9 on an elevator? Will he ask a cute cashier to give him his change in singles? Will an HB7.5 lean out of a car window to ask him how to get to Queens?

Stay tuned!

H/T — r/TheBluePill

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Wolverine's granddad (formerly Kevin)
Wolverine's granddad (formerly Kevin)
5 years ago

@ Hu’s on First
From BBC Radio 4 sitcom ‘Old Harry’s Game’ –
SATAN: I’ve been spreading disharmony and discord in the World of Men.’
SCUMSPAWN (A DEMON, HIS P/A): ‘How did you do that, Master ?’
SATAN: ‘Just drove around in a white van for a few hours. ‘

5 years ago

I don’t think it’s worth responding to troll posts anymore, even to tell them they’re boring or talk about how glad we are they’re banned. Even that little bit of validation is enough to keep them coming back for more of the attention they crave. Just report and ignore.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

The tradition around here is to feed trolls until they burst. Ignoring trolls is what we’ve been told to do forever and it hasn’t worked. Ignoring bullies just gives them free reign. This one didn’t make a good chew toy with the tired “I am God” schtick and Hambeast was in the middle of grieving a friend, so we decided to have this one banned immediately. But generally, it’s better to counter bigoted crap rather than pretend it isn’t there.

EJ (the Scheming Liberal Race-Traitor)

It’s also worth responding to trolls because of the audience. Lots of people read these comments and never post on them. Everyone on the internet has seen asshole trolls; when one gets skewered, it reminds that audience that they are not alone in loathing the trolls, and that they too can fight back.

5 years ago

@ MrsObedMarsh
It helps to respond because it offers people who are unable to effectively argue against trolls’ gotcha questions with statements and proofs.

Rhuu - apparently an illiterati
Rhuu - apparently an illiterati
5 years ago

It is also nice to remember that while the regular commentators might have seen these points posted and debunked a zillion million times, someone else might not have.

Not to say that anyone needs to engage, this is always a ‘if you have the spoons for it’ kind of activity. But I think there is still value in debunking the same thing again and again. (And again.) This might be the first time a lurker has seen these points refuted. And with humour, anger, and authority!

5 years ago


maybe I’m just extrapolating, hope I’m wrong, but that seems the tone

The tone is definitely *questionable*, I suspect that this type of radical feminism is completely TERFy, and whilst I only skimmed the post it came across as misandrist* biological essentialism.

*not a word I use often, but it really does seem appropriate in this context.

5 years ago

I like that he put ” ‘that ass’ ” in quotation marks

5 years ago

I saw on youtube this kind of trolling, they get ignored and at one point they “dominate” the thread, other cranks are attracted and they keep replying alone, people who are keen to believe in them think they have won the argument and rekt rather than that people left because they are not worth it.
Ellesar@ About Z&T yes, I precisely smelled mysandrist biological essentialism, some arguments and word choice about males being completely disposable and worth their “shoots” seems really a satire of what the alt right seriously theorize about feminism and that’s why this also can’t pass unmocked :). The difference is alt right mra’s etc. uses the same genetic argument to justify the patriarchy while denying it at the same time or saying it benefits women more. Definitely appropriate in this case to call it mysandry and one of the few cases. Terf’s trolling is more subtle as less people follow the link to find the questionable content, because the message in itself with the link seemed completely fine.

Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
5 years ago

As I eluded [sic] in a previous post on the “ask” sub, I’m a “bear” type of body…I have muscle, but I’ve got pudge with it that needs to be rectified (though I’m aware some girls like that kind of body).

Dude, don’t change a thing.

I didn’t mention however than I’m also a Black guy who looks really young for my age

Of course you do.

and well dressed

Of course you are.

so I’m probably pretty exotic to her

Why, was she born yesterday?

(hooray for not being a stereotype!).


Michael Lindsay
5 years ago

It’s weird that literally any other explanation for returning a stare isn’t worthy of consideration.

“Are you ok?”
“Are you a ticket inspector?”
“Is there something in your eye?”
“Do I have food on my jacket?”
“Er, what do you want?”

5 years ago

I’m so used to right-wing trolls pretending to be black so that they can claim that they’re “not racist” that I couldn’t help but wonder if this guy is pretending to be black. Hence the “dat ass” in quotation marks.

Not saying black dudes can’t be awful creepers. But the fact he calls himself “exotic” and “not a stereotype” seems like a red flag.

Then again, if you’re a black MRA, you’re obviously in the minority, so maybe he’s just trying to fit in with his racist troll friends by using their lingo. Sad!

5 years ago

It seems the fake word misandry has made its appearance more than enough times for my taste. Also, someone said biological essentialism , which leads me to believe the only people commenting are MGTOWs, MRAs and dudes who think they can change their sex, more MRAs!!!

4 years ago

@Allison, sorry people for bumping an old thread again, but is this a Terf parody or you didn’t read the blog. Anyway the trans women regulars here will sure approve you calling them dudes who think they are women and maybe playing dressup to appropriate womanhood and invade women space? Also they didn’t know they were mras extremist, notoriously very welcoming to trans women. Thanks for knowing what they think better than themselves.
Misandry exist, the fact it’s so often used inappropriately or overestimated, probably means it doesn’t exist period, my bad.

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