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Last week: Outraged by Kathy Griffin. Today: Wants London mayor impaled on a pike

Underneath the mask, the alt-right is still the alt-right

Here’s a little case study in alt-right hypocrisy.

Last week, like a lot of people, the wannabe self-help guru and alt-right opinion-haver who calls himself “DarkTriadMan” professed to be outraged by Kathy Griffin posing for photos with a stylized severed head of Donald Trump.

Given that DarkTriadMan’s whole schtick is based on the idea that men should act more like psychopaths if they want to get ahead in life, you wouldn’t think he’d be much bothered by Griffin’s admittedly dark stunt, but he made quite a show of his outrage, endlessly retweeting alt-right attacks on Griffin and adding his own spin to the news:

He was glad to see Griffin brought to tears by the reaction to her photos:

And fantasized about Barron Trump ultimately taking his revenge:

Today, in the wake of latest London attacks, Mr. Dark Triad seems to have gotten over his squeamishness about Griffin’s supposed call for violence against a sitting politician. Now he’s quite openly calling for the mass slaughter of Muslims.

He’s also talking about how great it would be if the mayor of London — a sitting politician, like Trump, with two children — were to be burned at the stake.

Or impaled:

Or torn apart by horses:

Or blinded and hung:

This is more or less what I’ve come to expect from the alt-right; their “moral outrage” is almost always in very bad faith. But it’s still a little surprising to see just how blatant their hypocrisy can be.

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4 years ago

RE: Historical tortures

I am reminded of Keelhauling. For those not in the know, good. For those who wish to know…

Keelhauling was a punishment given to sailors. Essentially, a rope was tied to their hands and feet, with the middle part of the rope under the ship. They were then thrown overboard and dragged across the bottom of the hull, the ship’s “keel” and then to the other side.

These data points are to be remembered when considering keel hauling: It was usually performed on warships prior to the advent of copper-sheathed hulls. Sheathing a ship’s hull in copper prevented sea creatures, in particular woodworms and barnacules, from attacking the hull. Prior to coppering, ship hulls would get positively covered in thousands of barnacles so much so that beaching ships and removing the barnacles by hand was considered standard maintenance.

Salt water is extremely painful when applied to open wounds.

Enough pain usually forces someone to open their mouth.

/end data

RE: English

Consider Lead vs Lead, Quarry vs Quarry, wind vs wind, tank vs tank, and etc.

English is lousy with homonyms, as well as homophones.

Such as: Carat, Caret, and Carrot.

Mistakes in english are extremely common, because you basically need to be a language goddess to get it right all the time.

4 years ago

Eh, just go with the Doctor’s own description of who he is.
“I’m a madman with a box”

I don’t know which languages don’t have “verb nouning”, but I still laugh about it when I see it discussed.

“Which doctor?”
“No, I’m not superstitious”

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

@ ignoresandra


Sailors would ask their mates to man the ropes so they’d pull them round as fast as possible. Eek.

4 years ago

@ Alan

For example, if someone says “I am the Doctor” at a Russian person, the properly phrased bewildered question is “какой (ещё такой) доктор?” where the words in parentheses are optional, depending on your level of bewilderment. This can mean depending on circumstance either “which doctor” in a literal sense (a surgeon? a laryngologist?) or “what doctor” in an uncomprehending sense (what are you on about?), so that seems to me like it would have been a much better translation. Alas, there must be brand recognition, so they went with the extremely awkward phrasing of “доктор кто” oh well…

EJ (the Scheming Liberal Race-Traitor)

I am informed by a reliable source* who was speaking at a peer-reviewed event** that apparently the ordeals were made deliberately lurid and unpleasant in order to encourage people to bribe the judge instead. As such, while there are many surviving records about what the ordeals should theoretically be, there are very few records of them actually ever being used.

(I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a learned word for this. Alan, any ideas?)

This was made worse by the sensationalist attitudes of Victorian historians, who wanted to make the medieval era out to be as titillatingly horrible as possible.

* My friend Vanessa, who is doing postdoctoral research in medieval history.

** Drunk in a pub with other academics.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

I’m loving this Russian discussion. Now I want to watch “Firefox” again.

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
4 years ago

I feel really sorry for Barron. He’s just a kid but he’s going to grow up indoctrinated by Toxic Masculinity and entitlement, be brainwashed by the secret society network and initiated into the Freemasons when he turns 18, get spirited away to Boho Grove where he’ll have to take part in God knows what in order to become his daddy’s heir. The sooner the lid gets blown off this patriarchalist bullshit the better. Poor kid. 🙁 I bet he’s terrified of his daddy. Bet Mel is too.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

@ EJ

** Drunk in a pub with other academics.

There are other sources?

But yeah, there’s a lot of mythology about supposed old ordeals and punishments. Like you say a lot of them can’t be traced back before Victorian Penny Dreadfuls.

And a lot of time it was ‘violence perceived is violence achieved’. It was the deterrent effect that was the real aim. Like with the Halifax Gibbet referred to earlier. Whilst some people definitely were executed, there was also a ‘rule’ that if you could jump from the platform and run to and cross the boundary before you were caught you’d be spared so long as you didn’t return. Of course a lot of petty criminals did somehow manage to elude the chasers. But basically this was an early form of ASBO. It cleared petty criminals from the area without actually having to kill them.

As to bribery and turning a blind eye, check out the scams involved in claiming ‘benefit of clergy’.

4 years ago

And Alan reminds me of the old Firefox video game. A laserdisc based classic.

Real Russian (and being honest, American) planes of the time were nowhere near that advanced.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

@ JS

were nowhere near that advanced.

That’s what they want you to think.

Love that film. It’s the same submarine as “Ice Station Zebra”, and I see that film as an episode of Danger Man/The Prisoner. So in my head they all take place in the same universe.

4 years ago

I’ll just leave this here:


by Dr. Gerard Nolst Trenité
(Netherlands, 1870-1946)

Dearest creature in creation,
Study English pronunciation.
I will teach you in my verse
Sounds like corpse, corps, horse, and worse.
I will keep you, Suzy, busy,
Make your head with heat grow dizzy.
Tear in eye, your dress will tear.
So shall I! Oh hear my prayer.
Pray, console your loving poet,
Make my coat look new, dear, sew it!

Just compare heart, beard, and heard,
Dies and diet, lord and word,
Sword and sward, retain and Britain.
(Mind the latter, how it’s written.)
Now I surely will not plague you
With such words as plaque and ague.
But be careful how you speak:
Say break and steak, but bleak and streak;
Cloven, oven, how and low,
Script, receipt, show, poem, and toe.

Hear me say, devoid of trickery,
Daughter, laughter, and Terpsichore,
Typhoid, measles, topsails, aisles,
Exiles, similes, and reviles;
Scholar, vicar, and cigar,
Solar, mica, war and far;
One, anemone, Balmoral,
Kitchen, lichen, laundry, laurel;
Gertrude, German, wind and mind,
Scene, Melpomene, mankind.

Billet does not rhyme with ballet,
Bouquet, wallet, mallet, chalet.
Blood and flood are not like food,
Nor is mould like should and would.
Viscous, viscount, load and broad,
Toward, to forward, to reward.
And your pronunciation’s OK
When you correctly say croquet,
Rounded, wounded, grieve and sieve,
Friend and fiend, alive and live.

Ivy, privy, famous; clamour
And enamour rhyme with hammer.
River, rival, tomb, bomb, comb,
Doll and roll and some and home.
Stranger does not rhyme with anger,
Neither does devour with clangour.
Souls but foul, haunt but aunt,
Font, front, wont, want, grand, and grant,
Shoes, goes, does. Now first say finger,
And then singer, ginger, linger,
Real, zeal, mauve, gauze, gouge and gauge,
Marriage, foliage, mirage, and age.

Query does not rhyme with very,
Nor does fury sound like bury.
Dost, lost, post and doth, cloth, loth.
Job, nob, bosom, transom, oath.
Though the differences seem little,
We say actual but victual.
Refer does not rhyme with deafer.
Foeffer does, and zephyr, heifer.
Mint, pint, senate and sedate;
Dull, bull, and George ate late.
Scenic, Arabic, Pacific,
Science, conscience, scientific.

Liberty, library, heave and heaven,
Rachel, ache, moustache, eleven.
We say hallowed, but allowed,
People, leopard, towed, but vowed.
Mark the differences, moreover,
Between mover, cover, clover;
Leeches, breeches, wise, precise,
Chalice, but police and lice;
Camel, constable, unstable,
Principle, disciple, label.

Petal, panel, and canal,
Wait, surprise, plait, promise, pal.
Worm and storm, chaise, chaos, chair,
Senator, spectator, mayor.
Tour, but our and succour, four.
Gas, alas, and Arkansas.
Sea, idea, Korea, area,
Psalm, Maria, but malaria.
Youth, south, southern, cleanse and clean.
Doctrine, turpentine, marine.

Compare alien with Italian,
Dandelion and battalion.
Sally with ally, yea, ye,
Eye, I, ay, aye, whey, and key.
Say aver, but ever, fever,
Neither, leisure, skein, deceiver.
Heron, granary, canary.
Crevice and device and aerie.

Face, but preface, not efface.
Phlegm, phlegmatic, ass, glass, bass.
Large, but target, gin, give, verging,
Ought, out, joust and scour, scourging.
Ear, but earn and wear and tear
Do not rhyme with here but ere.
Seven is right, but so is even,
Hyphen, roughen, nephew Stephen,
Monkey, donkey, Turk and jerk,
Ask, grasp, wasp, and cork and work.

Pronunciation — think of Psyche!
Is a paling stout and spikey?
Won’t it make you lose your wits,
Writing groats and saying grits?
It’s a dark abyss or tunnel:
Strewn with stones, stowed, solace, gunwale,
Islington and Isle of Wight,
Housewife, verdict and indict.

Finally, which rhymes with enough —
Though, through, plough, or dough, or cough?
Hiccough has the sound of cup.
My advice is to give up!!!

4 years ago

On spelling:
What I want to know is why so many native English speakers think “than” is spelled “then”. Reading stuff like “more then 9000” makes me literally grit my teeth, even more than “alot”.

4 years ago


My favorite example of English homonym fuckery is “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo”.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

A guy opens a chip shop. He orders a sign but when it arrives it says “Fishandchips”.

So he writes to the company and says “You need to put more space between fish and and and and and chips”

But they write back, saying “in your request, you need to put quotation marks between ‘fish’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘and’ and ‘chips’”.

Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
4 years ago

What annoys me about that poem is that I’m not sure if by ‘diet’ is meant DEE-it, like the legislative body, or DIE-it, like with food…

4 years ago

*falls over and bats at words with paws*

so. much. linguistics… mmm… wordnip

4 years ago

And then there’s the author who sent a short message to his publisher: “?”, and got back the response: “!”.

4 years ago

Honestly when I start english, and also lilttle bit now, I don’t care at all. At school I not interested in english films or music, only when I decide to became officer when i 18 years I thought maybe I should learn this one properly. Problem is then I not know grammar and second I learning from other people by speach so 1. my spelling very bad at first 2. they also not english, they filipino, bulgarian, romanian, thai, chinese etc etc so I end up knowing this ‘ship english’. To me having ‘a’ or ‘the’ or ‘an’ is not really bothering me, but after soon I can hear that it not quite correct. I forget or not care mostly, but sometimes I trying. After maybe at first I can hear that it supposed to be there because now I start watching english films and listen english music and even sail with British people, so this helps. My mum speaks so good, she very good at languages, but also she get to practice with real british people every day.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

Charles Napier is reputed to have sent a telegram reading “Peccavi” after he captured the province of Sindh.

Although when I Googled that to check the spelling it transpires other was actually someone called Catherine Winkworth who came up with it.

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
4 years ago

On spelling:
What I want to know is why so many native English speakers think “than” is spelled “then”. Reading stuff like “more then 9000” makes me literally grit my teeth, even more than “alot”.

I have an ex-friend who did this. She did it because she literally never learned the difference between the two words. She used “then” all the time because she didn’t know when to use “than,” so she just didn’t do it.

She had an undergraduate degree in English. Just saying.

4 years ago

Concerning Kathy Griffith photo, how come nobody mentions Ted Nugents daily tweets and calls of violence, both physical and sexual towards Clinton or Obama (I mean Teds a “celeb”). Or the many times morons with AR14s that would show up at democratic rallies? The Dems never call them on it, only call for regulation not bloody genocide. Bogus outrage.

4 years ago


Are you actually Ukrainian or something else? (I ask because Odessa is a very mixed seaport city, so it’s full of people from all over and I’m just curious.) Also, where about do you normally cruise (unless it’s a secret) that you run into so many different nationalities of sailors? Again, not a political question (I’m originally from Minsk, and as you know we do not care about politics unless someone tries to take our potatoes away.)

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

@ valentine (& dashapants)

As this seems to have developed into a Russian interest thread perhaps people won’t mind me asking about that thing I mentioned a while ago.

Got a training mate who’s ex Spetsnaz. Got chatting to him and some of his mates about their cool tattoos. He mentioned about how there’s a strong link between Spetsnaz guys and the Russian Orthodox Church. And also there seemed to be some sort of Russian mysticism element. But he either doesn’t have the language skills, or more likely doesn’t want, to discuss in any great detail.

Can you shed any light on this?

Ms Vanilla Rose
4 years ago

Maybe the guy’s annoyed because Sadiq Khan won fair and square without having to rely on anachronisms like the electoral college.

Francesca Torpedo, Femoid Special Forces Major
Francesca Torpedo, Femoid Special Forces Major
4 years ago


I have an ex-friend who did this. She did it because she literally never learned the difference between the two words. She used “then” all the time because she didn’t know when to use “than,” so she just didn’t do it.

She had an undergraduate degree in English. Just saying.

This shit right here I don’t get.

I know people who are far more educated than myself, are successful, and yet still manage to stuff up perfectly basic tasks like this.

I believe your story 100% because I’ve met a lot of people like this and it just confuses me a lot.

It makes me feel like I spend far too much effort doing things. Apparently you can just slide through life on your butt-cheeks and not put effort into anything at all and you’ll be just fine.

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